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After the whole shitstorm surrounding Blizzard, I'm glad I didn't spend too much of their games beyond the Battle Chest collections. Guess they could only resist Activision's meddling for so long until mismanagements kicked in, and the old guards let off.


I tried Redneck Rampage for awhile, I quickly got sick of it and uninstalled the games. By far the worst of the Build Engine games, as the gameplay is unsatisfying, the big level designs were frustrating, and the key-finding is horseshit.


#IndustrialThursday Arguably the song everyone think of whenever Nine Inch Nails was mentioned. NSFW music video on the comments.


John Romero's new free Doom megawad Sigil has a trailer now. Also, I just double-checked and found out that the free download itself doesn't have Buckethead's music.


HALF-LIFE DOCUMENTARY FROM NOCLIP IS OUT NOW!!! (Sadly, no interviews from Valve)


Everyone here's talking about Smash, so I wondered how about this guy as a candidate?


Rage 2 launches on Bethesda Launcher, eh? Nah-ah, not so after the whole Fallout 76 disaster. It also made me very wary of DOOM: Eternal's possible launch, where it now went from Day 0 hard-on, to until Bethesda sort their shit out if DOOM launches there.


Good God, a lot of people don't seem to understand the difference between playing games only on Epic Games Store, AND the game being sold exclusively on said Store, and unable to get the game cheaper elsewhere. This is not how competition works!


Doubt this will be a thing, and this song may or may not fit, but deck it. This is my attempt at starting #IndustrialThursday.


Fascinating video about game stores (At least for someone not from US). That said, Scott Wozniak's (No relation to the famous Steve AFAIK) humor, while sometimes delightful, can be hit-and-misses for some, especially on his cap off sketches.


I've heard of Median XL, but never played it. So with next year's update featuring widescreen support, new UI, and lots of upgrades and stuffs, maybe it's time I should take a look at it.


Team Sp00ky's documentary by noclip is out now. Entertaining video, I say, but of course, myself not being a fighting game fan, there are some things shown or said that I wouldn't understand.


A small project dedicated (mostly) to some of the contributors/moderators of the site before I start doing the big one before Christmas. And since this is a really small one, I decided not to do a blog post for it. GIFs on the comments.


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