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Mr. Do, what Nintendon't.


So the final one I will do at my current workplace. It's a two-weekend special on our smaller stage.


Ninja Sex Party were performing at the Conan O'Brien show.....my YouTube subscriptions have reached peak-meta.


Watching “The Expanse“ and......it's really weird seeing the voice of Adam Jensen irl.


Fuck them lootboxes. I am so bad at haikus. Snow on Mt Fuji.


You know your job was the right one when having to leave it feels like a break-up. Actually managed to secure multiple gigs of which to choose for afterwards now but it still just feels like sugar for the pill at this point :/


For y'all fans of more ambient / darker electronic music: New LORN album out next week (the fifth iirc) #Electrotoid




Yo homeoftheblues. Happy Birthday. You good.


Yo homeoftheblues. Happy Birthday. You good.


Some Katatonia for #ArbitraryMetalTuesday . Fascinating to me how a band can go from Doom to Gothic Rock to somewhat Prog Rock and keep this level of quality throughout.


Rare photo of Occams at work.


#kittentoid Not mine, sadly, but I meet this little fella almost daily, prowlin' around the neighborhood. He loves to cuddle and chatter.


While I like Synthwave, the genre has been a bit over-played for me in recent years. The happier I am that I found something new I genuinely really like. Got a Carpenter Brut-vibe to it in that it is of the more aggressive kind.


I present to you: the best 2:45 of your day.


Dear Sweden, thanks for Seth Everman. Sincerely, Me


That moment when, by simply browsing the job-market for your position, you notice that you are not just underpaid, but almost criminally so....


Man, I love Escape from Tarkov, but recently there have been some "murky" business practices from the developer's side. Details in comments.


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