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Apollo Legend is on a roll this year.


If two Genjis cross swords on the field of battle, is it masturbation?


It's over folks. They open doors. There is no way you can hide now.


Sometimes I like to jot down notes when strangers are talking. Makes me feel like a spy.


Roadhog is the best Overwatch character. Discuss.


What do you think? Does sound kind of shady.


When are they going to port Overwatch onto iPhones?


Oh snap, Kids Bop 37 is coming out. I feel like 20-something numbers were skipped.


This is hard to watch. DrDisRespect admits to being unfaithful.


Blizzard loves fire beards.


Stay away from Skooma, kids. They quit putting it in soft drinks for a reason.


Supernatural's "Mark of Cain" episodes are the best. No matter what Dean does, it's a sign his condition is getting out of hand. Conversations be like: Sam: What happened? Cass: Dean flooded the toilet. S: Did he tell you why? C: It's getting


Quilboar in new WoW expansion. It's lit.


Statistically speaking, Mario would have voted Trump. But I wonder if Luigi would?


Episode 1 and Stranger Things reminds the viewer this show is all about the 80's. Welcome back to the Goonies, Sam.


Warhammer: Dawn of War III is free for a couple of days. Crack a cold one with the Boyz.


What could solidify Super Mario Odyssey as Game of the Year? Minor role for Waluigi.


Ethan's aim in RE7 is already messy, but being roided up I come to realize my own aim is pretty shotty.


I'm excited for RDR2 (R2D2's cousin?) to see what kind of crazy glitches Rockstar has cooked up for us now.


You ever bump your keyboard in the middle of the night and turn on your computer and you're like "Sorry baby, didn't mean to wake you"?


I had waffles now my mustache smells like butter.


Time to start a life as a door-to-door bootleg videogame salesman.


How many Tauren does it take to kill a grub? Four.


Do not drink and dungeon cue. Last night I thought it would help speed up the timer. I missed it pop both times. Two hours I won't get back.


YouTubers must be getting tired of Felix. Another day, another opportunity for PewDiePie to create digital civil unrest.


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