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This is my favorite president.


I saw this ad on another website and had to chuckle. I don't know if a guy with that kind of hair was really the best pick for modeling historical viking clothing, you guys.


Any Civ 6 players around? Which civilization are you playing first in Rise and Fall? I for one cannot wait to play as ma boi Tem├╝jin again!


I wish Blizzard would find a way to resurrect Vol'jin in WoW at some point. That dude is just too badass to stay dead.


I don't have anything to say, I just wanted to share this image with you.


I just got to level 70 as a Dragoon in FFXIV, and by golly, the armor set you get from the last Dragoon quest looks rather wonderful.


New years resolution: I'm gonna start doing exercises while waiting in FFXIV DPS queues. Those queues are loooong, so I could probably lose a bit of weight that way.


Is changing my legal name to Penisaurus Rex gonna be worth it?


I found two socks in my closet that looked the same AND had no holes in them! IT'S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!


With Civ 6 releasing on iPad today, what are the chances it'll land on some other portable platforms as well? The Switch is a nice machine, Firaxis, I'm just saying.


I'm sleepy today. Curse my past self for his careless late night Civ binging!


What's your favorite Christmas song(s)? This is one of my favorites, "Jolevise" by Norwegian folk singer Odd Nordstoga.


Vastly different games I know, but if you had to choose between getting Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle or Xenoblade Chronicles 2, which one would you pick?


It's weird. I can talk about anything with my WoW guild mates when it's via text chat, but as soon as we go on Teamspeak or Discord and I have to actually talk to them, I just can't do it. I just stay quiet and listen in. Picture related.


Civ 6 expansion?? GIVE IT TO ME NOW


I took some Harry Potter-based personality test things. I'm OK with my house being Hufflepuff, but it turns out my patronus is not an owl at all??? I call shenanigans. Hax. Rigged.


Xal'atath, Blade of the Black Empire is a ancient weapon with a will of it's own, and will whisper to it's wielder about the Old Gods and their horrifying power. Her voice is kinda hot though. #Knaifutoid


Help, I've delved too deep into WoW again. At midnight yesterday I thought "I'll just try to beat this one Mage Tower solo-boss and then go to bed soon". Went to bed at 5am. Organize an intervention plz.


So rumor has it that the next WoW expansion is called..."Battle for Azeroth"? Hm. We'll see in about an hour, I guess.


Woke up this morning and found out that my favorite band had released a few new songs. Awesome. Later, I watched the rest of Stranger Things s2. Awesome. Soon, I'll (hopefully) be enjoying Blizzcon news. Today has been pretty good, is what I'm saying!


Is it... is it Blizzcon yet?


Blizzcon is coming up. Got me thinking about the next WoW expansion. I really hope a Kul Tiras or South Seas setting is on the cards, as people are speculating. I'd also like to see Dark Iron and Wildhammers playable + other "sub-races". How about you?


No Super Mario Odyssey for me today, so I'm listening to the MK8 soundtrack instead. Gotta get my happy nintendo feelings somehow.


This guy's skits are pretty much all on point.


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