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Halloween idea: Use magic to replace the flush sound of your toilet with a blood curdling scream followed by demonic chanting.


I wish my socks had ears so my GF would listen to me.


Friend said that Blizzard missed an opportunity this Halloween with Werewolf McCree. "It's full moon."


But how much should I adjust the brightness?!


Consciousness is far out, man.


They should make a game with microtransactions to purchase game currency to purchase loot crates that give you a chance to win the opportunity to purchase DLC that only rewards loud advertisements which work as a gateway for hackers to steal your info.


You ever rub your eyes and your lower eyelid folds on itself, and there's that moment of panic cause you think you messed up your eye, but then you slowly feel it slip back to normal with the speed to two slugs passing each other? I hate that.


Can: "Soup that eats like a meal", me: Wonder what that means?, also me: *gets eaten by soup*


Idiocracy is a best-case scenario.


Don't bring a gun to a shish kebab fight.


We need to rise up and seize the means of mozzarella sticks.


If you're reading this you are already seduced.


Live-action Bleach? Alright Netflix, let's go on a spiritual journey.


Someone shot at Dr. Disrespect's house twice in a week? This guy has one hell of a life.


When trying to flirt with a Troll woman, do not say "Tiki tiki, touch my PP." She will probably use Voodoo to shrink your head.


Grave Shift Security Guard Study Guide (GSSGSG)

Hot fudge sundae with nuts! Are you ready to learn how to become a Grave Shift Security Guard? God have pity on your poor soul. You're about to enter a job that will make lines at the DMV seem fun. Sit down, listen up, and hit me baby ...


Now I am the exotic hotness that is a Blood Troll!


Beware the Ides of March, but what do you have to worry about in September?


How salty should your boogers be?


Time to turn on the Nintendo Witch. That's not a typo, I'm going to play some hocus POKE-us. If you catch my drift.


I hate having to get cash from the ATM. If only there was a way to print money at home...


At the end of this expansion it will be revealed that all Old Gods serve an Outer God named Buzz'ov the Bee.


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