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Communitoid Episode 029 - Romcom Voltron

Here's Communitoid Episode 029 - Romcom Voltron! �In this episode: Andy cheats on us with Podtoid, Aaron rabbles about almost-frozen Cokes like an insane person, Conor has the MAGFlu, new regular host Kyle paid $40 to make girls squeal, and...


Communitoid Episode 027 - Touched by an Uncle

Here's Communitoid Episode 027 - Touched by an Uncle! �In this episode: Andy's bitter that he's dead, Aaron talks about the time he narrowly avoided a probable monkey attack while dressed as Santa, Conor mancrushes on Marc Maron (LOCK THE G...


Communitoid Episode 025 - The Calvining

Here's Communitoid Episode 025 - The Calvining! �In this extremely belated episode: Aaron has his morals tested by Papers, Please, Joanna doesn't get the Stanley Parable, Conor wants to see his mother emotionally crushed by The Walking Dead...


Communitoid Episode 024 - IT'S OUR BIRTHDAY

Here's Communitoid Episode 024 - IT'S OUR BIRTHDAY! �In this episode Aaron gets hooked on Sleepy Hollow, Joanna celebrates her Lazer Anniversary, Conor realizes he hates jam bands, and Andy shows up eventually. �We also discuss Steven King,...


Communitoid Episode 023 - Battletaints

Here's Communitoid Episode 023 - Battletaints! �In this episode Joanna's meth cooking scheme fails to come together, Conor gets beer in his nose, Aaron describes how the Power Glove was literally bad, and guest host Brian AKA Isay Isay is o...


Communitoid Episode 022 - Nailed it

Here's Communitoid Episode 022 - Nailed it! �In this episode Joanna becomes a soccer mom and tries not to starve, Beccy visits stately Wayne Manor, Conor shoots us all in the face, Aaron won't stop making podcasts, and guest host Eric AKA S...


Communitoid Episode 021 - Live from PAX!

Here's Communitoid Episode 021 - Live from PAX! In this episode Conor and Beccy (and sometimes Josh) interview community members during the Dtoid party at GameWorks in Seattle! With guest appearences by lots and lots of Dtoiders! Sound qua...


Communitoid Episode 017 - Chuffed

Here's Communitoid Episode 017 - Chuffed! �In this stupid-long episode Jo bought a new car and didn't even get a pizza, Conor went on an adventure with his pet tiger, Andy's new book Children's Songs of the Boner Sleep Fairy should be out i...


Communitoid Episode 016 - The Great Heest

Here's Communitoid Episode 016 - The Great Heest! �This episode Aaron believes a man can fly and cause hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage, Jo talks about hitting balls, Conor survives a blue screen of death and beer cans som...


Radio Destructoid episode list

Episode 001 - It Begins Published 10/11/2012 Episode 002 - Snog Published 10/28/2012 Episode 003 - Dixless Published 11/10/2012 - Special guest Changston Episode 003.5 - Short Round Published 11/21/2012 Episode 004 - Christmaaass...


Communitoid Episode 014 - Master Philatelist

Here's Communitoid Episode 014 - Master Philatelist! For the first time in Communitoid history, we have two guest hosts for double the pleasure and double the fun! �This episode Jo's space ship is finally complete, Conor tries to make "Chri...


Communitoid Episode 010 - Sausage Fest

As was foretold by prophecy, here is the all-Dude Bro Communitoid Episode 010 - Sausage Fest. In this episode, Aaron is exhausted, Conor turns into a robot and promises to give money to the children, Andy endorses giving alcohol to the chil...


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