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Am I doing this right?


Played Heretic for a while. So far so good, but it's undoubtedly Doom on a medieval skin. Heck, even the ethereal crossbow feels like the Doom Shotgun after you oneshot some enemies!


I should had join even the casual matches on Team Fortress 2 over the quickspawn fan servers years ago. Who knew playing TF normally would be more satisfying than screwing around at 2Fort waiting for free weapons?


Oh yeah, Happy Murica day, fellow Americans. Hope things get better soon for all of you. Also, come watch a shitty movie.


Yesh, CD Projekt RED finally gave us the official version of Johnny Silverhand's hit single.


Indie RE2make-esque survival horror (It was a fan remake of RE2 until the official announcements came about) with harder survival elements. Looks interesting, but it might turned off those who appreciated the polish and details of the actual RE2make.


Holy shit, they brought this cancelled game back from the dead? I mean it'll inevitably still be an outdated game at this point, but even as a non-Bionicle fan (I did played the 2003 Bionicle game back then), this is still something I'm interesting in.


SiN (And its expansion Wages of Sin) is a decent enough game, with good gunplay, cheesy narrative, and a sexy villain (showed on the box art below). Too bad it has half-baked features, and many bugs & glitches. No wonder Half-Life kicked its ass in 1998.


Mickey and Minnie in Thailand, on a short movie. It's cute.


Kingpin: Life of Crime is a violent & sweary gangster-esque Deus Ex that could have been a great game, but alas it fell short of its potential. It's still worth a playthrough nonetheless. I heard some recommend the Rags 2 Riches mod even for first-timers.


I finally played through Commander Keen 1-5. 1-3 was fun if outdated, confusing and frustrating (And no music!). 4 & 5 was a massive improvement on every level. Except the water level. And speaking of which, go get fried on a silver platter, Dopefish.


It's sad that Mainland China will continue to keep forcing Hong Kong to accepts its authoritarian policies, as the extradition was recently postponed instead of scrapped entirely. If only it could demand a secession from the mainland...


Timmy, please get your own PR team ASAP. You're going to embarrass the third-party devs under your store, and insulted other devs who wants to work with other stores too. And it's certainly not in your favor amid the controversy surrounding your store.


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