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"How the Grinch Stole Christmas" with Jim Carrey came out in 2000. In the film, the Grinch gives a random handful of Whos false jury summons. So the Whos have courts. Do they have prisons? Do they know murder? Is there a case of "Who killed Who?"


This is humorous post. An expression of laughter is required in the comments. This is mandatory. Have a nice day.


Why are they called tapeworms? They don't stick to wrapping paper for crap!


Are you tired of throwing out bad milk? Just mix it with fresh milk! The fresh milk will dilute the sour one!


Can't say I'm entirely upset The Last of Us movie fell through. Not in a "all video game movies are bad" way, but The Last of Us already had a pretty cinematic design. It's a playable film. You'd be making a movie out of a movie.


Alright, I'll regurgitate something I saw on Reddit.


You're about to have major open-heart surgery, and you get to pick one of two surgeons. The first is wearing an EA logo, the second is wearing an Activision logo. Which do you select?


More like CD Projekt Bread, cause you gotta be BAKED to release a game in that condition. Two for two, Projekt is rekt. (I better stop before I'm banned from playing Witcher 4.)


More like CD Projekt Ded. Goteem!


"You're breadmaking." - Keanu Reeves


"The Irish Unification of 2024" Oh shit, Commander Data spitting some predictions.


Jake Paul the next Muhammad Ali?


Oh, I get why it's called Shin Godzilla. His (Her?) weakness is his (her?) shins!


Netflix and Squeal: Disenchantment

Mora is a mermaid. When she is first introduced working at a Freak Show, she is nothing more than a sassy background character. But as our heroine (not to be confused with the drug) Princess Tiabeanie Mariabeanie de la Rochambeau...


Everyone is going to celebrate Easter, but who is going to celebrate Wester?


My attitude towards QToid is "hit it and quit it". I always read responses, but I usually don't respond. Usually the result of not knowing what to say or being lazy. But with this post, I will respond to every comment...somehow. Just don't expect much.


Leave a comment if you too have the desire to be haunted by a Giant Zesty Pickle.


You don't need to pull my finger. You did last year, setting off a chain reaction that will come to fruition today. You did this to your self. Now we wait.


I can't believe I have to say this, but the rumors are getting out of control. I am NOT, and never will be, a toaster strudel.


"Slow Ped Xing" I'm no civil engineer, but if I wanted cars to slow down, I wouldn't tell them pedos are crossing.


Little did the Shadows know that Alan Wake was raised in the Hood.


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