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Okay....yeah....sure, why not.


Looks like I'm about to *puts on sunglasses* adress my issues. YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH...


Just discovered this band from Lebanon which is a place that doesn't come up that often in those "About the band"-blurbs. Was also trying to be creative today. The result so far is in the comments:


#Shoutouttoid eh? Mike Martin, Dango, SrChurros, TricerAroK, Chris Moyse, Electric Reaper, RiffRaff, Dennis Carden, RoboPandaZ and of course WES. You fine guys/gals/Tacos.


So I actually found, that I have a spare code for Goat Simulator lying around. Will be in the comments, just gimme a quick update there if anyone might have claimed that. 'S fun.


I think Wes is okay.....unless he designed the final boss fight in Quantum Break in which case I'd have to go with FUCK YOU!


Watched "A Ghost Story" yesterday and think it might be my favorite of 2017 (haven't seen Star Wars so far). Beware though: GLACIALLY paced, especially in the first half. Trailer is a bit spoilery for my taste so click at your own risk.


I pondered this question from my lighting console way longer than I thought I would...


This song would be an absolutely perfect fit on a Life is Strange soundtrack. #musictoid


Oh, albums of the year.....Wow, what a year it was for music, especially if you're into a ton of different genres like. Had to leave a ton out sadly, but in this post, I basically put my absolute top ones with examples:


Well, at least #ArbitraryMetalTuesday confirms, that the Metal 2018 is off to a good start. New Harakiri for the Sky album. A bit less black metal influences this time around, but still very atmospheric (also: love this video's aesthetic)


So......happy holidays and happy new year. Dealt with personal shit, heavy depression and a killer workload, which is why I wan't that active. Anyway, love y'all <3


Just watched "Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale". Coming from somehow who thinks the show is generally "fine": this one is fuckin' trash. Horrible in every way.


Quick question: do I now need to formally address my detergent à la “Please lend me thine cleanliness, Soda-San“?


W͡h̰̠̻̰̹̟͢y̕ ͔͇̩͙d̢̲͚o̞̬̠̼̲͔ ҉̺̼͖̗̮͖y̪o̤̖ṳ͔̖̺̯̼ ̩͕̣̺a͍̲̫l҉̘ḷ͘ ̢̭͔k͚̤͉̥͎̰͜e̛̖ep͖̝̺͖̰͉̹͝ ͔̝h͈̪̥̯̦̩a̵̜͖t͉i̮̣n҉̹̞͍̻g̯ M̲̗̻o̥̱̺̳n҉͈̹͙i҉̯͈͉̤̞k̗̮͚̼̥a


Just a quick heads-up, because I accidentally just stumbled over it: Tiny Metal is live on Steam RIGHT NOW! I bought it and played the first mission. Apparently features a full campaign and the super-cheesy cutscenes are fully voiced. It's good so far.


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