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Where mah wabbits at?


He took it as expected xD


FINALLY, the one we've all been waiting for.


Astral Chain, Daemon X Machina, Panzer Dragoon and the Mana stuff, Cadence of Hyrule....yeah, this was a good conference!


Not bad Microsoft......not bad. That is QUITE a bar to clear.


Just finished up Chernobyl. If you're ever up for a five-hour constant gut-punch: watch it. Really loved it (a few complaints aside)


Intriguing workplaces, chapter 1: today


I started with the respirator and a Shotgun....needless to say this was the most successful (and butt-clenching towards the end) SCAV run I had to this point.


.....Dedication is a cool thing.


Back from seeing the new Godzilla-movie. Long live the King!!!!!


Was looking for something a bit like The Ocean Collective and found these guys. A bit more on the Doom side. #ArbitraryMetalTuesday


Why I never play magic-users in RPGs....


There are days where I love the internet....(also: just finished Dark Souls Remastered. Still getting goosebumps upon entering the Kiln of the first flame)


To all my fellow EU-toiders. Go vote today. It's easy, quick and important!


#musictoid Not massively into Hip-Hop but every now and then a gem like this album comes around...


Have a nice Sunday everyone.


Logical fallacy in Dark Souls: You have to put down a Very. Good. Boy. and are AWARDED humanity, instead of being stripped of it forever!!!!


Something Something Birthday Something Something Mecha Something Something Torchman


It's one of the crueler ironies of gaming, that the “reward“ for defeating the Gaping Dragon (one of the first real roadblocks in DS1) is the ability to visit Blighttown >.<


R.I.P. Peter Mayhew. Our favorite fuzzy giant :(


So Wes wants shitposting....


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