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Samurai Champloo > Cowboy Bebop


I would very much like for Square to say what the english dub is gonna be for that Nier remaster thing. Obviously Daddy Nier is gonna be recast as puberty Nier, but I'd be sad to see them change Kaine or Weiss's voice unless it's really good


Had a really good time with Nioh 2 overall, more than I expected to. Bit wonky at times, like I'd feel super overpowered then get killed by a random yokai dick slap but it was really fun and mostly felt tight, good shit


Man I just get more excited for Monster hunter rise with each trailer. Like, controllable monsters now? Capcom have no brakes on this game and I love it


Liked Cold Steel 1/2 enough to finish them, but man could I rant all day about the anime bullshit. Like, why don't teens in Japonese media act like teens? Rean is 17, he'd have his fingers in Alisa quicker than he could finish a power of friendship speech


Feeling very humbled rn by the Sekiro update, thought Genishiro was a punk ass bitch but Super Genichiro is kicking my shit in. FromSoftware should honestly go and add boss rush to all their games, it's great


So there's that trend of games where you play as old beardy dads in recent years, and it got me thinking how you'd probably never see that with old women, right? Like I can't imagine a game about 50 year old Lara Croft being made, and now i wanna see that


Whats the verdict on Mortal Shell?


Ey Resident Evil 7 was pretty good


Imagine the world is ending, what song you want playing in the background


Okay so I just beat Devil May Cry 3 and it was really good and i'm annoyed at myself for only playing it now. Feels like I just showed up 15 years late to a great party, I'm questioning why i ever thought I didn't like these kind of games


Took another shot at Devil may Cry 1 and ended up playing start to finish in one sitting. Yeah it had some flaws but that game is really fun and has aged pretty well. I like that the plot is largely just, Dante has a mummy complex


Decided to play Resident Evil 1 cos I figure I won't wanna go back after playing the others, and man I am so very, very glad fixed camera angles are something games do not do anymore. I'm really enjoying the atmosphere though


Man I somehow thought geofront were already done translating Trails to Azure so I went ahead and played Zero. It was super great but I want more and now I'm like ...


Blasphemous seems really cool but the platforming gets a big fat no from me, shame


If someone who has never played a resident evil game, were to play a resident evil game, which resident evil games is the good resident evil games


this is absolute quality, I'm in complete awe of this work of art


Dragon's Dogma anime is not a masterwork and it did go wrong, the wind is NOT pushing me rn. I mean it makes sense, DD loved copying Berserk and now it even has a shitty CGI anime


Decided to replay Dark Souls 2, and after 3 playthroughs now i've decided why I don't care for it, it's the bosses. The level design is sorta ok mostly, the lore is decent after SotFS, and the sheer build variety is really cool, but the bosses suck imo


Thinking bout playing dark souls 2 again, convince me not to


"hey man we gotta write the character creation music for our fantasy game, should be chill orchestral stuff, yeah?" "put some electric guitar in that shit, make it sound like porn music" "hell yeah brother" - capcom music people, probably, 2012


Glad I gave Sekiro another chance while I wait for elden ring, went from thinking it's total bullshit trash to getting the platinum in like a week and now I want more. Had a similar experience with dark souls years ago, I should just trust in Miyazaki


Surge 2 is a buggy jank ass game, it crashed bout 6 times, multiple quests broke, idk or care what the story was, but otherwise, I really enjoyed it. Might even be my favourite souls knockoff, I liked the dismemberment thing and the level design a lot


Just wanna make a shoutout to any artists here who can actually draw hands good, you guys are so talented


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