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Mavis Beacon' Initial D might be amusing in its FMV glory, but think of the potential if it combines the frantic typing with actual 3D drift battles, which your real-time typing skills actually affects your car's real-time performance during duels.


That does it. No more RE6. I tried to go back to it, and after a few minutes, it just doesn't click to me. I might as well go try out the old school RE games.


Finally done with Devil May Cry 4 (Original disc). Dante is fun as usual. Nero is surprisingly awesome gameplay-wise, but I found his character arc to be controversially boring than even Donte. And a lot of things I'm going to mention on the comments.


So Killing Floor 2 finally have its own bots mutator. Obviously it isn't whitelisted, so you can't level up with the mod, but it's safe to say that the bots are pretty decent (Although unlike the KF1 version, they won't share the dosh with you).




Now onto Chapter 6 of DMC4, and I'm starting to not like the more expansive, "NEXT GEN" levels that could took more than 10 minutes to traverse and killed some of the pacing. And fuck the dice room hard, I've been hitting those red dots for 5 times now!!!


I know a fella or two around here would be pleased by this. (Also, prepare a bottle of bleach beside you, just in case if you didn't get a boner at what happens in the end)


Question: Do nightclubs/karaoke centres even provide coffee on the menu these days? Just asking for a local politician who was recently arrested on a raid and tested positive for drugs, and then claimed someone tried to frame him. Link in the comments.


I know I sucked at even local politics, but my country recently passed its own Anti Fake News Law. Which is worrying, as it implies that its citizens were too stupid to do some research on any unconfirmed news. Source link on the comments.


I'm not too familiar with Led Zeppelin, but a lot of people claim that the lead singer of this new band sounds almost identical to Robert Plant, and the tunes sounds very much like the aforementioned band. I certainly dig this song though.


Call of Juarez: The Cartel (Which is shit) and CoJ: Gunslinger (Which is awesome) were recently delisted from Steam. Seriously, publishers, if you're gonna delist some games (Especially the good ones) off a digital storefront, at least give us a warning.


A really good retrospective of arguably the most mixed-received entry in the Max Payne franchise, that also reminded us the biggest loser of all this is neither the publishers nor its biggest fans. Videos of the two previous games are in the comments.


DMC3. One and done. Arguably the peak of the hack-and-slash action genre, so I don't need to say anything other than I agreed about that statement. Yet to play Bayonetta or DMC4 though, have to wait till I get a new rig.


So since nobody could figure out the words on the last poster, the explanation (Sort of) is on the comments. Plus, I need the permission of Hypno and Dennis Carden (Nekro) for their real-life face usage on the next Photoshop. [Bumped for Nekro]


Good luck trying (Or get someone) to translate the confusing, mangled, and literal translation of the Chinese words in this poster while I'm off to bed. Hi-res desktop wallpaper poster is posted on the comments if it's low-res on the quickpost.


So I'm gonna do another dumb artwork, but I'm gonna need the approval of both Bass and Gundy (Also Wes, sorry for not asking at first for that last time) for permission to use their real-life avatar faces. (Probably gonna ask others too in the future)


Someone get Priestacos on the line and exorcise the poor sod by shoving loads of tacos in his mouth and where the sun don't shine.


I think Michael B Jordan is a good candidate as a live-action Dante.


So I just saw Pacific Rim 2: The Quickening, and it was watchable. Its production quality felt very TV, most characters were either generic or cringey, and the soundtrack were shit, but if you just wanna see mechas punching kaijus, then good for you.


This is both a masterpiece and a mistake. What have I done?!


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