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Okay, sure, I'll watch the Golden Child


Anyone else see a weird little demon thing on her dress?


Donnie Darko is the best (Halloween) movie


For those of you with an interest in photography, I highly recommend this film. It's only 19 minutes long, and full of useful thoughts


I've always found Sarah crawling through a hydrolic press to be more terrifying than the one armed terminator slowly crawling after her


I don't know about all that other stuff, I just really like videogames


These may not be included, but I love that movie


Well, this could have been interesting


Marathoning the Twilight Zone like it's New Years Eve


I think some scalpers might be getting burned soon, there are almost 9k snes classic listing on ebay


Guys! Forever 21 has nintendo clothes! I can't believe I went to their site, and want some of their stuff. I'm only 20 years too late...


Me: I don't have time to play the games I have. Also Me: just bought steamworld dig 2, and golf story (you get the idea)


It's dark out, how do you know it's there to be found? I believe, Without it I'd be lost, and without hope


If you somehow haven't seen this yet, it's time to rethink your life choices


It's 10pm, do you know where drunk you are?


Today would have been way better if I had been drinking


I checked the time on four separate occasions this evening, three of them, it was exactly the same time, one of them, it was earlier than the one before it


Damn it, this part makes me tear up every time


Is it confirmed that Doom is going to be $60 on switch? I saw the Amazon listing, and was really hoping it was a placeholder


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