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#musictoid Not massively into Hip-Hop but every now and then a gem like this album comes around...


Have a nice Sunday everyone.


Logical fallacy in Dark Souls: You have to put down a Very. Good. Boy. and are AWARDED humanity, instead of being stripped of it forever!!!!


Something Something Birthday Something Something Mecha Something Something Torchman


It's one of the crueler ironies of gaming, that the “reward“ for defeating the Gaping Dragon (one of the first real roadblocks in DS1) is the ability to visit Blighttown >.<


R.I.P. Peter Mayhew. Our favorite fuzzy giant :(


So Wes wants shitposting....


Who's up for some cooking?


Tonight only. HAWT triple-mixer-action!


Holy Shit, how the fuck have I forgotten that: HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY to our resident black granny Occams!!!!!!!


Just a quick heads-up for folks thinking about buying FF VII on Switch: about three hours in there is a game-breaking glitch that might appear. It's the same one as in the PC-rerelease a year back but of course can't be fixed by editing the files as on PC


Now for the really important questions in life: Gunman Clive or Mixmaster Mike?


“....but you brought us all cupcakes with little dicks on them.“ - Jamie Lee Curtis has to be one of the coolest adults around.


As soon as I get paid, I'll hop in on that shweet Sekiro-action!!!


Hey Dtoid, thanks for all the Birthday-wishes. Really made my day :) Here's an impression of birthday-work xD


Goodbye old friend...


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