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Saddly you cannot Mystery Gift between a GBC and the VC release of Pokemon G/S.


I'm... Really not feeling this Etrian Odyssey 5 demo. Which is weird cause Etrian Odyssey is my favorite game series... More in comments.


Guys! Im viewing Qposts on a C64!


Ive literally wore winter gear all summer. Tomorrow is the last day I will be wearing it. This makes me happy. (I had small icicles in my beard in this photo. Its very weird feeling them forming on your face)


You can tell I grew up and and played G/S/C hundreds of times. Anyways this is hard, specially since I didn't want repeats. #Poketoid


Its happening! November 16th! Va11-HallA for Vita! ... In Japan...


Hey anyone else going to the Long Island Retro gaming expo? You can totally meet me there over the weekend ;D


Anyone else watching this 'Made in Abyss" show? I'm getting some serious Etrian Odyssey vibes from it, and so far from what Ive seen. Its really good.


Ok I just wanna say, I think the PC version Trails of Cold Steel looks really pretty! - Also screams classic Falcom with how low Poly everything is,


Well I just remembered why I never got far in Etrian Odyssey 3 and why Its the only game in the series I didn't like at all... Even cheating in 2x, and 4x EXP, the game still gives you a pitiful amount of exp per battle!


You dont see one of these everyday! Always wanted to know the whole story of these things.


Pets? I dunno, How about a cat that treats me like I'm her kitten.


Oh no another site gave BotW a 70/100!... wait nobody cares about this one. Alright. (btw the website is hilarious and kinda sad)


I think somethings wrong with me. Ive been standing in a freezer at -25c for the past hour with just a light jacket on and Im completely fine.


Hey anyone here fluent enough in Japanese to confirm something or not? I'm fairly sure, above "100% Pure" it says Flax oil, and not Sesame Oil. (I'm also thinking they misspelled it too, unless that 'so' is actually supposed to be there...)


Weirdest thing... I got a phonecall from a number I didnt recognize, and it didnt use my regular ringtone. When I answered it all I heard was the Zelda puzzle solved jingle then it hung up... Wtf?


So a certain Fish said not to. I did anyway.


I was in a Dtoid mindset for today's lunch menu art... RIP Wes' Taco avatar


A year later Etrian Odyssey 5 is finally comming to the west! Excite!


Wait... Even in Android 7 you cant lock your ringer volume without rooting the phone or installing a battery draining app? Whyyyyy?


Wow ummm... I don't frequent Reddit very often, but I somehow bumped into a guy I used to talk to a bit to 10 years ago on another site. Its the guy who honestly got me into actual programing. Small world.


2 steps closer to beating every (english) GBC game! Todays games were: Dragon Warrior I! and... Kelly Clubâ„¢ Clubhouse Fun...


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