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What seams like a lifetime ago I'd buy some random girl a drink, now I just add to backlog, seems like a win, at least there's potential waiting


Looking for a distraction? Here's a neat audio series about the moom landing for free on archive.org Found it, because my dad has the album, and I always wanted to listen to it https://archive.org/details/toddmp%20


Not meant as a flex, and I'm not an actor, I have an IMDb listing for an indy filming was in, I was helping out a friend. The last time I checked that film put me within two degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon


I haven't seen my wallet in about a month...


Thinking about the first time I watched Commando


Holy shit, we've had it all wrong for years, the question isn't "what's the best movie based on a video game?" It's "what's the best movie based on a game?" Clearly the answer is Clue


My parents just sent me this photo. It's a copy of Eloide Armstrong's 10 commandments. My grandfather used to have it taped to his refrigerator. Reading it felt good, wanted to share. Legible copy in comments


Top three video game movies of all time Mortal Kombat Sonic the Hedgehog Super Mario Bros Feel free to scream into the void in the comments


I just remembered why I feel like I have a hangover...


I keep having dreams of places between house of leaves, and a wrinkle in time


My first celebrity crush on the left, not a bad substitute on the right


Onward is great, and well worth the 20 bucks, do it


The greatest fear is hope itself


Not sure if you all have seen this yet


I was told by a yoot today that they wanted to be as woke as me... Truly the world is turned upsidedown


Was talking to my 70+ parents today, and I said the world felt weird,they agreed. I said the closest I could compare it to was right after 911. I asked them if they ever felt this another time before that, they said no


It's late at night, everyone in the world is asleep, crickets are chirping, I think of my grandmother's kitchen


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