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I hit the comment icon, and comments appeared


*****WILD SPECULATION TIME***** What if Nintendo revives Scalebound, but reskinned as a console version of Dragalia Lost?


Thank you deadmoon for the qtoid comment reach around, I mean work around... you can check comments here https://disqus.com/home/forum/destructoid/ but it takes some digging...


Broken comments are officially annoying. Don't bother commenting on this, I won't be able to read it...


I want to the read comments, and comment myself on all of your qposts, but disqus won't let me, well maybe not yours, you know who you are...


For all of you that spend most of your time in the qposts, there is an article you should check out on the front page https://www.destructoid.com/mike-martin-one-of-our-most-beloved-community-members-needs-our-help-544057.phtml


"gesundheit" Berkeley Breathed Striptoid


Thinking about PhilKenSebben, anyone talk to him since yesterday? Update: BUMP: Read the comments!


Go read Mike's post! He needs some good vibes. Do it


I know I've posted this song in the past, but it's helped me on a few particularly crappy V days. You're never alone, we've got each other


Been playing Carmageddon Max Damage, I forgot how much I love this game! The original is easily up there with my all time favorites, and this one feels same, just prettier. Both are, so therapeutic, I always feel better wasting a bunch of cars


A bunch of people posting stuff about FEH has gotten me curious about what people have. I'm posting my current 5 star roster in the comments, everyone other than a couple of recent additions, and duplicates are maxed out. Feel free to do as well.


I watched both the puppy, and kitten bowls today


Duplo has been around for 50 years(!?!?) https://www.brothers-brick.com/2019/01/29/lego-duplo-celebrates-50th-birthday-with-a-look-into-the-past-news/


It was brought to my attention I haven't posted in a while, so here's a picture of my cat in a bag


Hope your birthday was this awesome


I'm really looking forward to this sequel


Yes I would like more imitation cheese like product, thank you


Looked out my window this morning, and realized I was looking at some planets. Thought about how big space is, and the geometry of what I was seeing. Made myself dizzy, and my head hurt in the best possible way


PSA soulbow admitted something, so vile you may want to avoid his posts for awhile to avoid the taint. Yes, far worse than Siege...


This was originally a post filled with negativity, but I realized it wasn't the right thing to share, so I changed it Merry Christmas instead


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