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Don't @ me


Wtf this is amazing, why didn't I know about this? EZ Mike did this? I love it


Nobuo Uematsu or Jeremy Soule?


Very niceu, gimme some sheet music Square


What's your least favourite song?


So I was looking at preorders on a cheap game store I use, and I found this... Obviously they haven't updated their site as much as they should, cos that's kinda unlikely, methinks


Do you find there's a overlap between your favourite games, and games you've replayed a bunch of times?


haha... yeah amazon, you got me, I really need those... haha... :(




This is Godlike, Freddy woulda liked this


plz watch all 6 minutes of this important infomercial about L O N G S A K E R U G U M M Y


TFW you see They Live is on TV and you put it on and it's at the Greatest Fight Scene in Cinematic History


Well I played Doki Doki Literature Club to understand the memes... fuck that game...


So that FromSoftware VR fairy game? Déraciné means uprooted in French, and considering how much From love their Berserk, I think it's gonna be inspired by the most depressing part of Berserk, Chitch the flower spirit


So I'd kinda figured that DMC5 and FromSofts new thing would be at Sony's show, and now I'm wondering what will actually be at Sony's show besides stuff we already know about


So I finally got around to playing Prey, the new one. I remember people being kinda lukewarm about it when it released? I thought it was great, though I like all of Arkane's other games so I don't know why that surprised me. Hope they have something at E3


Well, Lunastra is impressive but kinda annoying, and Oroshi probably will be too. So I'm thinking Capcom will make Alatreon ridiculously hard this time. I want to see 1 hit KO's off a little tap


What's the dumbest name for a video game you've ever seen? It's hard to top this one.


So I watched Blade Runner 2049 again, and an unnecessary, belated sequel to an old classic does not have any right to be that damn good. After that and Fury Road, I'm hoping for a "surprisingly great 80's sequel" hat-trick with that Shane Black Predator


New monster update already in MHW. Some new layered armors too. Looks cool (but kinda like a giant gold Great Jagras), and this pretty much confirms the leaked monster list, so I'm looking forward to fighting Lunastra again


Do any of you have games that you never finished, wish you had, but know you never will?


I'd really like FromSoftware to make a cyberpunk game that is to Blame!, what Dark Souls is to Berserk. Or just a licensed game, but I don't really see that happening. I honestly can't think of better setting for a Souls-like. (more pics in comment)


absolute units


Ok, the part starting at 8:56 in this sounds exactly like the Fairy Fountain theme in Zelda, it can't be a coincidence. Nintendo are THIEVES


So after like fifty recommendations insisting I'd love it, I finally got around to watching The Witch, and I did love it. What a perfect film. I'd heard it was a slow burn and I don't always like those, but I was fixated. Wanna see more films like dat plz


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