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I did it. Finally managed to put my 2018 GotYs in blog form. Link + my Top 3 albums of the year in the comments:


Zer0's 2018 Top 10 (+some other stuff)

  *phew* We somehow made it. 2018 is behind us and from what I gathered from many an interaction, online and off, it was a trying year for a lot of folks and the world in general. Can't take myself out of that as well. I switched...


Writing my 2018-blog, I really noticed how it might end up being the "Year of A-very-good-one-of-those" for me. Few titles innovated (honestly can only think of Return of the Obra Dinn) but there were a few very good games in genres you thought exhausted.


It's a Bow-boy-B-day? A happy one to you!


Since it's Christmas-Eve over here: have yourselves a few nice ones :)


#cursedmas .....also why does this go together so well (inb4: pitchshift is one hell of a tool)


A lot of folks actively dislike the album, I still like it (and before you roast me: yes, I see why you wouldn't ike it as a Kreator fan) #ArbitraryMetalTuesday


Looking at these like this is way funnier


Holy Balls!!!!!! SO many thanks to my Secret Santa. How did you even know I was a NSP fan? Really ecstatic over here. Let's have a Dinosaur Laser Fight some day :)


#ArbitraryMetalTuesday Debut EP from a new band by former Nightrage, Dark Funeral and The Crown members. All songs feature okay-ish verses but amazing choruses.


Oh LAyton, you dun it again....


Since folks keep asking about my hair....


Phew, I'm pretty nervous. On really short notice, I get to mix one of my favorite Icelandic bands live tomorrow!!!! (Another, more folky, less pop-y song in comments)


Me (today): Man, they just don't do NuMetal with electro-elements like they did in 2002. These guys: Hold our collective beers. #ArbitraryMetalTuesday


Dudes and dudettes, our boy Morty is turning one year older today (and is so far the only Dtoider I've met irl). Have a good one buddy.


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