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This Black Friday I got everyone in my house SSDs. No more spinning rust for anybody! Horray SSDs getting cheap!


Anyone have any experience with Amazon orders with possible typo prices? I bought something thats price had to be wrong. ($50 vs normal $150) I haven't gotten any sorta email saying the order is partially canceled or anything.


Thank you everybody for the birthday wishes you are all amazing. <3


Having me be in control of the whiteboard was ether the best or worst idea my job has ever had.


Loving Valkyria Chronicles 4. So glad I got it on Switch rather then PC, so I can play it on the go! (Or really in my bed)... But did they really need to use the same song for basicly every non battle/action-cutscene?


After 7 long years my MDR V6 headphones have sorta broken. (The Right ear doesn't work.) Time for a new pair of cans. In the mean time... do you know how weird it is to play videogames with 1 ear?


You know... Maybe Etrian Odyssey X isn't a good game to jump into without understanding any Japanese...


I'm kinda disappointed in how the original portraits are implemented in Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology. Its only the chat faces that change. Things like the status screen, and UI are still the new portraits.


Im not one to kink shame but... I think I need to make an exception for Torch.


As a kid, I played a LOT of Fable 1, on my laptop. (I can still recite it line for line) I remember it being very choppy, but still "Playable". I just turned on that laptop, ran the game to see how bad it really was... 6-12 fps. C I N E M A T I C.


Happy Murica day! - I'll spend my murica day watching Chinese Cartoons. (Pic semi related)


Bored at work. Armed only with a pen and barely any service. Bass there needs to be another Dtoid draws!


ROM + VA-11 HALL-A Collector Editions GET!


Tfw Va11halla collectors edition sold out in less the 4min... And you couldn't get it.... Hopefully 6pm window.... Hopefully.


"Limited Run Games Physical release: VA-11 HALL-A June 29, 2018, Vita." (Me in a couple of days)


Gog Summer sale! And I see a certain friend on is that list.


Well... This is a first... I use a 16x10 monitor, while I do get a bit annoyed when games don't support it, I'm used to it. - But this is the first time Ive ever seen a game use a textured bars that sometimes fade away, rather then just black bars. WEIRD.


Oh Wow! look Ys 8 PC after a million and a half delays is going to be released in a week! ... wait... OH NO I Jinxed it didn't I!?


Cool news: A statue at the shrine near me got smashed. But a bunch of Pokemon Go players started a gofundme to help raise money to replace the statue. I'll link the gofundme in the comments.


Odd Stupid question, but I'm curious. Do you write your letters/numbers top to bottom? or bottom to top? Are there any numbers/letters that are an exception? (also note if you write in script)


I think I found out how Torchman asks girls onto dates...


Just started Trails of Cold Steel 2. And first thing I gotta say: I love the music, but every time I hear the bell thats at ~25 seconds into this song, I keep thinking someone is ringing my doorbell!


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