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Boners are forever, like diamonds


Lauren Graham cosplaying as Bayonetta


Totally check out The Burbs if you've never seen it. 1980s dark comedy, one of my top 5 favorite movies. It's on prime right now. Awesome pic by by Blake Armstrong www.spaceboycomics.com


I don't own a ps4 (Haven't had a Sony since ps2) but I root for everyone, I genuinely want everyone to "win" E3, but that was pretty boring...


I'm glad they mentioned Halo, but it seems a long way off, I wish they were giving us something to hold us over in the meantime. Waypoint has more on it https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/our-journey-begins Free platinum H5 reqs all week if you logi


Farts on Mars confirmed https://www.nasa.gov/press-release/nasa-finds-ancient-organic-material-mysterious-methane-on-mars


As much as I've ever needed to do anything, I really need to eat a large order of nachos


God damn crappy pop-punk song stuck in my head


The Expanse got picked up by Amazon! Hope this brightens someone's day


Considering my cell took the spot that 200 million other cells were fighting for, I consider the rest of my life to be a success! Photo credit: Sad Brick


Was having trouble justifying buying Imortal Redneck for Switch, so I drank a bunch of whiskey. Problem solved, thanks whiskey!


Anyone have any thoughts on Everspace? It's half off until the end of the day, and I'm toying with the idea of picking it up, but it's coming out for switch soon...


Near by construction has diverted traffic down my street. Man, I wish I still had my paintball gun...


I highly recommend against growing up, it's way overrated


I bought, and played gtav for the first time today


Just discovered iPhones don't have a timed / delayed text option. I use it all the time...


METROID PRIME 4 IS STOOPID, FANBOYS BE SUCKAS I haven't played it, but Metroid Prime 4 is a terrible game, just look at this trailer. No shooting, no metroidvaning, not even crawling. Why ruin what made the series dope? Shit, 4s not even a prime number...


We should get a contest going to see who can guess which previous contributer / member it is


Not looking for any condolences, but I needlessly lost someone today. There is always someone to talk to, and life can always offer something better, or at the very least, different. If you need help, just ask, if you know someone who might, check on them


It's often that the simplest birthdays are the best birthdays


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