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I am not doing this anymore [FFIII, I Hate You]

Okay, this is going to be a bit of a rant. It will devour your soul and break your spirit. That said; FINAL FANTASY III CAN GO TO HELL. I know that so many cherish this game, so many were so so happy that it has finally, legally reached ...


8-bit remixes steal my heart.

Every now and then at work, or in the library, I feel like I need something that can't be found on my ipod to satisfy my musical hunger. As I've stated before I've sort of become reacquainted with Retro gaming (thanks RFGO!!!) and somethi...


My Third PS2 has a different problem.

Sony's venomous saliva has left its burn on me many times: I've got a Vaio laptop which I now use to heat my bedroom. My first PS2 stopped reading discs, my second PS2 reads them when it wants too, and of course there are the numerous recal...


RetroforceGO Tribute Animation v.2! [WIP]

Hello all, the day has come. I've reached another milestone, this is sort of turning into an episodic tribute... Anyways, check it out. I have pretty much doubled it's length making it a little under half way finished, in my eyes. Stil...


2d Bliss: 'Limbo' Looks incredible!

I don't have much to say about this, but that seems appropriate since, as I'm sure you will agree, this teaser site speaks for itself. It's stuff like this that makes me feel insignificant.


Misadventures on ebay- I want Pocky and Rocky!

DISCLAIMER The purpose of this post: Perri wants somebody to find Pocky and Rocky (SNES) for sale, or sell it to him, or give it to him or what have you The Reality of the post: Perri will look rather ignorant and/or extremely stupid. ...


New Fragile Screens show huge improvement.

Tri-Crescendo (Baten Kaitos, Eternal Sonata) and Namco Bandai have kept the lid tight on this game. I haven't seen it reported on here at dtoid, but it's one of my most anticipated Wii games right now. From what I gather you play a femal...


New Mushroom Men Trailer impresses [Wii]

I was sort of only a tiny bit interested in this game when it was first announced, the concept was quirky so it grabbed me but its an original IP on the Wii, so that got my attention. A while back they showed some really early footage and...


Retroforce Failure [I suck] update

[Update: The WIP I was going to show is going to take a bit of time to process. To get it onto youtube I need to go through a few steps which are time consuming- plus I'm not happy with a good portion of it right now, however I will show wh...


So I've been playing Dementium

I've been playing the game for a few weeks now and I can say now that I am impressed by the game technically. That is to say that the graphics, and controls are some of the best on the DS (I am one of the few(read:4) people who LOVE touch F...


Baten Kaitos. Should I keep playing?

Hey guys, So, I recently beat No More Heroes (awesome- you should all do it) and I have quite a backlog to get to. Now, I was originally going to return to Beyond Good and Evil (which I started a few weeks back because I found that and Sha...


Games as legitimate story tellers, why. [art+mgs4]

NOTE: This post sort of turns into an incoherent, convoluted, rambling on about something I'm a bit unsure of... SO! lower expectations. I do not own a PLAYSTATION 3. I do not want a PLAYSTATION 3, but- I will give it this... Metal Gear ...


Death in Games

Death; it's never fun. An experience that can evoke a range of reactions. From the obvious grief, to panic, trauma, and depending on your relation to the deceased, a dull, and brief malcontent. This said, death in games has, as far as I k...


More on Madworld. [update:video is back]

BlindsideDork informed me that IGN has just put up an article regarding the ultra-violent, deliciously stylized Madworld, brought to us, as I've said, the developer formerly known as SEEDS (also, Clover) IGN reveals that they're bringing ...


A Call for Help!

Hey Dtoid, I hope some of you guys can help me. I know that most of us who frequent this site are deeply rooted in gaming culture, that said. I think its safe to say that we all fantasized about making a game of our own- That may be a p...


Returning from a long hiatus

Most, if not all of you, are probably (if anybody is bored enough to read this) wondering how one can 'return' when they were never here before. Well I've been on dtoid for a few years now. I used to post back when the forums were thrivin...


About perrione of us since 8:30 AM on 11.17.2006

Hey Dtoid. Welcome to perritoid!

I'm a 23 year old artist/teacher. While in University I experimented mostly with Animation, Video, and Games.

The lovely [dearly departed] Anthony Burch* featured the fruits of my experimentation here on Destructoid as part of the Indie Nation Series Which probably is one of the coolest things that has ever happened to me! One of many reasons why I love Destructoid.

*The [formerly] Resident Person Named Anthony Who Isn't Anthony Perri.

My first console was the SNES. It remains my favourite, and I've been playing games ever since without pause. Recently I've been a little burned out on the modern sensibilities of a suddenly overwhelmingly Western market. Most of the HD games don't appeal to me.

I currently live in Korea where I teach english and avoid Starcraft [and the north].

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