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Wohoo! FFXII is out on switch today! I'm Captain Oridan fon Qpost of Destructoid!!!


A good, factual reply to an r/AskReddit thread titled "People with bald head: Where do you stop washing your face?" That is how I'm gonna do things from now on.


this is how it happened in history


Gosh, I hope this turns out good.


I love this movie already.


Here's some stupid shit for you all to enjoy.


First off: this is my 200th quickpost, woo! Secondly, it's time I overcame my tanking anxiety in MMOs. I'm gonna level a tanking class to max level in FFXIV, by tanking a lot. Mainly to get cool tank glams, but also to prove to myself that I can do it.


I got this yesterday. It was a lot of fun. I'm so proud of myself and my guild!


I'm really liking the speculation I've been seeing about Scorbunny being a soccer themed Pokemon. I'd much rather have that theme rather than another fighter themed fire starter. And hey, it makes sense given the name. Score-Bunny.


What do you think the new gen Pokémon "versions" are gonna be called? I hope the names are Pokémon Fantasy and Pokémon 40k.


Rock Bands in the new Civ 6 expansion are the such a dumb, fun feature. I just won a culture victory as the Maori when my rock band "The Dankey Kangs" failed their final concert and disbanded, but still generated enough tourism to win.


The final Civ 6: Gathering Storm leader was revealed just now and the leaks were right! Eleanor can lead either France or England! I love this.


William Morgan Sheppard, the actor who (among many other roles) voiced the tech and wonder quotes in Civ 5 has passed away. In my opinion he was the best voice of a Civ game.


Has it really been four years since Dragon Age: Inquisition released? Man. I wish they'd hurry up and show us DA4 already. I wanna go to the place that was hinted at the end of Trespasser.


Sooo... Blue Mages in FFXIV can't queue for duties requiring matchmaking? Booo. Should've named it Blue Balls Mage.


Yo smash bros, I'mma let you finish, but Final Fantasy XIV had the best "the heroes final stand in a barren, red-lit landscape in which an airborne villain destroys everything with wavy beams of light"-cinematics of all time!


There's lots of covers of FF music on the internet, but this one is my favorite. Lovely lyrics!


You might have heard of how Nobuo Uematsu has ceased working and postponed his current projects due to illness. Let's celebrate the great composer by sharing our favorite Uematsu tracks. #Uematsutoid


I would've been excited for Cities: Skylines on Switch, if not for the awful framerate they showed. Oof.


So with Civ 6 coming to Switch, can we get Gandhi in Smash?


I love the new posture option for male Orcs introduced in the most recent WoW patch. I mostly play Alliance, but even I wanna claim Teldrassil for the Horde now that my Orc looks this badass. Lok'tar ogar, and so on!


So who did you guys pick as your main character in Octopath Traveler? I went with Alfyn in the end. He's pretty fun to use in combat. Also from the way they talk to each other, I'm pretty sure that he and this Zeph guy are more than just "best friends".


July the Fourth be with you!!


Today is my birthday so here's a gift: This image of a lizard playing a leaf like he were a troubadour or something. Enjoy life.


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