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I hate having to get cash from the ATM. If only there was a way to print money at home...


At the end of this expansion it will be revealed that all Old Gods serve an Outer God named Buzz'ov the Bee.


WoW didn't crash on me today? I didn't sign up for this crap!


Doom Eternal looks like the game your evangelical camp counselor warned your parents would turn their little angel into a satanic serial killer.


The Nintendo Switch rose from the ashes of the console wars. Its crusade to port mankind had raged for decades, but the final battle would not be fought in the future. It would be fought here, in our present.


Nintendo: *Makes games with Waluigi in them. No one cares* Nintendo: *Makes a game without Waluigi. Jimmies are rustled*


Play Battle of Lordaeron as Horde so you can protect the Abovercity!


When writing anything, even a blog on D-toid, save often.


I'm not against a brutal Sylvanas, I just dont understand her motivation. And Blizzard be giving Horde players some major denial issues.


Rabbid Peach is the hottest video game character of all time.


What does "firing squad" mean in the Pokemon universe?


Can you really call it a survival game without dysentery?


TFW you're at a Blizzard meeting coming up with a new Overwatch character that represents a unique culture and a developer says, "What about a hamster instead?"


What did the sausage say during its interrogation? "Do your wurst."


Just killed Widowmaker with Fire Strike. Cross that off my bucket list.


That moment your conscience decides to speak up and you respond to it out loud, "Oh yea? Why don't you suck my nuts?!" And everyone is looking at you. And some lady is calling the cops. And you'll probably lose your job and ice cream truck.


Mario doesn't take fall damage in this game. Suspension of disbelief ruined. Literally unplayable.


I'll write something, just give me a Minit

Ask and you will receive. I won Minit from a giveaway here on Destructoid and so I thought I would write something about it. Courtesy warning: possible spoilers below. We all have to deal with death. We lose our pets, our friends, our...


Nintendo prides itself on making a product that is user-friendly and accessible. But the Switch is unusually limited when it comes to getting screenshots off of it.


Here comes a Yankee Doodle. Happy Independence Day!


Wait! You got another achievement too! [Read Quickpost]! *gives star*


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