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Here's my kid (she's already 1!!!) practicing her mixing skills in a rain puddle, because who doesn't need more cuteness


I've had two dreams in the past week about aliens arriving very publicly on earth. I'm not saying to stock your bunker, but...


24hr dance party, sure, why not...


All our comments are like dust in the wind


It was just announced that Ronnie Edwards of Game Theorist recently committed suicide. Seriously, if you are thinking about it, don't do it! It's not the answer. More people care about you than you realize. Losing you will devastate them. There is help!


If you haven't seen Buckaroo Banzai, you're like not doing something right


A favorite of mine as a kid, still is. Did X-Files better before X-Files was a thing, and it stars Darren McGavin. Enjoy


Supa hawt thicthursday in the comments especially for soulbow


Pretty sweet review of the Voltron Lego kit. Voltron, the best of all the Gungdams https://www.brothers-brick.com/2018/07/17/legos-largest-ever-ideas-set-21311-voltron-review/


About 5 min of "where did I put the damn disc?" Before I remembered I bought it digitally...


Shout out to the amazingly talented Alphadeus for this stunning theme song he put together for me, for his Songs for Gamers project. Won't you come come hang out in my dance club level? Bump! For the evening shift


They should have put Yarny in Octopath, they could have called it Octopath Raveler


Don't be alarmed, this is just a drill


I'm thinking it's time for a totally original avatar, and name change. Maybe something like West Acos, or B Ass


So what happened to Iam16bit? Did I miss something, or did they just disappear?


Anyone seen taterchimp around? I got to talk to him about something


I only enjoy them if I'm close enough to feel them


I know this will disappoint many of you, but I don't think I'm quite ready to be an ESport. I'm ashamed to let you all down like this


The Actual Charlton Heston should be in Smash Ultimate


Goddamn I find a woman in a spacesuit attractive!


Took a chance, and ordered a NES Classic from Amazon UK, but I didn't know how big of a chance until it got here today. They shipped it internationally in just it's regular box with a label slapped on it! Amazingly it arrived in one piece, and unmolested


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