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#ArbitraryMetalTuesday Debut EP from a new band by former Nightrage, Dark Funeral and The Crown members. All songs feature okay-ish verses but amazing choruses.


Oh LAyton, you dun it again....


Since folks keep asking about my hair....


Phew, I'm pretty nervous. On really short notice, I get to mix one of my favorite Icelandic bands live tomorrow!!!! (Another, more folky, less pop-y song in comments)


Me (today): Man, they just don't do NuMetal with electro-elements like they did in 2002. These guys: Hold our collective beers. #ArbitraryMetalTuesday


Dudes and dudettes, our boy Morty is turning one year older today (and is so far the only Dtoider I've met irl). Have a good one buddy.




That "Lionheart" giveaway reminded me of one of my favorite YT-videos ever.


Everybody can put their big-boi pants away, the changes in Rainbow Six Siege have been reverted.


You know...all the Anime talk right now is centered around Waifu tiddies and how Goblin Slayer is "sticking it to the snowflakes"....but srsly no one talks about the Anime wherein a skeleton works as a bookstore clerk? AND IT'S AWESOME?


If your birthday-party goes to hard through the middle, you're susceptible to counters on your Flanx.....#SorryNotSorry


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