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We live. klubforward.org


So yeah. For (at least) the next six weeks I'll be part of klubforward.org Leading one of their three Livestream-production-crews. Pictured: my Home-Office, pre-configuring this Friday's Setup.


A lot of phone calls were held today. If just one (ideally two) dominoes finally fall my way, I might just get out of this situation a winner....Here's to hoping!


Cologne's hospital knows how to get it across: "Wash your hands as if you just cut up chili peppers and wanna masturbate"


I shouldn't laugh, but....


Hey y'all. Thanks sooo much for all the birthday wishes. Wish I could reply to every single one but my landlady forgot to tell me she cancelled a contract so to all the other stuff: No Internet except mobile with Data Cap. Still:really appreciate y'all <3


It's 3 am here and I can't fall asleep....so here's some wholesome for y'all


And with todays refund-proceedings (I didn't have to come in but did because it was a ton of work) I now enter the big unknown of "when will this end so I can work (and pay bills (and the odd video game)) again. Not throughout April though...


Among all the shitty stuff: a new Single from Look Mum No Computer!!! That actually brightened my day a bit.


My place is closing for at least six weeks, literally everything is getting cancelled....holy fuck, I'm fucked.


Sooooo.....already lost a solid four-figure amount of money thanks to the Corona-panic...Can we fast-forward to like two months from now when nobody cares anymore finally? Otherwise this is getting ugly really fast <.<


New haircut. Not fully convinced yet, but it is what it is. Also premiere in a few hours and I'm getting antsy.


Happiest of birthdays to Muscle-bro and Shitty-Opinion-bro


Stage completed (incl some special FX) Now on to lighting and rehearsals


's time for that song and dance


Remember small Finnish indie-dev "Panic Art Studios"? Most notably they did Hero Siege aaaaaaand the studio-head just went into a Twitter-tirade of the OOF-variety. Pic in comments, STRONG CN: racism


Well, my new Native Instruments Maschine MK3 just arrived and the package is now sitting here next to me, mocking me, for my colleagues got collectively sick and I have to work 9 am to 11 pm <.<


PSA: World of Horror is live on Steam. That is all.


Just bought and played a bit of Elderborn and....Eeeeeeeeeeech?


.....Well then.


Happy Birthday to Shoggoth. May it be weird


Found out where y'all meet your waifus *micdrop*


Looking for a neat little fast-paced strategy-game with a GREAT black/white artstyle (Occams would dig, I reckon), cool soundtrack and delightfully cheesy Metal-ness? Have I just found the game for you...


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