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Unlike some people, I dress properly for fishing.


After several months on Faerie in FFXIV, I managed to snag a plot to build a house I'll be using as a little fortune teller shop/cafe. I don't do much role playing, but Astrologian kind of invites it.


I didn't need another version of Bayonetta, but I never did play Vanquish and never had a physical version of the Bayonetta, so finding out the launch edition has a gorgeous steel case eases my half-repeat purchase.


FFXIV Ruby Weapon fight was fun. It also was full of stuff Torch would probably like. There was even a nerd obsessed with creating miniatures of Garlean war mechs. Next trial, when it happens, is teased to be Sapphire Weapon, so now Pokémon references.


"It's just a game" is only weak depending on the context, like when you're being an asshole to others whose time you just wasted online. When you lose your temper and explode at others over losing and people remind you it's just a game, they are right.


Saw this on Twitter yesterday and it made my day.


Got my Canopus Lux for Astrologian in FFXIV. It's named for the brightest star in the Carina constellation and the navigator that served King Menelaus of Sparta during the Trojan War.


Got Astrologian to 80 and am entering the most grindy step of the Anima weapon steps, but it's a good opportunity to adapt to more chaos as a healer and earn loads of rewards from the current Moogle event so it won't be too bad.


Leveling binge is almost over til I get the itch again. My level 80 Warrior quest almost went like this, but Curious Gorge was her actual love interest. I was her Dad's first pick to marry her, though.


At this point it might be a better election system.


Healer life has been okay so far. My Astrologian is now 71 and I love the Constellation attire I just unlocked. Beginning the anima weapon questline for the job. Love how this role plays into Freud and Jung's interest in Tarot and Astrology archetypes.


The FFXIV Valentione event netted me a funky dress. Meanwhile my MGS shirts arrived from Fangamer.


You can no longer use "when pigs fly" in FFXIV. "When Hell freezes over" remains an option.


Saw the first Picard episode. It feels like the set-up isn't done yet, and tonally is where post-TNG era Trek needs to be, but some things are iffy and in need of clarification.


Never saw the Chinese New Year celebrated before, but walked into my local takeout place and they were burning joss paper in there. I learned something new and now smell like burnt tissues.


White Mage is 60 now. Moving Astrologian and Scholar to 60 soon so I can clear out junk in my inventory. Also feeling a bit more sassy.


I have been appointed pope for a day. Let the quickposts be cleansed of hot takes and let the bunnygirls return.


I got a Pod finally. Its no porxie, but it will do for now.


I begin Tokyo Mirage Sessions. I'm asked if a girl should wear glasses or not. If it helps her see, then YES!


Just to be clear, Disqus is owned and operated by morons that don't understand the impact of what they do. I know we can trust our community to behave, but do let the community team know if the new changes lead to any targeted harassment. Report it.


To be fair much of this is padded out with being AFK or sleeping. And glamouring.


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