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Man, this election went weird. One strong faction, a lot far-right and several parties around 10% which makes coalitions almost impossible.


So today is election day in Germany. If you're a Dtoid Kraut and haven'T voted yet: GO. DO. IT.


You know what I hate more than power struggles? Power struggles that I get drawn into with “aw come on. I know you got an opinion that's clearly like mine.....or else“


I can't help to notice that until the vocals kick in, this sounds like straight from a soundtrack for the Zero Escape games. Also: a Zero Escape game with a NIN soundtrack sounds like something I really want now.


It'S not just video games, 2017 has been an amazing year in albums so far and it looks liek Wolves in the Throne Room will add to that total with their new output #ArbitraryMetalTuesday


Can we finally agree to acknowledge "I hope you get a job in retail" among one of the worse damnations there are?


I always knew that the "Night in the Woods" artstyle reminded me of something, just never quite remembered what exactly, until I stumbled upon it completely by accident just now.


Update: found the correct one and routed some stuff accordingly. Now what did those dipshits do in the meantime: shift around the lamps I already adjusted so I'd just have to program the lighting and call it a night. Now:11pm, started at 8am...


Whatcha playing this week? I'm playing my favorite: find the dead one.


Well, summer break is over. So you know what that means!!!


Extreme-G 2 (yes, the N64 game) is on Steam......seriously.


Man....really hope y'all in the flooded areas are okay. Also: not just Houston, but southeast Asia as well, where heavy flooding already claimed 1500 lives -.-


One of my favorite Black Metal outfits just released a new album. Since I have yet to listen to it, here's my favorite from their previous album #ArbitraryMetalTuesday


What? Alphabear is on Steam now? Without microtransactions as "buy once" product? Time to jump in again. Also: everyone get Alphabear. It's cute and also good.


That new Steven Wilson is so freakin' gorgeous. I listened to it three times in a row at work. If you like rock music just a LITTLE bit: get it. Here's an appetizer (for the sole reason of it being the only single so far):


Looks like DUSK turns out to be what some folks really wanted Strafe to be.


So Enhance Games a few hours ago announced that REZ Infinite will hit Steam......today. Jeez, what a heads-up. Still great that this is getting to be played by a larger audience.


Great...now I want Whiskey and some sweet muttonchops. I should listen to more Johnny Cash again #musictoid


Starting to work out again and the first thing I noticed is just how out of shape I've gotten during the last months. Job-hunting and getting into your new job is.....not healthy apparently.


So it appears Tokyo Dark has a release-date and it'S soon. Coming to Steam on September 7th.


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