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Just watched Bohemian Rhapsody, and it's really disappointing, considering that Rami Malek was great as Freddie and the cast was good too. The plot structure was very clich├ęd, some of the script was really cringy, and too much artistic liberties.


Watched Soldier (1998) again, it's still an entertaining film. While Kurt Russell could give Mel Gibson's silent Road Warrior a run for its money, I'm partial toward Jason Scott Lee as a muscular Asian villain, even though his character is a bit generic.


Just watched the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and it was good. Leatherface is both terrifying and goofy, which is oddly charming. Also, were its subsequent movies worth watching?


Just got done with RE Code: Veronica. It's entertaining, but I thought it plays worse than the PS1 games. It also has lots of padding (Backtracking and fetch quests), and the stylish action cutscenes clashes against the tone of the gameplay at times.


Just got my job interview done, and I realized that I was ranting about my current job and superior 60% of the time. It'll be a miracle if the company were OK with hiring me despite that I'm complaining like an idiot back then.


Finally, the official trailer for Big Shark. It's just as terrible as it looks and sounds. (Even the shark "roar" sounds suspiciously like a certain famous kaiju...)


Shower thoughts: As BF1 and COD Infinite Warfare buried Titanfall 2 into the ground in sales performance, Respawn attempted its revenge by releasing Apex Legends against BFV and COD Black Ops 4's battle royale mode.


Tommy Wiseau's second directorial feature is a shark flick. If done right (as in a badly, not self-aware way), this might surpassed The Meg, Sharknado or even Jaws as the best shark movie ever made.


Oh, and before I forgotten about it: Happy Chinese New Year, Dtoiders!!! (Disclaimer: I never watched Peppa Pig. Never.)


Fun question: If id Software ever decided to reboot Quake in the veins of the first game, should they release the promotional trailers with their own soundtrack, or strictly Nine Inch Nails tunes?


Apparently, a 4A employee (unconfirmed) stated on a forum that if Metro Exodus sold poorly in spite of the switcheroo from Steam-to-Epic debacle two weeks before launch, they'll drop the PC platform for the next game. Source on the comment.


While Johnny Cash's cover of NIN's "Hurt" is a classic, I still prefer the original version as it currently appealed to my own despair and depression. But instead of the latter, check out this duet by both Reznor and Bowie. #IndustrialThursday #BowieToid.


While everyone here's on their RE2, KH3 and Quake 1.5 nights, I've just played a really strange mod: Quake: Tourist Mode (monsters optional via patches and tweaks), but with the iconic NIN soundtrack replaced with NIN's own Ghosts I-IV. Link on comments.


Just finished RE3 Nemesis. It's still great, but I somehow felt that the fixed camera gameplay was not that well suited for heavy-actionized horror, and the gun powder mechanics was just 'eh'. Thankfully, the old PC port was relatively smooth this time


I've considered it one of the worst entry in the franchise, but for those who could endure all the badness in RE6 (And a willing participant), you'll definitely get some priceless moments out of it.


Last minute #IndustrialThursday for a change. Do recommend some different industrial bands, and do please put up some industrial music as well. I'm likely gonna be putting up the same NIN music if I'm the only one doing it myself.


Just watched the Netflix version of the Fyre Festival documentary, and my reaction as someone who has never heard of it until today, is just as well as you expected. Now the only question is who amongst the two is worse: Ja Rule or Soulja Boy?


[Bumped just in time for AC7!] A small GIFest just in time for Gundy and his favourite genre. The bigger Christmas one might have to wait till February.


"Rudorlf was shocked, and said "Wes' birthday is today???", as he stops munching the taco he's currently holding in his hands."


Feeling down after a sucky day of photo and video shooting (All of them sucked due to my inexperience). Any online videos that have some good cinematography and editing that I could learn from?


Just got done with Hitman: Absolution, and wow, does it felt like a less unsatisfying experience than even the PS2 Hitman games.


Already one day (two days ago) into the internship, and I already have doubts about my new boss. While there's no doubt he's an expert photographer, his envy towards viral videos were quite worrying, to say the least. (Cont.)


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