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#UnpopularOpinion If you can honestly say you look at the entire line-up of E3 and there is nothing you're excited about (unless Nintendo comes around with "the thing I want")....maybe this is the wrong hobby.


Man, that trailer for the new Tarkov-map gives me anxiety from just looking at where folks could be hiding. Shit is going to be intense! Also jfc how large is this thing gonna be?


Got my shot today. FINALLY!


....that being said we're getting somewhere...


Another one for #indietoid and don't mind it really it's just one of the best action games ever made. Seriously. One of my all-time Faves.


Pictured:....okay, I'll see myself out. Happy Birthday me boy


When Outriders was first shown it looked like Anthem sans flying....I wasn't expecting this story-heavy WW1-trench-postapocslyptic covershooter that still rewards agressive play. I dig MASSIVELY


Decided in a whim to give High Fidelity (the 2020 series) a go, since it appeared on Disney+ and....wow, that is some good television


This trailer also dropped today and please let's not overlook this one <3


Folks out there joking how much more relatable Squidward becomes the older you get while I'm sitting here, awkwardly realizing how my life is just vibing to NIN at this point...


Okay...so we have to wait until April for the new C R O W N album (also a new KAUAN) but.....if this first song from it is any indication, then wow.


It's just one of THESE days...


For some reason I had the hardest laughing fit in months thanks to this Tweet...


Everybody's posting music today....so why not join the fun? Link in the comments (because it needs to be on Soundcloud). Have fun everyone xD




Finally reunited with a very old friend. Still in the "getting the hang of things back", but progress is being made.


....I mean, we can go back to "Eat the rich" if that's more to your liking...


You never know when inspiration strikes and how it does so....


#ArbitraryMetalTuesday with the song that encapsulates 2020 for me personally. Heavy, oppressive, trudging along, offering glimmers of hope in the chorus, to bury them under a sludge of heavy riffs. Is also barely eight minutes long but feels like twenty.


Uhm.....game.....do we need to have a talk?


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