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Hey guys, it seems that CD Projekt RED might have something going on at their Twitch channel (Oh, what could it be~) at 7PM CEST. Would any content writers please do a page about it? (If it's legit)


I tried playing Doom 3's multiplayer with bots... I could see why most people won't bothered with it. More in the comments if you cared enough.


Well this is pretty dope. (Subtitles included)


Due to the overwhelming news of Steam for Linux Proton, here's another tired and dated conspiracy theory: What if this is all actually Valve's long-term gambit plan in making Half-Life 3 the official launch title of Linux Proton?


I know that the UI of Morrowind was designed for the PC, but Good Lord, the vanilla UI itself is the only thing that gave me migraines, and don't even get me started on the dialogue system filled with hyperlinks. Time to find some mods to cure my eyes.


For now I'm taking a break from FPS games, and play Morrowind for the first time, and holy shit, does this game not play nice with even 5-years old PCs in terms of performance alone, and I've only used mods that improve its stability.


Heyya, sorry for being quite a devolving mess for such a petty thing yesterday. I just had a fit of jealousy and stuff over those type of things. Anyway, I'm all right now (mostly), and I'm still continuing to find some jobs. Love you guys (and gals).


Here I am now, crying silently as I look at the cosplayers having fun during the recent convention while feeling that I would never be able to have the same feeling for the rest of my life. I know I shouldn't see it for my own sake, but I just can't stop.


So the next two days in the weekend will be an anime convention that I've volunteered for 8 years. Except that I won't be there this year, as I'm trying to get my life back on track. A bit sad, but it's for the best, and I wish I'll attend it next year.


Have you guys played Half-Life: Echoes yet? It's a fan-made Half-Life chapter viewed from a different candidate, with survival action (moreso than the original) and some trippin' moments that were related to the Vance family. Link to mod on the comments.


A lot of people were offended by the "mortally challenged" and "melting pot" terms heard in the DOOM Eternal demo, which made me wondered whether did they actually played the last game when the UAC had also made similarly inane statements in-game.


I have Doom 3 + Resurrection of Evil on my Steam account, but what about Doom 3 BFG Edition? Does it have any improvements over the original version? Was it recommended over said version?


You know, it's hard to say this, but I'm getting the PC version DOOM: Eternal on Day 1. Even if it means on the Bethesda Launcher. Okay, maybe a really big "Maybe" on the last part.


Inb4 "Where's the Switch version?". Although Runic Games was defunct, Echtra Games were formed by Ex-Runic (Max Schaefer, Matt Uelman, etc) and Ex-Blizzard people, so I have some hope in this one. (Assuming that Perfect World didn't meddle too much here)


Considering the latest news regarding Fallout 76, I'm now a bit skeptical about any news about DOOM: Eternal during Quakecon. :(


I might have to jump into Hokuto no Ken someday. Can't believe that I'm a fan of Mad Max and I've haven't been interested in it till recently. Also, judging by the recent box art of Lost Paradise, there might be a possibility that it'll be on PC someday.


So I just saw Mission: Impossible VI, and it was good. While the action scenes and stunt works displayed on-screen were amazing, brutal and well-shot, it still never be able to be as great as Mad Max: Fury Road, for reasons to be stated in the comments.


I have no idea what's happening here lately, and I still haven't watched the movie yet.


Shadow Warrior Classic Redux done. It was fun, but it took the flaws of Duke3D up to 11. Ep. Ho Lung was meh. Ep. Zilla Pt. 2 was OK. I begin to realize that you need good observational skills to play through Build engine games without huge frustrations.


I've heard of Atgames' bad reputation with its Sega Genesis clones, but it seems their Atari Flashback consoles fared much better (Aside from its various Ubisoft-esque versions with optional HDMI output, Activision games, etc). Are they worth it?


Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition done (I forgot that I have it on GOG). It was fun, with sprawling maps (if a bit confusing to progress at times), cool weapons, and enemies that pack a punch even on Easy. I personally preferred Doom '93 over Duke3D though.


Danny O' Dwyer's GOG documentary is here now. While I do like buying games off GOG, their standard USD prices were still pricey compared to Steam's regional prices. Not that I mind, as I tend to prefer some old games on my GOG account instead of Steam.


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