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Man its weird I visited my old highschool's website, and half the images of 'students' are stock photos, and the other half are all kids from my class... I graduated quite a while ago... Why hasn't this been updated?


I decided to make one...


Ugh I hate Catch-22 job requirements. I need a 'year of professional experience'. Classes, and my previous job which was related, but not explicitly the same thing does not count.


I said that IthoughtwhatIddowasIdpretendIw's post in the Megaman 11 article gave me an idea of a comic to draw... And here it is!


My parents have successfully killed my PS3. All cause they never turned the thing off after watching Netflix, and put the thing on top of a cablebox. Now they want to do the same thing to my WiiU.


You know, I REALLY gotta thank Torchman Mike Sounders for shamming me into getting Nier Automata... Cause my god I love this soundtrack. - Oh and the games great too :P


Happy Birthday Spiders for Sale! - As for the rest of Qtoid...


Thank you everybody for the birthday wishes :3 You all know how to make a guy with a Robo Loli avatar feel very happy!


Happy Birthday to you too Chris! Get some cake before I eat it all.


I get to celebrate my 25th birthday for 25 hours! Ahahaha Thank you daylight savings time!


Well I just played Hacknet and enjoyed it!... Till the game broke and I couldn't complete a quest... Though I gotta say, typing the same commands over and over while cute, gets really repetitive after an hour.


So apparently, In Etrian Odyssey 5, drawing water as blue tiles is wrong, and the game does deduct points for drawing you map like that. - Spoilers in comments...


It finally came in the mail today :D


Glad I finally had time to finish Made in Abyss. Its was great! Why isn't this show more popular? ... Wait Amazons the only legal way to stream it? oh... that explains it...


Anyone else who is playing the Gold/Silver VC releases noticing all the graphical glitches? Cause there is a LOT. I'm actually kinda surprised...


I just soldiered new Ormon switches in my mouse because some of the buttons were double clicking. Now I want to replace more cause I like their feel, and sound... What level PCMR does that make me?


Saddly you cannot Mystery Gift between a GBC and the VC release of Pokemon G/S.


I'm... Really not feeling this Etrian Odyssey 5 demo. Which is weird cause Etrian Odyssey is my favorite game series... More in comments.


Guys! Im viewing Qposts on a C64!


Ive literally wore winter gear all summer. Tomorrow is the last day I will be wearing it. This makes me happy. (I had small icicles in my beard in this photo. Its very weird feeling them forming on your face)


You can tell I grew up and and played G/S/C hundreds of times. Anyways this is hard, specially since I didn't want repeats. #Poketoid


Its happening! November 16th! Va11-HallA for Vita! ... In Japan...


Hey anyone else going to the Long Island Retro gaming expo? You can totally meet me there over the weekend ;D


Anyone else watching this 'Made in Abyss" show? I'm getting some serious Etrian Odyssey vibes from it, and so far from what Ive seen. Its really good.


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