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From the creator of The Human Centipede movies (I haven't watched them), comes a movie about odd female (maybe offensive) fetish masturbations, which some of you Dtoiders with acquired tastes would enjoy. (Trailer in comments as it is obviously NSFW)


So Croteam once collaborated with id Software for a prototype of Doom 4 before the project was scrapped. Guess that explains the familiar-looking assets in Serious Sam 3: BFE. (Full image is on the comments as the actual file size was too big.)


Nice to have you back, Angie... So ya willing to stay here during October? We still have unfinished business to take care of.


So my friend claimed that Germany did badly because they've been playing Fortnite overnight. During the World Cup. Instead of practicing. Same with Neymar prioritize CS:GO over football. Man, if only the headlines read "PUBG ruined football"... /s


Happy Birthday Wilfoftheblues aka Mom of Dtoid!


Another week. Another failed interview. >:/


It sure sucks to have both fever and sore throat the day before my internship interview. And I haven't even done my YouTube crash course of Premiere Pro and After Effects yet!


Just got a call from a marketing agency for a video production intern position interview next week. For RM500 per month (About 1/3 of regular full-time pay). Sucks that I can't even get a lower position, full time job, but what the hell.


Not a football fan, but from my current observation, Mexico's capable but over-aggresive. Their goalkeeper deserves better. Brazil star Neymar is quite a butt monkey here. Both sides were quite friendly when not paying attention to the ball though.


Got the game Hook off Google Play (and Push for free, embarrassingly) two days ago, and it became one of my favourite puzzle game. It's also available on Steam. Spoiler on the comment. Pic semi-related.


Welp, I'm certain that I fucked up that interview, even when I'm wearing pants. [Update] Confirmed that I botched it up.


Have an interview in less than 13 hours. For an animation studio as a production assistant (The 2nd time since my internship 4 years ago). Getting even a low-level job in the local entertainment industry sure is hard though. Wish me luck.


I now believed that pickles are essential toppings on a beefburger. Today, I ate a bacon cheeseburger at Carl's Jr, and while it does tasted great, the lack of pickles kinda made me crave more of the cheap & sometimes "meh" McD burgers with pickles on it.


Do you know that one of the cast of Star Wars consist of two Nintendo characters? #joketoid


After watching a few Ace Combat 7 trailers, I just have the urge to play this classic TV theme for the hundredth time. It's so good, that I might binge-watch it sometime in the future. Wish it got a reboot series/movie already.


Just played through RE1 (The original PC one, through less-legal means) on both Chris and Jill's turn. Scary-ass and old yet funny game that's still good. Hunters can go fuck themselves though, and I actually played through the L4D2 RE1 custom map first.


One of Danny O' Dwyer's old video during his tenure at GameSpot. Regarding a genre relevant for these few weeks, and the ones EA & Konami still nickle and dimed to this day.


The next upcoming work-in-progress release of RE4 "REAL" HD mod, featuring the 100% remastered Village map. (And more.)


All these game trailers keep telling me that I have to find a job fast, be a responsible adult, pay bills, have a good financial stability for the future, and buy better PC hardwares (Console products pending). It's both exciting and depressing, really.


Final verdict's here. Have a good day/night, everyone.


Current status after the Square Enix E3 livestream (Yes, I know I said shit already):


Updated. Unfortunately I have to skip Ubisoft and PC for my own health.


A bit wary of DMC5. Hopefully it's classic DMC with some of the good things from DmC. Still wary of the level designs (Arguably the worst aspect of DMC4). Also, I keep replacing Nero's theme with this in the trailer in my head.


Updated. Will skip MS (It'll be 4am here, for pete's sake). Bethesda & Devolver better be good.


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