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Remember to always wash behind your ears.


Don't be a fat-ass, be a fart-arse.


I don't want a funeral, I want a wedding. Really throw people for a loop when I get married to death.


A shovel and two candy bracelets vs. a kid named Billy. Who has the highest IQ score?


M&M vs. Chocolate Skittle. Who would win in a knife fight?


I want to be the best thing to happen since sliced bread, but I'm the worst thing to happen since whole loaf.


Anyone else get homesick when they use someone else's toilet? I be like, "Wish I was home taking a dump. Sigh."


Had a dream about beer. Now I want beer.


MHW be messed up. Gotta kill the whole monster pack cause leaving one alive seems more cruel.


Babies are just bite-size people.


Was playing MH World when I got the message "FETUS has left the online session". Damn you Planned Parenthood!


Apollo Legend is on a roll this year.


If two Genjis cross swords on the field of battle, is it masturbation?


It's over folks. They open doors. There is no way you can hide now.


Sometimes I like to jot down notes when strangers are talking. Makes me feel like a spy.


Roadhog is the best Overwatch character. Discuss.


What do you think? Does sound kind of shady.


When are they going to port Overwatch onto iPhones?


Oh snap, Kids Bop 37 is coming out. I feel like 20-something numbers were skipped.


This is hard to watch. DrDisRespect admits to being unfaithful.


Blizzard loves fire beards.


Stay away from Skooma, kids. They quit putting it in soft drinks for a reason.


Supernatural's "Mark of Cain" episodes are the best. No matter what Dean does, it's a sign his condition is getting out of hand. Conversations be like: Sam: What happened? Cass: Dean flooded the toilet. S: Did he tell you why? C: It's getting


Quilboar in new WoW expansion. It's lit.


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