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Dang, guys. Thank you for the wishes.


DMC HD Collection on PC is as bare-bones as it gets, as when you select a game on its menu, it'll simply quit the menu to desktop, and open an exe to load said game. But at least it runs on 60fps at the pathetic 800x600 resolution. More on the comments.


I first saw this trailer before the Tomb Raider reboot starts. I'm tempting to see this for how bad it'll be, but I'm also a bit apprehensive about it after I was burned by that godawful Guardians (Zashchitniki) movie last year.


So I just watched Tomb Raider Reboot: The Movie, and my reaction is perfectly demonstrated by this GIF below. A spoiler-filled review will be up shortly. (Also, it's been a while since I've written a blog.)


I was thinking: is there any benefits for publishers/devs to keep the existing Denuvo DRM on their titles even after they were cracked? id Software removed the DRM off DOOM eventually after it's been cracked, so why others stubbornly cling to it then?


Wait, the T-800s have the potential to marry people and breed??? Someone should capture that Chris Carter fella on his birthday, and send him to Area 51 for examination, research and SCIENCE!!! @ShoutoutToid


So I've played both Half-Life expansion packs, Opposing Force and Blue Shift. Opposing Force was great, but it seems like a great military shooter being restricted on the inadequate Half-Life format. Blue Shift was just fine, albeit a shorter sequel.


Finally beaten the game, the 1st time anyway. Still have more mechs and people to unlock. My only major nitpicking is that the achievements don't stack up based on your playthrough, which I'll explain in the comments.


Due to my incompetence, I got Gladio/Abraham Lincoln killed in one shot, as I underestimate one of the enemy unit's attack point. Now the main mech's powered by an AI retrieved from a future pod. Win some, lose some, I guess. Also, Happy Birthday, Occams.


My v1.0 playthrough sucked big time as I lost two pilots, so I decided to dump my current co-workers and time-travel to v1.1 timeline to suck less instead. Liberated the 1st island, still being terrible on the 2nd land. Still loving it.


Just gotten Into the Breach, and I'm liking it. Went into the training simulation and I've already did a "bangup" job at collateral damage control. Even Torchman would know how to survey and command if he get his hands on this. Digging the soundtrack too.


It's obvious why not many people replay Doom 3. Apart from its slow gunplay, monster closets, and bullet sponge mooks, the Marines decided to scream on the intercom several times, as if you experiencing the shit hits the fan isn't enough already.


Might not be a good subject for some these days, but what's your favourite Old West movies/TV series? (Recommend me some of them too while you're at it)


After recent events in America, even I felt a bit uneasy on watching gun showcase channels like hickok45. They still want teachers to be armed, even if that makes children even more uneasy (As if "prison school" isn't scary enough for them).


This comic ruined a certain horror character for me, in a good way. #striptoid


#shamelessselfpromotiontoid So me and my friend watched Black Panther, and it blew its last chance for me to be both a great movie and a hopeful continuation of the MCU franchise. We had a topic about it in our own movie blog on the comments below.


So I just watched a recent heart-breaking anime that I could somehow relate to when it comes to its subject matter. It has a few issues, but I enjoyed it overall. Plus, I thought of it having a weird crossover art with another movie.


Can't find a larger GIF for my favourite fictional POTUS. [EDIT] Oh hey, didn't know the image uploader could resize the images.


Just an ignorable request, Dtoid staffs. Is it possible for the inbox icon to have notifications on incoming messages? While the email notifications are nice, it would be better if we can see the notifications from this site, in my opinion.


It's Dungeons II's turn to participate in the 48 hours giveaway on now.


Qtoid was a mistake. It's nothing but spams and shit.


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