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Anyone heard from whatsacow recently?


I just bought like 7, or 8 games for less than $5 for my switch. Video unrelated


Boobplate is the best word of the today


Adventure Time is the best Zelda fan art I've ever seen


Remember to make good use of your extra hour tonight, you deviants


Kind of bummed. We bought candy, but ended up not giving it out this year. Baby Kevlar's sleep schedule is too close to candy time, so we opted out. Got to sleep. Now I'm eating all the candy, and drinking whisky. Hope you had a good one


I forgot how much I like this show


Article with a link to a guy that makes some rad robos out of Lego, there's even some gundam looking stuff https://www.brothers-brick.com/2018/10/28/theres-a-thin-line-between-being-a-hero-and-being-a-memory/


Hopefully the developer will realize opinions were a mistake, and patch them out with the next update


Just upvoted some post from 6 months ago, I'm worried I might be upvotebot, and just don't realize it. What if I have a second life I'm not aware of?! It would explain why I'm tired all the time


Jumped started a friend's car about a month ago. Found this when I was checking some levels today. Aren't friends the best. also cocks


Do yourself a favor, and go rewatch Galaxy Quest again for the 27th time


I really should stop checking the sale section on the eshop, I keep buying games I never get a chance to play. I suppose there are worse problems to have...


It recently occurred to me that some of you might be real people, and not spambots


Little Kevlar made her first batch of poop soup tonight Pic unrelated


Found this near a garbage can at the park


Hey torch, Lego... https://www.brothers-brick.com/2018/10/04/colossal-gundam-made-with-over-10000-lego-pieces-and-stands-3-feet-tall/#more-121044


Well Amazon cancelled, what I'm sure will be the first of many game preorders that I made before they changed their preorder discount. Expected, total bullshit


Totally stuck in my head, but I don't mind... Such a great movie...


I always found synthehol to be a weird idea, I mean alcohol does the job pretty well...


Arcurate representation of the community recently


Everyone is guilty until proven INNOCENT


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