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So after like fifty recommendations insisting I'd love it, I finally got around to watching The Witch, and I did love it. What a perfect film. I'd heard it was a slow burn and I don't always like those, but I was fixated. Wanna see more films like dat plz


Do you think Soulsborne's Miyazaki likes Metallica? Probably not, but this song still fits Bloodborne perfectly. Plus it's a jam


these glob memes are really splendid


musak by crusty old man


if you were to adapt a video game into a tv series, what game would you pick?


the deviljho update is live!


welp, there it is


So Capcom showed off the spring update for MHW. Little disappointed there's only Jho as far as new monsters, but some of the QoL changes seem good, and character customisation is nice even if they're going to charge for it. Also, Jho vs Bazel is hype


I'm not gonna make the obvious "featuring Dante" joke, but this looks cool


cold dogg


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