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Have a lovely Sunday everyone (especially you, Hypno, who I totally also wish a Happy Birthday <.<)


Since it's only 4 hours until I will have more than two days in a row of free-time in about a year, I'll celebrate with #VacationMetal


The first song from LP I fell in love with:


#ArbitraryMetalTuesday today honors the late George A Romero (srsly, why am I the only one who RIP'd him? I know, GoT and waifu, but dangit...)


RIP George A Romero. Even if your later work can't compare, your legacy will surely live on.


You know what? Today, 30 years ago, the first part of what went on to become my favorite VG franchise released. Happy Birthday Metal Gear!!!


Everything back to normal. ALL HAIL THE GLOW CLOUD!


I just went ahead....when do we start the tournament?


Dear Valkyria Revolution-characters: Yelling "CONSTANT VIGILANCE" should not, I repeat: NOT, be accompanied by you rolling directly into enemy fire...


If it wasn't for me running into difficulties when trying to code a simple bot, I would've never stumbled upon the insidious practice that is "canvas fingerprinting". Srsly, why isn't this talked about more? Wiki-link:


Apparently, in Turkey, evolution will not be on the curriculum any longer, as it is "debatable, controversial and too difficult for students anyway"....I mean: I kinda get the urge for totalitarian regimes to prove a point...but sheesh.


I need to work today...but all I wanna do is play more Nex Machina. So many particles...


Missed #arbitrarymetaltuesday two weeks in a row for work reasons...UNTIL TODAY. Also: click at your own risk, this one's weird:


Damnit....slept a good night's sleep but still groggy after that 33-hour shift...I think I'm getting old <.<


Fuck Pokemon, but DAYUM, Metroid might just have sold me on a Switch. Never expected that.


Well look what the mail dragged in....


What if you crossed INSIDE with dystopian-soviet-imagery? Black The Fall is apparently the answer to that...


Since I completely missed arbitrary metal tuesday due to monday being a holiday in Germany and fucking with my inner schedule, here's something completely different


This game is flying a bit under the radar, but damn, do I like this trailer:


Man, Substance Painter 2 is an amazing piece of's also 150 bucks. Somewhere, my wallet screams in agony....


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