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Trails in the Sky 3rd, and New years resolution is complete! ... Kind of a fitting end screen... cause I won't lie I had a fair share of technical problems with the game. But overall enjoyed it!


Second Chapter complete. I even got all the achievements. Woo! Now time for the 3rd New Years resolution. (Pun totally intended.)


Just a heads up... Easy mode on Trails in the Sky SC is... really easy. And then an 'Angel' and gave me my first Game Over. - WHAT was that!?


Happy Birthday Wes! ~Time to paaarty!~


Soooo... Does anyone have an opinion on the 'Atelier' games? I've never really heard anything about them but I've seen them around.


Who says New Years resolutions never get completed? Cause I just completed one of em! Now time to do my second resolution for the year. - Finally play (and beat) Trails in the Sky SC!


Merry Christmas everybody! My family has the tradition of not celebrating holidays on the actual day, but when certain people can come home, so Christmas is in 2 days for me.


Ok Ok. So maybe Vxxy isn't such a bully after all. (Thanks Vxxy I really appreciate these.)


Huh looks like another Santa came around! Some kinda poster? *opens box* ... ... ... I hope you visit that place, and are forced to watch Gundam Victory on loop. In the words of Uso: Go have a baby! :P


Santa came and installed some things on my Switch! Thank you very much! :D


This Black Friday I got everyone in my house SSDs. No more spinning rust for anybody! Horray SSDs getting cheap!


Anyone have any experience with Amazon orders with possible typo prices? I bought something thats price had to be wrong. ($50 vs normal $150) I haven't gotten any sorta email saying the order is partially canceled or anything.


Thank you everybody for the birthday wishes you are all amazing. <3


Having me be in control of the whiteboard was ether the best or worst idea my job has ever had.


Loving Valkyria Chronicles 4. So glad I got it on Switch rather then PC, so I can play it on the go! (Or really in my bed)... But did they really need to use the same song for basicly every non battle/action-cutscene?


After 7 long years my MDR V6 headphones have sorta broken. (The Right ear doesn't work.) Time for a new pair of cans. In the mean time... do you know how weird it is to play videogames with 1 ear?


You know... Maybe Etrian Odyssey X isn't a good game to jump into without understanding any Japanese...


I'm kinda disappointed in how the original portraits are implemented in Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology. Its only the chat faces that change. Things like the status screen, and UI are still the new portraits.


Im not one to kink shame but... I think I need to make an exception for Torch.


As a kid, I played a LOT of Fable 1, on my laptop. (I can still recite it line for line) I remember it being very choppy, but still "Playable". I just turned on that laptop, ran the game to see how bad it really was... 6-12 fps. C I N E M A T I C.


Happy Murica day! - I'll spend my murica day watching Chinese Cartoons. (Pic semi related)


Bored at work. Armed only with a pen and barely any service. Bass there needs to be another Dtoid draws!


ROM + VA-11 HALL-A Collector Editions GET!


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