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The new Terminator trailer is here, and I'm already not feeling it with the horrible CGI and unnecessarily ridiculous set-pieces (Like how Genisys did!). Not even Arnie and Linda Hamilton could salvage this. It's a dead franchise walking at this point.


Just completed No One Lives Forever 2. It was just as great, if not better than the last game. Some good (better intel/skill system, more stealth options, one crazy boss fight), some bad (respawning guards, dragging levels, somewhat limited locales), etc.


Apparently the CEO of THQ weren't too happy with their business relationship with Epic, which is strange, considered that Epic said it was a success. (Even then, it's odd that Epic would celebrate a game's launch success instead of the original devs/pubs)


Good god, those poor guys from Chernobyl being dead corpses breathing. Guess I'm never looking at Fallout ghouls the same way again. Also, this show better win some fucking awards for makeup, among other achievements.


The whole EGS saga got me thinking: were devs/pubs required to abide to region pricings and/or discounts on a store? If they were worried about their product being devalued (after a reasonable period of time) on Steam or GOG, then why not refuse to do it?


2 games were taken off EGS until the sales ends because the devs/pubs didn't agreed to be part of it, and one dev jacked the price of their game up mid-sale at one point. Wow, the whole Epic sales were quite an epic (heh) mess. (More on the comments)


Good news, RAGE 2 owners on Steam: Denuvo was finally removed on a recent hotfix. Hope you'll have a more pleasant experience later. Anyway, I need a break. No hard feelings to any of you, I hope. See you all in a week. Or 2 weeks. Or a month. Who knows.


You serious? We all thought the previous Walking Dead games were unavailable for sale on Steam and GOG due to copyright disputes, and I just found out the older ones were delisted off to be sold exclusively on EGS? You fucking serious, Skybound and Epic?


The Telltale documentary is finally here. I heard some people suggested that game prices should shoot up by $20 to counter the problems, but I think that'll barely help both the crunch & management issues. Some questions about California on the comments.


Opinions on John Wick 3: Keanu Reeves should be cast as a ninjitsu sensei on a Japanese movie ASAP, Halle Berry rightfully earned her on-screen role, and it's the best goddamn movie of 2019 by far. Truly an ode to the countless works of stuntmen.


Hmm... Would I just ignore it and save some energy for work and sanity, or watch it anyway just to see whether it'll be OK or quite an unpleasant event to behold.


(More pics on comments) Epic did more actually good things! Getting the EGS on China (Previously blocked "to protect its employees in the country"), accepting their payment methods, regional pricing by slashing the USD price by half, and most importantly:


So not only it is limited to Uplay and Epic Games Store (which Peter somehow didn't mention on the last article), Ghost Recon: Breakpoint also requires constant online connection even for solo plays.


I just watched Detective Pikachu, and it was surprisingly entertaining, in spite of its cliches. It also helps that The Pokemon Company (TPC) had enough experience towards (animated) movies to know what would work on a live-action Pokemon film.


I should replay this game sometime, and I also thank it for getting me into the films too.


Still an entertaining trainwreck to watch after months later.


For anyone missing Enhanced Steam and its functions, there's another continued in-dev version called Augmented Steam, approved by the original add-on creator himself. It's available for both Chrome and Firefox. Links on the comments.


Seen both Avengers: Infinity War at home and Endgame at a theatre (With a friend). The former was a waste of 2.5 hours of my life, but the latter was at least an entertaining 3 hours, albeit with loads of padding and other things that I couldn't pin down.


Seen the Sonic movie trailer, and aside from Sonic doesn't look and sound like Sonic, I was also disappointed that it's on the real world, with the US military involved just to get Robotnik onto the plot, and it has that Woody Woodpecker live-action feel.


Ugh, those nude spammers. They never bother doing their bloody research and determine what is our one true desire of perversion. (Hint: It's not them real-life boobies)


So, that one forum recently had its PC threads up on fire (Due to a moderator abruptly leaving, possibly because the EGS topic had taken a toll on him too), and I guess this post summarize how hard it is for any PC community to thrive anywhere.


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