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Today I found out they still make "screen magnifier" accessories, like those often made for the Gameboy that often doubled as a light source. Some are officially licensed by Nintendo. Cause a 6.2" screen isn't large enough!?


I learned something interesting today... The most annoying part of Link's Awakening DX, the "Wow this is heavy" message that pops up? It LESS annoying in the Non-DX original version! They took out the ability to press B to skip the extended dialogue!


Hey is that Cyberpunk game out? Its kinda hard to tell.


This is gonna be an interesting birthday... I'm going to get two of my wisdom teeth removed. At least that means Ice cream cake. EDIT: pulled and saddly couldnt keep em. Woulda sent them to Occams


Happy Birthday birthday bro Chris! Have a better one then I'm going to have >_>


Okay if you haven't heard of this mod series its essentially DLC sized mods for Fallout 4 all focused on settlements. Last expansion let you play as a raider with a full questline. Its awesome.


A package I ordered months ago has been in the weirdest mail trip ever. I can't even remember where it started, but it eventually went to Singapore, then took a month to come from Singapore to New York and now its decided to goto... Japan... What.


Hey guys! I dunno if you know this but....


Man these Galarian forms are just getting weirder and weirder.


I'm playing the fan translation of Trails from Zero, and I know Ive heard Tio's voice before. The performance may be vastly different, but something about it is burned into my head... I just need to Watch out, Wait, and Liste- ... Sonofabitch


I seriously love how the Animal Crossing community has essentially put a ceasefire on Tom Nook, and all agreed, this rabbit it the true villain (for a little while)


Sooo... Can anybody who got the Animal Crossing Bunny Day update confirm if Cherry Blossom stuff can still be gotten via Balloons? Cause if not... Sucks for players who didn't time travel. This totally not-a-serial-killer just took over.


Animal Crossing I love you, but please stop with this "halt everything this will take a day." Specially when it starts to make no sense.


Uh oh Animal Crossing knows whats up...


#selfietoid - Oh yeah I totally do dress up like Dorothy everyday. Anyone care to guess whats new with this cosplay vs where it was at PAX? (Its more obvious in person)


It was weird going to Costco. The toilet paper isle is usually dead quiet due to all the paper products acting as soundproofing, but... lately it isn't. (Pic related)


Happy Birthday Vxxy! Also Dorothy Returns!


Oh man the creator of the Konami code passed away :( https://www.forbes.com/sites/mattgardner1/2020/02/26/--------b-a-rip-konami-code-creator-kazuhisa-hashimoto-dies/#3b0d16b1104b


I just decided to look at the internal workings of the Gameboy port of Falcom's Dragon Slayer 1. I must say I am actually amazed. It is extremely ambitious for a Gameboy game. - for reference. The map it's self should take up all 8KB of RAM!


Steam really needs to separate their controller settings from their launcher. I am sick of being unable to use my Switch controller, or Steam Controller, just because a game needs a separate launcher (Like Mod Organizer)


I'll say this here too, Thank you Secret Santa! Now Jill and I will watch this series, the way it was meant to be watched!*1 *1 - Granted a PVM + BluRay are probably much higher quality then what people had back in 98.


Uhhh I guess Spoiler in comments? If you know whats up with This Lass, and Team Yell its prob safe.


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