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Played pubg on Xbox today. The controls are janky as fuck, n64 games look better sometimes, but I had a good time with it. My god the menu system sucks though


UPDATE REQUIRED Very annoying when this pops up when you only have a little time to get a game in


Holy moses! Randomly found one at a target an hour ago. Thought the guy was going to laugh at me when I asked if they had any. He said they got six in today. Only ones since launch. Good luck! :edit


I'm tired of space movies that destroy their spaceship in the first 5 minutes


Not trying to bring anyone down, but the footage of the new mega man game reminds me of when I was a kid, and used to go to my friends house, and play Amiga versions of NES games


Every once in a while I make a qpost that never shows up, must be some kind of a filter that knows when my jokes are lame


I dont really care that much for golf, but I love me some golf movies, and videogames


Eh, I don't care what day it is. waifutoid


Here's a gif of Baby Kevlar kicking a toy fox to help brighten your day


Minirant Warning! Someone opened their car door into my parked car while I was sitting in it. when they noticed I was there they smiled, and waved. Continued in the comments


I dont know how some people can be angry all the time, it's exhausting


Man, I wish I was bathing in demon blood right now. Bet it feels Great! Heard it was good for the pores too


Fuck that shit! Doesn't matter what it is, if it's making you miserable, walk away Something better is out there


Saw this the other day, thought it was pretty funny


I dont know if you are allowed to use tacos anymore, doesnt seem right...


Stomp box, voice of fear Pour the poison in my ear Kill kill kill kill Kill me now Free the demon Hear the ceaseless screaming Little stomp box Tear it from my heart


I'm grateful that I don't have to be worried about being eaten by wild animals while I sleep #gratefultoid


PSA haven't seen anyone mention this yet, but Target (US) is doing a mix, and match buy two get one free on videogames this week. Best part is that you can return some of them, and they prorate the refund


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