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I should replay The Secret of Monkey Island on its original pixelated form someday.


Totalbiscuit is one of the reasons why I always chose "Fuck Cancer" in the beginning of Saints Row IV. And now for some music for the occasion.



I think I'll refrain from shaving for a while after a recent gory scene on the series. Also, I really liked Shogun World, even though the town looks really small (Which I understand, considering its setting looks much more expensive than the Western one)


Looks OK so far? Rami Malek's Brit accent is acceptable, if not dead-on towards Freddie. Joseph Mazzello, who was once the kid from Jurassic Park, as John Deacon would also be just as interesting to see if he pulled it off. Slightly liking it so far.


It's done. At around 10pm recently, Tun Mahathir, who was the 4th prime minister of Malaysia, had just sworn in the second time as the 7th prime minister, and the oldest one to date at age 92, this time at the opposition's side.


Damn. The main opposition Pakatan Harapan (PH) finally won the contest. Still, it's not over yet till the current PM went live at 11am and announcing him stepping down. PH never managed to won the whole thing ever since... Independence Day at 1957.


Malaysian election result update. Current regime losing badly towards its ex-Prime Minister Mahathir representing the Opposition. Current PM Najib nowhere to be seen while Mahathir is surrounded with supporters and journalists.


Oh yeah, we just missed the 20th anniversary of the Initial D anime by a week. Why not share your favourite Initial D anime moments and Eurobeat tracks on the comments? (We all know which tunes most of you will pick)


Another channel Brazilians need to keep out, I guess.


I don't know how I never noticed it from the trailers, but the start of Westworld: Season 2 felt similar to The Lost World: Jurassic Park, mostly (so far) from the whole "private armed company landed on abandoned park for X purpose".


Mavis Beacon' Initial D might be amusing in its FMV glory, but think of the potential if it combines the frantic typing with actual 3D drift battles, which your real-time typing skills actually affects your car's real-time performance during duels.


That does it. No more RE6. I tried to go back to it, and after a few minutes, it just doesn't click to me. I might as well go try out the old school RE games.


Finally done with Devil May Cry 4 (Original disc). Dante is fun as usual. Nero is surprisingly awesome gameplay-wise, but I found his character arc to be controversially boring than even Donte. And a lot of things I'm going to mention on the comments.


So Killing Floor 2 finally have its own bots mutator. Obviously it isn't whitelisted, so you can't level up with the mod, but it's safe to say that the bots are pretty decent (Although unlike the KF1 version, they won't share the dosh with you).




Now onto Chapter 6 of DMC4, and I'm starting to not like the more expansive, "NEXT GEN" levels that could took more than 10 minutes to traverse and killed some of the pacing. And fuck the dice room hard, I've been hitting those red dots for 5 times now!!!


I know a fella or two around here would be pleased by this. (Also, prepare a bottle of bleach beside you, just in case if you didn't get a boner at what happens in the end)


Question: Do nightclubs/karaoke centres even provide coffee on the menu these days? Just asking for a local politician who was recently arrested on a raid and tested positive for drugs, and then claimed someone tried to frame him. Link in the comments.


I know I sucked at even local politics, but my country recently passed its own Anti Fake News Law. Which is worrying, as it implies that its citizens were too stupid to do some research on any unconfirmed news. Source link on the comments.


I'm not too familiar with Led Zeppelin, but a lot of people claim that the lead singer of this new band sounds almost identical to Robert Plant, and the tunes sounds very much like the aforementioned band. I certainly dig this song though.


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