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TFW you're at a Blizzard meeting coming up with a new Overwatch character that represents a unique culture and a developer says, "What about a hamster instead?"


What did the sausage say during its interrogation? "Do your wurst."


Just killed Widowmaker with Fire Strike. Cross that off my bucket list.


That moment your conscience decides to speak up and you respond to it out loud, "Oh yea? Why don't you suck my nuts?!" And everyone is looking at you. And some lady is calling the cops. And you'll probably lose your job and ice cream truck.


Mario doesn't take fall damage in this game. Suspension of disbelief ruined. Literally unplayable.


I'll write something, just give me a Minit

Ask and you will receive. I won Minit from a giveaway here on Destructoid and so I thought I would write something about it. Courtesy warning: possible spoilers below. We all have to deal with death. We lose our pets, our friends, our...


Nintendo prides itself on making a product that is user-friendly and accessible. But the Switch is unusually limited when it comes to getting screenshots off of it.


Here comes a Yankee Doodle. Happy Independence Day!


Wait! You got another achievement too! [Read Quickpost]! *gives star*


Got more buns than a big mac.


What do Orks drink? WAAAGH!-ter.


I can't believe I overlooked today's date, 6/26/18. If you drop the 2 and divide it into the 18 you get 6/6/9. Flip the 9 and you 6/6/6! It's the end of the world!


Anyone else get the impression that Captain Toad is suicidal? He has a habit of hiding in dangerous and remote locations.


Playing Doomfist is hard, but I'm starting to -<{《([|"grasp"|])》}>- it.


For Waluigi fans bullying Sakurai:


Pokemon Let's Go to the polls! We won't Pikachu placing your ballot, Eevee though we want to.


This old aftershave is alcohol based, so it shouldn't go bad. Still good to drink, right?


You should probably look a gift horse in the mouth. What if it has dental problems that will put you in the hole?


Maybe female Yautja shouldn't have boobs, but that's a world I dont want to live in.


Remember the Grunts from Halo? Be careful who you call ugly in middle school.


Superman has just finished his eighth Big Gulp when he is teleported to an empty dimension. There is nothing around except for a toilet made of kryptonite. His need to tinkle is dire. What do?


Accidentally ordered a McChicken as a "McChunk'n".


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