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Dunno if this was posted here yet, but it's a really sweet, heartwarming song about Todd Howard.


I gave up on NFS Undercover. The car handling was twitchy, the story was incomprehensible, most of the cutscenes were a total waste of time, the rubber-banding AIs were OP, you can't recover quickly when you hit a car or a wall, but the AI can, etc...


I just recently looked into Yellow Magic Orchestra, and goddamn were their first album as hypnotizing as hooking Duff into my veins, which is amazing considering that they originally made this as a joke. This one's my current personal favourite.


Well shit, The Walking Dead: Michonne and A New Frontier are no longer available for purchase on Steam, although their pages are still up.




I just watched Overlord, and it was a surprisingly good Wolfenstein adaptation I never thought I wanted. It has cinematography that was too good for this movie, decent acting, and B-movie writing. Wish the fistfight scenes have less quick cuts, though.


Okay, @Mrsphilkensebben. I have to know whether you're Mike's real wife, so here's a simple question: Coke or Siege?


Remember that time when Australia lost a war to a bunch of big birds?


Also, holy shit! New Xen does look and hopefully, play better than the original!


I almost forgotten, but happy 20th anniversary, Half-Life! Now to wait for the full documentary to show up (And hopelessly awaiting for the elusive, most likely non-existent next installment).


Greetings, fellow Dtoiders. It's #SiegeSaturday, and boy do I have a compelling story for you in the comments section.


Finally, a Half-Life retrospective by LGR. Now to wait for the upcoming documentary on the same subject with numerous developers by Noclip at Monday...


So I just found out that Lemon Sky Studios, an animation studio that was involved in numerous AAA games, including Spider-Man (PS4), the recently-announced C&C remasters, and that goddamned FF15 mobile game, is actually a local company.


I'm not necessarily happy that Microsoft acquired both Obsidian and inXile, but I do hope that MS would be less meddling, and not squander them like how EA and Activision does to their devs. Oh, and wisely release their (and other) PC versions on Steam.


Great, now my laptop charger cord had given way and its wires possibly ripped off due to years of abuse. Now should I get a replacement with the same voltage output (if not exactly the same charger model), or do some DIY repair with certain risk?


Oh fuck, the local screenings of Bohemian Rhapsody, heard from a local radio, were censored with the removal of depictions of homosexuality (begrudgingly expected) and any mentions of the word "AIDS" (what). Why~???


Wait, it's Chris Moyse's birthday today?


Just out of curiosity, does Diablo III for the Switch require online connection to even start the game to play it offline?


Happy Birthday, Papa Churros. (Sorry, no Photoshopped poster for you)


I just woke up from a slumber when I refused to sacrifice my sleep for any Diablo news on Blizzcon yesterday, and wow. Still waiting for an imaginary Diablo 3 offline patch on PC, but a negatively received Diablo phone game? This should be... interesting.


FINALLY! Sorry for getting it out late in the middle of Halloween at the US, but the final post for Waifuween is at the blog section now! Link to the blog is at the comments. [BUMP]


So there are some people out there who claimed that Alien: Covenant is a far better and more faithful horror sequel than Halloween 2018. Look guys, I'm one of the few who still didn't think that Covenant stink that bad, but whew! What an opinion.


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