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Sexy Leprechaun use to be my code word for "drive us off cliff" in Halo 2.


I'm the kind of guy who gloats about a participation trophy.


Fan Art Tuesday?: Boiled Eggman


We need more show crossovers so we can get "Two and a Half Bang Theories".


"One Ring to rule them all, One ring to find them; One ring to bring them all and in the darkness GOTTA GO FAST!"


When you're flying through Azeroth, remember your Gryphon isn't the only thing travelling 100 mph, so is your ale. Fly safe.


Fan Art...Tuesday?: "Let me Axe you a question."


Always buy coffee creamer at the store. If you have too much creamer, donate it. Than by more creamer.


You're as cute as a Banana Slug. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.


I'm excited to talk about the GoW storyline, but I know there are players who haven't beaten it. So I'm keeping the spoilers low key.


Just beat Gosh O' War. No spoilers, but I called it.


Me during any game that gives me treasure lust like GoW or Fallout: Some dickhead already looted this place! Oh wait, that was me. Why am I such a dickhead?!


God of War crashed on me. Literally unplayable.


Sometimes I miss blowing into the butt-brain of a plastic rectangle.


Bhad Bhabie might be nominated for top female rapper, but we all know who deserves to win.


Everybody talking about Bhad Bhabie (Cash Me Outside girl) but nobody gonna mention this artist?


Careful about purchasing packs of Mexican beer, it will probably come with empty and missing bottles. It's tradition at this point.


All we are is DUSK in the wind

{DUSK Spoilers} Old horror games are great storytellers. Stretched out and pixelated skins glued to the many polygons that form a retro world, not only to make us question "What the hell is that suspicious object in the distance?" but...


Just realized Stephen King is obsessed with haunted houses.


I've done the hunt "Tickled Pink" so many times that I'm turning red. Just give me the Anjanath Gem!


Everybody is worried about losing their job to a machine, but I can't wait until they replace customers.


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