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If your birthday-party goes to hard through the middle, you're susceptible to counters on your Flanx.....#SorryNotSorry


It's #ArbitraryMetalTuesday so here you go. Metal might come to you via the magic of Qposts, but change won't, so go vote UStoiders! \m/


Remember, remember, the fifth of Chrisvember. Happy Birthday mah dude.


Sorry guys, had to tap out after five hours. Turns out long work weeks and the time difference make me kinda sleepy at 2 am. Thanks for hanging out and donating y'all. Maybe I'll continue the DToid NHEFC with a bit more work (custom logos etc.)


Wondering where else Wes would get “Best Performance“


Did you, Blues? Did you fancy those off-days?


Mike Martin and Pulisic scored after assists from Antthony Marzano and Chris Moyse. Where? In m Extra Life stream, where we play Football Manager....because of course I would.


I'm starting my journey at https://www.extra-life.org/participant/336178 Strange Brigade for the first bit it is.


Yo, I'll be joining the fun a bit later, thanks to work, but I'll be live-streaming as well FOR TEH KIDS. Details in the comments.


#ArbitraryMetalTuesday A bit of Fear Factory, a bit of Anaal Nathrakh and you have one of the best Industrial / Death Metal albums of the year.


For the two (approx.) folks on here who actually care about that stuff: The "remixed" re-issues of the first four Blind Guardian albums actually lower the Dynamic Range of the originals by quite a margin. That kinda sucks. That is all...


Yo, anyone looking for one of the greatest HC-Punk albums of all time? Well, there's a code for Bad Brain's 1981 debut in the comments. Just leave a quick quip if you nabbed it.


Just found an incredible appartment, it's sunny but not too hot and I found this at a flea-market for a Fiver (currently rotating)


I think I just got gifted the coolest tote-bag...


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our favorite dog-molester, Mike/Phil. Love you man.


First show at new place in the books


My new job is basically in Germany's version of Kamurocho and I'm currently sitting in a Tarantino-themed burger-joint.....this could turn out okay.


Me, two hours ago: "Hm, let's find out what the MANDY-hype is about"... Me, now: "I NEED AN ADULT!". Really, really good movie. If you haven't seen it: go and do so. I can't guarantee you'll like it, but it is something to behold.


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