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I thought about getting white Vita, then I looked closely at a used one and was kinda grossed out. I'll just keep a black Vita in mind. Left stick on my current one is kinda broken, but I could just keep that for PSOne and PSP games on my old account.


Dilemma solves. I can get Hyrule Warriors and Dark Souls because profit sharing bonus at work :D


While the new art for SMT Strange Journey Redux made some changes to characters (Gore looks a bit younger now) I do appreciate minor crew members getting portraits this time around. Makes them feel a lot less like red ensigns, even if some of them are.


I had a PS2 controller like this I used to play FFXI. Also a similar one for PSO on Gamecube. This will help bring MMOs to Switch.


I just saw my first episode of Jessica Jones where no sex happened.


Capcom is weird. They can fit every iteration of Street Fighter 1-3 and Alpha 1-3 onto a single Switch cart, but they can't do the same for all 10 Megaman games, which I'm pretty sure don't don't take up much storage at all.


I think I may actually be holding back for the Nintendo Switch version of Dark Souls because the PS4 version just looks inconsistent with other Souls PS4 games. It just doesn't look right running at 60 frames per second. Too clean, too bright, less gritty


Apparently my gif was too big and pretty to upload, so here's a video of my exclusive E3 Omniban limit break instead.


When Sony teased FFVII and showed off Shenmue III at E3 2015, they should have also mentioned they were trading places in terms of being released.


I see fireflies. But can I trust the fireflies to be normal, harmless fireflies?


I hate doing doctor orders stuff that isn't "use some sick days from work to rest." Going to see a physical therapist in the morning then get to stand on this damn foot for eight hours. Ankle brace doesn't feel like it helps anymore :/


I don't do a lot of online shopping, but I never imagined I'd get candy when I bought lingere.


Finally got around to watching the Justice League movie. It was alright in that it was better than Suicide Squad and BvS, but like SS they really could have chosen a better antagonist even if you wanted to avoid using Darkseid at this point.


Apparently DKC Tropical Freeze is back up on the Wii U eShop. I wonder why it was briefly delisted. I thought Nintendo was pulling something shitty so I got God of War instead. Now I want a DKC where DK shouts "Boy" at Diddy.


Bloodstarved Beast met its end at the hands of three hunters, one of which had some kind of flamethrower. I need one of those.


May the force be with you. In the immortal words of Yoda:


Well, I got FFXIV for my laptop and I have a lot of things to acclimate to. That EX dungeon did not go well for me tonight. I may have to get a controller.


I have seen the Infinity War. It was nearly three hours long, so it is not as infinite as it was hyped to be.


SE should scrap any remaining DLC for FFXV (because it won't fix anything) and have Gentiana do an open-world epilogue.


I regret to inform you I have destroyed video games. I chose a pronoun.


Darkseid's Omega Beams don't simply kill someone, but make them live infinite lives always resulting in failure. Thanos doesn't have a power like that so he just harasses a guy named David once each of David's birthdays.


Hi kids. Don't spoil Infinity War or the moderation knives will come out. Don't be that person. Hulk totally bangs Thanos by the way.


From Software seems to want to give people trust issues regarding crossing any large bridge.


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