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Is the FGO/Fate-verse mandatory to look into even though I'm just interested in certain "fictional" historical figures? I've only seen Fate/Stay Night and Fate/Zero but I currently don't feel like rewatching them nor look into furthur entries.


A bit of personal questions to you parents/couples if you don't mind: When did you got married? How old(-ish for wifes) did you got married? How is it possible that you two married in the middle of college (I remembered some of you were still studying)?


FFXII arriving on PC next month, and I've yet to complete VII. Link: http://www.pcgamer.com/final-fantasy-12-the-zodiac-age-is-coming-to-pc-next-month-with-new-features/


Finally saw the Death Stranding trailers, and it was really interesting. Still not convincing me to get a PS4 though, and I'm not familiar with Hideo Kojima's works despite his massive contributions to video games.


Just when I thought I'll be free from buying games for a few months. I want Killing Floor 2 and Rising Storm 2, but not like this... :( https://www.humblebundle.com/games/hope-for-orphans-bundle


I really need to get a new PC to experience this.




Today I learned that there's an upcoming Slenderman movie. By Sony. And Screen Gems. I was hoping for a movie like this to be psychological horror with parental themes like children's distrust of adults and parents, but I guess I can't have that.


Welp, I got fucked by my last job. Ex-boss told me I miscalculated my reimbursements (Money to pay for set props, petrol, etc.) for the job, fearing that he might overpaid me, and told me he have no money to pay my salary. What a lovely January for me.


Before the next day arrives, Happy New Year to you guys. Along with another GIFt on the comments due to file size restrictions. (This will be the last time Torchman is portrayed as a helpless victim, I swear. Hopefully.)


Well shit, didn't know the voice actor of Grigori from Half-Life 2 and Bill from Left 4 Dead passed away 10 days ago. May him rest in peace. Link: https://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/312354/Obituary%20.php


Hey, it seems like the community pages and the profile pages were finally fixed properly (Albeit with a few slow loadings here and there) before New Year. Thanks for your hard works, technical supports of Destructoid.


This might sound wrong... but I do like the pre-OT, pristine appearance of the Millennium Falcon depicted on the leaked (Claimed to be fake) photo. At least before it turned into a grey hunk of beloved junk and loses the middle section.


Is tearing Johnny apart worth it, Lisa?


Is Skyrim on the Wonderswan worth it?


So I recently watched Training Day, and it was really good. Denzel Washington's hammy and villainous performance makes the movie. The third act was a bit too convenient though, but not enough to bring the movie down. End of Watch on the comments next.


Well, I quit my job days ago. Still, Merry Christmas everyone!


Guess I need to join her soon.


I was sad that I was too late to join the Secret Santa Group, until this hilarious POS trailer came along, which became my favourite Christmas present (yet). Movie poster when so I can Photoshop it?


Terribly sorry guys. As much as I want to put up my plans for you guys before Christmas, unfortunately I have to cancel my projects, some of that involved you guys on GIFs, due to my job as a video art assistant/driver. I really need the sleep hours.


I will be watching The Last Jedi within 4 hours, but I wonder whether should I do my own review of the movie, or you guys think the Flixist review is good enough. Why don't you guys let me know so I could prepare my materials?


After years of cosplayers defying the federal law, one of the most popular anime convention in Malaysia decided to restrict all firearms props or replica that looks too much like real-life guns due to recent tragic world events. So what do you guys think?


So I just saw Pokemon: I Choose You movie, and it was a pretty good Pokemon film, in all its classic cheesiness and emotional moments. Thankfully the greatest spoiler part of the movie was done well, and not devolved into something like this.


"Okami HD PC port is capped at 30FPS" And my hype died down a bit. Props for trying your best though, Capcom. https://www.resetera.com/threads/okami-on-pc-confirmed-to-be-locked-at-30-fps.10312/


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