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Been watching clips of the Harley Quinn Show and it does feel like a Mash-Up of Daria and Lego Batman. It's actually amazing that they moved Poison Ivy from a plant dominatrix to Jane Lane and it just works.


Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel kinda reminds me of Metroid Prime 2: Echos, if only in that the environment of the game is radically different from other entries. Not a bad thing, but enemies are more slippery and that makes me prefer shotguns and lasers now.


Belated(?) E3 predictions of 202X!

Is this late or is it too early? With the lack of an E3 this year, we're currently being drip-fed scattered live streams and announcements. Understandable in the face of 2020 being an utter hellscape. Still, it doesn't mean we can't look to...


Other games in its sphere probably spoiled me, but I got bored with Bioshock within an hour of starting it.


The DC cinematic universe becoming a multiverse is very on-brand.


The E3 202X thing is still in the works. Out sometime this week. I've been struggling with fatigue somewhat. Guess you could say with some old stress gone my mind is looking to fill the void with naps looter games to gradually achieve focus.


Feel these Borderlands enemies really nail the screaming while burning to death thing.


I need to offload turnips this evening around 9pm EST if anyone is interested. I tip and can give a NMT or two.


I'm getting the impression from reviews of TLOU2 that its just trying to out-bleak the most bleak games put there. As such, I will wait for Ghost of Tsushima instead and continue my rotation of FFXIV, Animal Crossing and the Borderlands games.


I was told Mad Mel in Borderlands was hard. He did get me once, but then I just stayed behind the little entrance ramp and snipered him from there. He fears the little ramp.


Just because we don't have E3 this year doesn't mean we can't have E3 202X predictions by tarot card and a special guest. It's been a while, but I'm ready to give it another shot. Leave your questions in this post. I'll bump this though Friday. (Bump #2)


Decided to grab the Borderlands Collection on Switch. Can also confirm like others that each port is pretty solid, capped at what feels like a stable 30fps. I remember forcing my way through the Vita version of BL2. Dunno how I managed it.


Isabelle starts every morning with a whiskey.


Mortal Kombat: Scorpion's Revenge was a decent watch, though oddly Liu, Sonia and Johnny spent a lot of time being the focus and Scorpion just sort of shows up to be the gruff badass that gets things done when they can't. For revenge.


Just catching up with the Ghost of Tsushime stuff. Glsad they're cribbing notes from breath of the wild in terms of exploration and using the wind to act as a replacement for waypoint markers is absolutely brilliant.


I can't level any job in FFXIV without being fully happy with the costume I put together. The Valentione tights gave it the Amano flair I needed.


Finally got around to FFXV's DLCs. Gladio was eh. Prompto's was okay, I guess. Ignis got the good one and Ardyn's was also good, but not good enough to save him from being wasted potential. Most of it could have just been in the main game.


My copy of Trials of Mana arrived. The first thing I did was push it aside with my foot, go inside, grab a can of disinfectant, spray it doen on both sides, pick it up, open it, dump it on the floor and spray it down again. Totally normal.


There will likely be an update to the ToS & its just a common sense thing, but with the flood of remakes we're experiencing these days, dropping the old story spoilers really can't get a pass anymore. If you must, do it in the comments with spoiler tags.


Just finished FFVIIR. Enjoyed it aside from one almost last boss fight and shuffling materia, but still cleared on Normal. I liked the ending.


I'm about 75% of the way through FFVIIR if memory my memory of Midgar and expectations of expanded bits are correct. The hardest part was being away from Tifa for so long and I'm hoping there's enough content there that another character catches up a bit.


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