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I am using the best Australian gene splicing to combine a Roo and a Drop Bear into a Kangoila. They Will be Prime Minister in the future.


Pico De Gallo is not a good substitute for lube.


Pico De Gallo is not a good substitute for lube.


Gandalf the White knocks on your door with his crack pipe and asks to borrow $20 because his Horse ran out of gas and he needs to get to a City that is 58 miles away. What do you do?


I think MW2 might have been off about Russia's military capabilities.


Let's all "Pokemon Go" drink bleach, Gamers!


Extra! Extra! Suspect in Wednesdays Libel Incident caught thanks to devilishly charming Detective Swine, Mods mull over week long ban!


Yesterday Destructoid and it's Mod gang were mocked here on Qtoid. Being the smartest and most attractive user, I have been asked to head a task force to investigate this incident and bring the culprit to justice. I am now taking questions.


Want to hear a joke? This website is a joke! BOOM! Goteem! What are you going to do about it mods? Huh? What. Are. You. Going. To. Do. About. It? Nothing. You're just glorified unofficial Rick & Morty Twitter page gatekeepers and you know it.


They should make a VR game where you have to eat your own hand in different settings (Cafe, Bar Restroom, Bus, Funeral Parlor) without getting caught.


If you don't feel comfortable around me, all you gotta do is post your SS# in the comments. I'll get the hint.


Baby Rose looks a lot like The Duke to me. Just saying.


If Half-Life 3 is ever announced, this channel is going to be fucking lit.


Not feeling very Beta Male today. What are some games I can play that will Cuck me?


Not feeling very Alpha/Sigma male today, what games can I play to erect my Chad meter?


Video Game Companies are running out of ideas for pre-order bonuses. Their newest gimmick: butthole samples. Which video game character's butthole do you want to taste?


Remember back in the day you could buy video game manuals? That's kinda pay to win.


There's a game out there so haunted they say all who play it die within 80 years!


Beta Male Cuck Club. Now accepting new members. Comment below to join.


Shut up, alarm! Let me pretend to sleep for like 15 more minutes.


The hardest part about Easter is dressing up like a rabbit and stuffing 12 colored eggs in your rectum. Wish we didn't choose ostrich eggs this year.


Think of the word "Orc", and you probably picture something from Warcraft, 40K, LOTR, D&D, Skyrim, etc. So how come in Anime they look like pigs? Why is that? Answer: If you add a P, you get "Porc".


When gas prices eventually drop, do you think they'll keep the Biden stickers on the pumps?


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