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"Limited Run Games Physical release: VA-11 HALL-A June 29, 2018, Vita." (Me in a couple of days)


Gog Summer sale! And I see a certain friend on is that list.


Well... This is a first... I use a 16x10 monitor, while I do get a bit annoyed when games don't support it, I'm used to it. - But this is the first time Ive ever seen a game use a textured bars that sometimes fade away, rather then just black bars. WEIRD.


Oh Wow! look Ys 8 PC after a million and a half delays is going to be released in a week! ... wait... OH NO I Jinxed it didn't I!?


Cool news: A statue at the shrine near me got smashed. But a bunch of Pokemon Go players started a gofundme to help raise money to replace the statue. http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2018/03/16/defaced-jesus-statue/ I'll link the gofundme in the comments.


Odd Stupid question, but I'm curious. Do you write your letters/numbers top to bottom? or bottom to top? Are there any numbers/letters that are an exception? (also note if you write in script)


I think I found out how Torchman asks girls onto dates...


Just started Trails of Cold Steel 2. And first thing I gotta say: I love the music, but every time I hear the bell thats at ~25 seconds into this song, I keep thinking someone is ringing my doorbell!


Hmmm 2 truths and 1 lie. I almost died after watching Mortdecai, Ive been mistaken for PeanutButterGamer at a convention multiple times. Ive met Laura Bush at my job.


What today felt like.


Wes is the reason bad games keep being made. ( <3 )


Current status: - If its one of you... You know what you did. EDIT: Found out who it was. It wasn't any of you... someones gonna get lots of Yaoi soon...


Merry Christmas everyone! And thank you Kevin Deadmoon Mersereau for the secret Santa gift :3


Man its weird I visited my old highschool's website, and half the images of 'students' are stock photos, and the other half are all kids from my class... I graduated quite a while ago... Why hasn't this been updated?


I decided to make one...


Ugh I hate Catch-22 job requirements. I need a 'year of professional experience'. Classes, and my previous job which was related, but not explicitly the same thing does not count.


I said that IthoughtwhatIddowasIdpretendIw's post in the Megaman 11 article gave me an idea of a comic to draw... And here it is!


My parents have successfully killed my PS3. All cause they never turned the thing off after watching Netflix, and put the thing on top of a cablebox. Now they want to do the same thing to my WiiU.


You know, I REALLY gotta thank Torchman Mike Sounders for shamming me into getting Nier Automata... Cause my god I love this soundtrack. - Oh and the games great too :P


Happy Birthday Spiders for Sale! - As for the rest of Qtoid...


Thank you everybody for the birthday wishes :3 You all know how to make a guy with a Robo Loli avatar feel very happy!


Happy Birthday to you too Chris! Get some cake before I eat it all.


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