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Dragon's Dogma anime is not a masterwork and it did go wrong, the wind is NOT pushing me rn. I mean it makes sense, DD loved copying Berserk and now it even has a shitty CGI anime


Decided to replay Dark Souls 2, and after 3 playthroughs now i've decided why I don't care for it, it's the bosses. The level design is sorta ok mostly, the lore is decent after SotFS, and the sheer build variety is really cool, but the bosses suck imo


Thinking bout playing dark souls 2 again, convince me not to


"hey man we gotta write the character creation music for our fantasy game, should be chill orchestral stuff, yeah?" "put some electric guitar in that shit, make it sound like porn music" "hell yeah brother" - capcom music people, probably, 2012


Glad I gave Sekiro another chance while I wait for elden ring, went from thinking it's total bullshit trash to getting the platinum in like a week and now I want more. Had a similar experience with dark souls years ago, I should just trust in Miyazaki


Surge 2 is a buggy jank ass game, it crashed bout 6 times, multiple quests broke, idk or care what the story was, but otherwise, I really enjoyed it. Might even be my favourite souls knockoff, I liked the dismemberment thing and the level design a lot


Just wanna make a shoutout to any artists here who can actually draw hands good, you guys are so talented


"what's you xman power?" "I can see disqus comments 6 minutes from now"


yoooo what's yous guys favourite way of wasting your time on the internet? i'm bored as shit but i refuse to do anything productive, help me out


gee, i sure can't wait to see more of elden ring...


been trying to play the few zelda games i haven't, and phantom hourglass is the good shit. i was cagey about the stylus controls, but i really, realy enjoyed it. Linebeck is absolute gold


sup fuckers, I used to occasionally post here, and now I may occasionally do that again !!!??


Very niceu, gimme some sheet music Square




plz watch all 6 minutes of this important infomercial about L O N G S A K E R U G U M M Y


TFW you see They Live is on TV and you put it on and it's at the Greatest Fight Scene in Cinematic History


Do any of you have games that you never finished, wish you had, but know you never will?


I'd really like FromSoftware to make a cyberpunk game that is to Blame!, what Dark Souls is to Berserk. Or just a licensed game, but I don't really see that happening. I honestly can't think of better setting for a Souls-like. (more pics in comment)


absolute units


welp, there it is


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