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So the good news: the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack is finally getting an official release. The bad news: only as part of the 20th anniversary boxsets by Funimation which are also not for sale for Germany. And since the unofficial vinyl will still run you 150..


For everyone still suffering from world cup withdrawal: Here's one of my favorite goals (also: the striker turns 35 today so Happy Birthday)


Was trying to think of something clever, but ultimately, this band's name is Fartbarf ....and they're awesome.


I really envy folks with this amount of free time on their hands. Chapeau.


Man, England is finding holes where others wouldn't even attempt to pass...


Happy Birthday to the dude folks confused me with for years on here xD

's one of "those" days <.<


"Red Zer0, standing by!"


Have a revolutionary weekend, tovarichs


Dayum, that Croatia hype-train is real.....


I'm currently applying for a job in the US...I'm weirdly nervous. What if they say "yes"? xD


Seems like someone called England and Tunisia during halftime and told them that they couldn't continue with this “entertaining match“-nonsense...became boring, as sadly a lot of matches in this worldcup have been so far...


Wow, the supposed favorites are struggling, so now I'm really looking forward to what Belgium and England will do tomorrow. Sweden and Colombia also...


Man, I hope we get tons of memes from those Putin - Sheik - Worldcup interactions.....


PSA: Slipstream has been out for a few weeks now and is actually genuinely good (also sub-10 bucks). Features an Outrun-style arcade mode and a more traditional Grand Prix "Your car starts shit, upgrade it with your dosh"-mode. Also igloos and DRIFTS


Completely forgot to post our new stage. Premiere was last week :)


So I got a teeth-encrusted baseball-bat, helped organize the Hope County Testicle Festival and drove around in what can only be described as a rolling death fortress. All with the help of the goodest boy since D-Dog. 'twas a good day in Far Cry 5.


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