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That moment when, by simply browsing the job-market for your position, you notice that you are not just underpaid, but almost criminally so....


Man, I love Escape from Tarkov, but recently there have been some "murky" business practices from the developer's side. Details in comments.


"Hey, maybe this world isn't so b.." *sees that there is a Super Seducer 2*


I've already amassed quite a selection of reaction screenshots from Yakuza 0. It's also really fun to reaarrange those things into something like this:


Two hours into Yakuza 0 and I have this warm, fuzzy feeling of homecoming. It's been too long...


Fun Fact for #ArbitraryMetalTuesday : I knew this song before I knew the great movie it is from, but I was always fond of the tune.


I'm sorry Mr Vizier, but the only one to command my dance is comrade Stalin....


HolyShitHolySHitHolyShit, Nightdive Studios are bringing MEtal Fatigue back to Steam and GOG. This is one of the coolest, unheralded RTS games of the Late Nineties / Early aughts.


So the good news: the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack is finally getting an official release. The bad news: only as part of the 20th anniversary boxsets by Funimation which are also not for sale for Germany. And since the unofficial vinyl will still run you 150..


For everyone still suffering from world cup withdrawal: Here's one of my favorite goals (also: the striker turns 35 today so Happy Birthday)


Was trying to think of something clever, but ultimately, this band's name is Fartbarf ....and they're awesome.


I really envy folks with this amount of free time on their hands. Chapeau.


Man, England is finding holes where others wouldn't even attempt to pass...


Happy Birthday to the dude folks confused me with for years on here xD


Eugh....it's one of "those" days <.<


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