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Just gotten Into the Breach, and I'm liking it. Went into the training simulation and I've already did a "bangup" job at collateral damage control. Even Torchman would know how to survey and command if he get his hands on this. Digging the soundtrack too.


It's obvious why not many people replay Doom 3. Apart from its slow gunplay, monster closets, and bullet sponge mooks, the Marines decided to scream on the intercom several times, as if you experiencing the shit hits the fan isn't enough already.


Might not be a good subject for some these days, but what's your favourite Old West movies/TV series? (Recommend me some of them too while you're at it)


After recent events in America, even I felt a bit uneasy on watching gun showcase channels like hickok45. They still want teachers to be armed, even if that makes children even more uneasy (As if "prison school" isn't scary enough for them).


This comic ruined a certain horror character for me, in a good way. #striptoid


#shamelessselfpromotiontoid So me and my friend watched Black Panther, and it blew its last chance for me to be both a great movie and a hopeful continuation of the MCU franchise. We had a topic about it in our own movie blog on the comments below.


So I just watched a recent heart-breaking anime that I could somehow relate to when it comes to its subject matter. It has a few issues, but I enjoyed it overall. Plus, I thought of it having a weird crossover art with another movie.


Can't find a larger GIF for my favourite fictional POTUS. [EDIT] Oh hey, didn't know the image uploader could resize the images.


Just an ignorable request, Dtoid staffs. Is it possible for the inbox icon to have notifications on incoming messages? While the email notifications are nice, it would be better if we can see the notifications from this site, in my opinion.


It's Dungeons II's turn to participate in the 48 hours giveaway on GOG.com now.


Qtoid was a mistake. It's nothing but spams and shit.


So who did we pissed off this time to invite such "lovely" guests from the nation of Spamoria? [EDIT] Aaaand they're back again. They're real persistent moreso here than any other places, I'll give them that.


After almost 300 hours, I've finally slain Alduin in the original release of Skyrim, in addition to Harkor and Miraak. It's a great RPG to me, for different reasons. Guess I'll get to Fallout 1 and Morrowind some time later.


Happy Chinese New Year, Destructoid! Or if you preferred Mandarin or Cantonese, Xing Nian Kuai Le or Sang Nin Fai Lok!


Welp, this dumbass here, typing on the phone right now, got his car towed and now he's on his way to get his car off the compound.


It might be after Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year's Eve now here, but let's celebrate with one of my "favorite" love songs, followed by yesterday's papers with a coincidental front page quote.


A history guide of Yakuza for newbies (Like me). Although in my case, watching the whole video is still just as confusing as reading up the Wiki or TVTropes, unless you can memorize Japanese names, or even at least played one of the games.


GOG.com now have a 48 hours CNY giveaway of King of Fighters 2002. Personally, I've never played any KOF games past 2001, and even then I'm clueless of whichever KOF games were worth replaying or best left forgotten.


Here comes my "2 truth, 1 lie". This is gonna be painful. 1) I'm slightly popular within the local cosplay community. 2) My favourite Queen song is Brighton Rock. 3) I'm a lazy bastard on anything like gaming, working, studying, etc.


Need some serious talk, guys and gals (It'll be more helpful if any parents here would talk with me about this). I don't like to admit about it online, but I'm a manchild with terrible social skills and slow reaction speed. More in the comments.


A better #darksiders3 advertisement to convince the Blues Familia over it.


A lot of people given this movie crap for a few good reasons, but I just hope that at least young Han and Lando got their character developments throughout the movie before becoming OT Ford and William. Also, still liking the Falcon with the middle cargo.


Man, Randgriz sure looks like a pretty city with some good defensive walls and some questionably low population for a capital city. It would be a shame if the city wasn't fully prepared in case the Empire decided to attack from the shore...


I'm not sure who to devote my #shoutouttoid to, but I'd say everyone here deserves a mention for making this community lively, and for helping me went through a lot of hopeless, depressing periods (Including the one I'm having right now).


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