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This guy says Beer Can Chicken is bullshit! If he's right, his video should be the first thing you find when you search Beer Can Chicken, and not these other users selling their snake oil recipes.


Why, no officer, this is Destructoid and we are not a cult of vampires. No need to bring 1 cop, 2 cops, 3 cops ha ha ha.


I'm glad the community is starting to take mobile gaming more seriously now. You don't need big budgets and marketing algorithms to make a good game. With a little hard work and friendship, anything is possible. Indie games were inside us the whole time.


So we still mad about Blizzard's relationship with China or nah?


This is my Fall Guy avatar bean thing. My friend says they are Orange, when they are clearly Yellow. Duh. If you see Orange, you are wrong.


All fps titles must now utilize grappling hooks.


Glad Far Cry 6 is exploring an alternate reality where Los Pollos Hermanos has gone too far.


My toilet seat does that thing where it slips when you sit on it. It's like missing a step in the dark but for your ass.


Tesla drivers are the new Prius drivers.


Left click to use Echo's right arm, right click to use Echo's left arm.


Residue Weevil Tres Remake

Coming to you this year ... Actually, already here. Residue Weevil Tres Remake. Jill Valentine is one bad-ass babe looking to break the glass ceiling and change what it means to be a woman working on the force. But things get a little ...


My whole life I sacrificed getting good grades so I could be decent at Video Games. And this is how I'm repaid?!


Coronavirus has finally broken through your quarantine. You run to the bathroom to save yourself, but you've forgotten two things: toilet paper and your smartphone. You can hold your breath long enough to grab one of these items and run back. Your choice?


Condensed Cream of Chicken is really just Chicken Pudding.


I'm glad the Series X is backwards compatible with Xbone games. Now I can play all three games I missed out on.


Politoid: Trump should raise taxes on corporations and the wealthy and use that money to build his wall. A true compromise between parties.


What if the whole time we were wrong, and people are suppose to crab walk when they move?


Why is RE6 afraid of RE7? Cause RE7 RE8 RE9!


Muspell Take: If your only reason for dating someone is that they're a gamer, you're going to have a bad time.


You are now govenor of the 51st state. You are in charge of naming it. It looks like this. WHAT IS ITS NAME?!


Death Stranding: Now with more Shaken BB Syndrome


When you ask them to toss tree fiddy to their Witcher, but they realize you're a crustacean from the paleolithic era.


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