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I drink more by 9am than most people do all day


I have it on good authority that Wes is a well known burrito aficionado, and doesn't actually like tacos. He only says he does to maintain appearances


Eating pepperoni, and drinking mead


I would have liked to have met Alan Rickman, such a beautiful bastard


When you find an email from your boss marked asap, and you clearly did not asap


The new ducktales is alright, not nearly as good as the original, but I found this hilarious


My water bottle tried to assassinate my little tablet / laptop I use for work today, and all I thought was "oh no! What about Monika?"


The real question is: how do I keep the cardboard in good enough shape until my kid is old enough to play the Labo games?


So I just went from following 67 people to 1, my number of followers is the same. Very strange...


Every once in a while I find a clip of video on my phone that I took by accident that I think is kind of cool. Repost, and in the comments due to potential seizure concerns. Not really sure how the whole sensitivity thing works, but just to be safe


Watching Bring it On while drinking cheap whiskey No shame


Note to self: play a fps game ever few weeks to stay sharp. Haven't played any in months, and just started titanfall 2, and I feel sloooooooooow...


Probably the best night of sleep I've had in 6 months


Miitomo got some halo action today


My top ten doki doki literature club in the comments


It's cold enough to freeze your winnebago out there


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