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This is what happens when Matsuno gets input on content in Final Fantasy. You will get the true story behind the history you learned and then red chocobos murder you.


I don't know if this hairstyle is going to work with any of my jobs but I'm gonna work to get it. Then I will kick Tidus around.


I somehow was able to make a character on Balmung in FFXIV. I don't yet know if that is a good thing, but I have decided Namingway will be her loyal minion and he will record all names he sees and judge them against the lore book. Most are bad.


Chasm for Switch and PS4 is live on Limited Run Games. Dead Cells might be the better game in terms of similar ambitions, but Chasm has some love for Castlvania: Order of Ecclesia in it, so I'll show some love as well.


There's nothing else left to take up to 70, so Summoner and Scholar it is this week!


Oh, to not be able to have a PS5 at launch! I shall dry my tears on Cyberpunk 2077 and Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. And Mario 3D All Stars. And 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim. And probably the Nier remaster and Monster Hunter Rise.


I pretty much have total faith in FFXVI. Yoshi P producing gives me a fair idea who else he will be enlisting in the project.


Got Gunbreaker to 80 last night. Bodyguard attire didn't suit me so sticking with my current look. I wanted something that was a mix of Seifer, Squall and Lightning. I would have added more belts, but FFVIII was from the time Nomura still had restraint.


Tried Spellbreak. Cute characters. Fun movement skills for a Battle Royale, though its like 42 and not 100 players. Lots of basic BR stuff within it, but some have nice twists. I like the spell fusion elements. Cross platform at launch is a win.


Went to my first MMO wedding this weekend. Guy from my guild, a big Highlander guy, married a carboy with a cotton-candy hair color. I dropped lots pf flower petals on them. This little moogle followed me home.


My copies of Final Fantasy Ultimania Archive I - VI and the first volume of FFXIV Shadowbrings: Art of Reflection - Histories Forsaken. Occams said these XIV art books were amazing. He wasn't kidding. There's just over 300 pages of high quality art in it!


I am now ready to finally level Gunbreaker. Just needed something that felt a bit "whatever" and a bit high school bully. One that gets lost, has leg cramps and thinks her focus is bullshit.


Not gonna lie. I'm not one really affected much by celebrity deaths, but Chadwick Boseman? That one hurts bad. So much passion behind each performance. Felt like he had really only just begun to shine, too.


In my switcg from catgirl to a towering strongwoman, some of my XIV glamours had to change and others did not. Now with one hairstyle to rule them all. Because every job can be hacked with it.


Got the new YoRHa Puppet's Bunker raid chest piece for Monk and Samurai in XIV. My bangs clipped through the collar so I changed the hair.


Freakin' yokai. I have a lovr/hate relationship with this event. Samurai blade from it is cool, though.


Had to add more lit-up windows and doors to my cottage so my house could actually be seen be seen behind the willow trees I added. I also had to rearrange the the trees a lot because I thought it rude they drooped into my neighbor's yard.


I made a Triple Triad card with sticker and frame additions to photo mode.


On vacation. But made sure my old look got a new job as my retainer (NPC that does fetchquests and sells your stuff). Faeona will watch over my house now.


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