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Is it shameful to admit that I haven't seen any of Wes Anderson's movies?


Oh, the PC version of Destiny 2 requires an always-online internet connection? OK. *cross game off the wishlist*


Goddamnit Peter, what have you done?! You've doomed us all to the slaves of Skynet!!!


Just got back from the interview, and it was worrily short. The verdict will be out next week.


Job-hunting update: While I didn't get the GM job, I managed to snatch an interview for a video production assistant position at the last minute. Please don't screw this up, me. Please don't screw this up, me.Please don't screw this up, me.


When you're excited upon seeing an ad that somehow says to trade an old phone for a Switch console at first glance, but then you realized it actually meant trade in an "old" iPhone for a new iPhone. #darksiders3


Just to ask, is having a LinkedIn account necessary for all job-seeking purposes, or is it just for those seeking more sophisticated, high-paying occupations? Also, #wallpapertoid.


Quake 2 is a really dull game, which is a real shame, because it's a title filled with really good gameplay, fun weapons, unique mechanics and occasionally great level designs. That was buried under a boring sci-fi aesthetic and uninspired enemy designs.


It might be an incentive for me to replay Doom 1 and 2 again. (Not sure about the Master Levels.)


IMO, every dying multiplayer FPS with weapons unlocks or such, should allow massive XPs for every actions or kills to all players, on every match. So newbies won't feel left out, and veterans won't feel bad picking on people who don't have enough unlocks.


Do you know someone who doesn't seem to acknowledges that sometimes you feel competitive in gaming, sometimes you don't care that you suck, you just wanna have fun? My little brother is that guy, and he just can't stand me sucking (for fun) in TF2.


Laughed through the whole trailer. Seriously wish the movie will arrive here.


The friendship-ending version of golf.


Sooo I resign from Subway two weeks ago, and still no luck on getting a video production assistant job. However, I managed to apply as an employee at a comic/tabletop game store. Let's see if I succeed in getting employed at there, and how long I'll last.


Nice! Now the Steam store page is blocked here! Probably because they couldn't just politely ask the devs to block the game "Fight of Gods" only for Malaysia instead of, you know, BLOCKING THE ENTIRE FUCKING STORE PAGE HERE.


There's rumors of Okami HD on PS4, XBONE, and PC!!! Hopefully Okamiden get to be on HD too. Source in comments. (Also, does anyone knows how to link URL on a quickpost instead of Disqus? Like JCDent did below?)


I love birthdays! And where is our lovely birthday boy?


Okay, the Borderlands, Dragon Age, and Mass Effect games. Are the DLCs necessary for me to experience, or I can enjoy the base games just fine?


I really should start digging into the series ASAP.


An anime about a tomboy living life around the Imperial Japan period? I see this going well, especially around the 1930s.


United Airlines have finally gone too far. Link in comments. [EDIT] It turned out to be a joke post from an anime satire newssite. :p


Didn't know that Photobucket committed suicide by taking photos as ransom for USD400 and fucked my AMG blog. Gonna take some sweet ass time transfering the images to other hosting sites, and having fun reuploading them to the blog again.


@Greenhornet214, should I grab Commander Keen straight away from Steam now, or wait till it arrives on GOG? (I read that they're lacking both Episode 3.5 and Episode 6)


Is the Quake Champions Early Access worth getting, or the free version will do just fine? The only annoying thing about the free version so far, is the random disconnects that quits the server and go straight to the login screen.


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