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Since it'S officially the 22nd over there: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Occams, the greatest member of this community. May all the weird art and funbag-spiders find the way to your appreciation buddy.


....and with this, I wish y'all a spooky weekend.


#ArbitraryMetalTuesday anyone? Today featuring one of the best examples of how Black Metal can be very melody-heavy without a pompous orchestra attached to it.


"You've succesfully dashed my hopes against the craggy shores of your ignorance" .....just when I think I couldn't like Frieza any more....


Oh boy, I should NOT have rewatched The Boondock Saints....


Hot Take: I like games and have seen some nice ass videos.


Waitwaitwait now. Slowdive released a new album? Like the same ones? *googles*....yup. Apparently they just never disbanded and now (last year, but "now" enough) released their first album in 22 years!


Watching Dragonball Z Kai. Random thought: Boy would I hate to be a mountain or other rock-formation in that universe...


So....I'm confused. WHen exactly is Occam's birthday....because I was under the impression from the years I've been on here that it was (date in comments because reasons)


Steamed Hams but it's my two new monitors.


Okay....yeah....sure, why not.


Looks like I'm about to *puts on sunglasses* adress my issues. YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH...


Just discovered this band from Lebanon which is a place that doesn't come up that often in those "About the band"-blurbs. Was also trying to be creative today. The result so far is in the comments:


#Shoutouttoid eh? Mike Martin, Dango, SrChurros, TricerAroK, Chris Moyse, Electric Reaper, RiffRaff, Dennis Carden, RoboPandaZ and of course WES. You fine guys/gals/Tacos.


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