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If someone is too friendly, too helpful, too enthusiastic I'm all


When I was a kid I spent way too much time thinking about how to make my own grappling hook arm


just finished, and highly recommended


I finally got around to watching The Last Jedi, I wonder what people on the internet think about it...


Community shout out to Gus TT Showbiz, because he's, so damn punny


Very tempted by the I am Setsuna eshops sale, 50% off makes it $20 Any thoughts?


Big Trouble in Little China is the best movie ever made. If you don't agree, please feel free to explain why you are wrong in the comments


I just upvoted a comment that was made over a year ago. Am I Upvotebot? I'm, so confused...


Such an awesome movie, too bad they never made anymore sequels...


Caught a glimpse of shadow from my zipper today, and for a half second I thought anti aliasing had been turned off


Finally got a chance to finish the campaign of Titanfall 2. I must admit, that was a lot of fun


Intergalactic women's day today right? Not sure the last time I read game informer, but that is some sweet cover art. Also, I wonder what Nintendo has planned for E3...


Things I can't be bothered to complain about


Favorite part of the whole movie. Love this flick!


I just wanted to thank Occams for helping me that time I got hooked on phonics


Another month, already? Didn't we just go through one of those? I'm over it


Can anyone recommend a good, reliable, permission friendly, safe call blocking app for Android? It doesn't have to be free either I am over these prefix spoofing scam calls


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