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Is it... is it Blizzcon yet?


Blizzcon is coming up. Got me thinking about the next WoW expansion. I really hope a Kul Tiras or South Seas setting is on the cards, as people are speculating. I'd also like to see Dark Iron and Wildhammers playable + other "sub-races". How about you?


No Super Mario Odyssey for me today, so I'm listening to the MK8 soundtrack instead. Gotta get my happy nintendo feelings somehow.


This guy's skits are pretty much all on point.


I beat FFXIV Stormblood (4.0) and I'm so excited! Now, on to patch content!


Felt like sharing my level in Final Fantasy 14 for some reason.


A black cat crossed my path today, Friday the 13th. Does that mean double bad luck, or do they like, cancel each other out?


I felt a great disturbance in the force


My favorite band just returned from the grave, WITH NEW MUSIC. Today is a good day.


Be a horrible goose! Harass a groundskeeper! GOTY 2018, calling it.


I happened upon this image again, and was reminded of the old days. Squidbear will live forever in our hearts.


*Arabian Nights plays on recorder in the background*


I made a new FFXIV character, and she is probably the most "anime" of my characters. Catgirl? CHECK. Improbable hair? CHECK. Heterochromia iridum? CHECK. She's also a pirate that punches things, which the stretchy dude in One Piece does too, so CHECK.


I love being up late at night. Like now. All alone and listening to this song. Now is nice.


I've owned a Switch for 3 days and now I wish every game I like would be available on it.


I just beat Primrose's story in the Octopath Traveler Demo, after playing Olberic's story two days ago. Man, her story got dark real fast!! It was really good though. I was set on playing Olberic first when getting the real game, but now I'm not sure...


Just came back from the store. Bought me one of those Nintondo Swish things. Wohoo!


I need Project Octopath Traveler. I NEED IT.


2 truths, 1 lie: 1) I've run to and from work every weekday for the past year and a half. 2) I've never really enjoyed a Zelda game. 3) I am diagnosed with Schizophrenia and get annoyed when reviewers call a game "schizophrenic".


This video is fascinating. Hareraiser really does sound like the worst game ever.


Youtube, please stop recommending me Crash Bandicoot meme videos. I watched some before, yes, but that was weeks ago and I didn't enjoy them much. It is time to end this. (Also, youtube, you look different, did you get a haircut?)


WoW stuff: Today I finally beat the mage tower challenge for Arms Warrior, and unlocked a new appearance for my artifact weapon. Feels good to finally beat that boss. Fuck you Archmage Xylem, and fuck that shadowy demon monster possessing you, too!


I did the thing. Yeah, I picked Krabby as my water pokemon, what are you gonna do about it?


I don't have the new Mario + Rabbids tactics thing, so I make do with what I got.


I kind of want to get a Switch just to play Mario + Rabbids Kindom Battle.


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