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Last one before it's lights out for me.


After watching this video, I've decided to look for Driver: San Francisco on Steam, and sadly it was removed from both Steam and Uplay. :( Remaster incoming I guess, maybe.


Holy shit, the original Bowsette strip was from a local artist?


Nice to see Devolver Digital helping out developers like a friend.


With the sudden demise of Telltale Games, I would like to get some opinions on which of their titles are worth playing? I listed the ones I didn't owned on the comments, as those are either I'm not a big fan of, or just unsure of their story and gameplay.


Currently, I'm not sure about getting the Nintendo hardware, because back when I was a kid, I were mostly attached towards the PC and PS1. I'm still quite foreign to Nintendo's stuff today, and I knew a bit about them only because I read them up online.


#confessiontoid To this day, I still sucked at hearing lyrics on most songs & tend to go for the ones that sounds pleasing to me, so there are times that I do love hearing them several times without knowing whether they're shit until I look up the lyrics.


Why is the Deluxe Version for DMC5 now the best version this time?! (Also RIP PC version best version for music modding)


Man what. I think these guys really could take the Blood IP off Atari's dirty, grubby hands.


You know, as much as I'm happy that everyone's excited for the PlayStation Classic, why do I get the feeling that there's a small possibility that Sony will announce a PSOne Classic with DualShock controllers next year?


Welp, I think I might have cocked up the interview a tad for not giving them any proof that I know how to do video productions, and asking questions because I panicked a little bit and lost for words back there. One question on the comments.


Gonna have a job interview for video production crew this evening. I'll try my best to nail it, but my previous efforts of job-seeking over the year have drained my mental health and positive emotions. I might cry if I screwed this one again.


I don't know much about Smash and Animal Crossing, but this is cute. (From here)


I just watched Predator 2018, and Lord was it bad. It's like Shane Black shoved Predator, Alien: Covenant, ID4: Resurgence, and Pacific Rim: Uprising into a melting pot to create this POS. Makes me wanna watch the 1987 movie to wash the crap off my eyes.


Please tell me he was doing this while genuinely pretending to be a clueless kid.


Passion Pit is one of the few electronic band that I listened to, and despite the "band" (actually only Michael Angelakos) falling into hard times (bipolar disorder and all), it did pump out some really interesting tunes like this one. #musictoid


In light of everyone's excitement over the new Spiderman game, I decided to play Batman: Arkham Asylum for the 2nd time. It rans like shit as it lags on the current laptop after 5 minutes of runtime, despite multiple troubleshootings.


Wes & SteelSquirrel. 1v1. Quake 3 Arena. The Longest Yard? Let this be a reality. (And sorry fans, no UT.) Pic semi-related.


I'm not a Megaman fan, but I think there's a serious issue on the Megaman 11 demo, which I initially thought it was funny, but then I totally understand the issue and hope Capcom will fix it before it hit the shelves. Just take a look at the GIF below.


As for the downer news, Burt Reynolds just passed away. I should watch his movies whenever I can.


Where's our birthday boy? (And no, nobody could stop me from posting the same video to him every year)


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