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Gran Colombia OP! I can't wait to play as these guys.




I've seen it reported that the best liondog in video games, Red XIII, won't be playable in the first FF7 remake game. That makes me sad. Hopefully SE will correct this grievous error in the next part.


Someone help this poor soul, thanks in advice


"You know, the world could always us more heroes. Unless that means standing up to an authoritarian regime. In which case fuck you, you're fired."


I can't wait for this show. Iorek best boi.


This is a metal cover of a song based on an ad-lib from a Minecraft let's play. What a time to be alive.


Ayoyoyo, Ayoyoyo,


I much prefer the Scholar's level 60 job set (on the right) over the level 50 one. I feel like I went from being some dork-ass schoolboy nerd mage, to being a glorious magitek gentleman pimp wizard. #FFXIV


I finished the current main story quests for FFXIV this evening. Can't wait to see what awaits my character in Shadowbringers!


Hey sorry for the long image but did you know that we're living in the Simpsons now?


This game looks like trash, and that's great. I hope the Kickstarter goes well for them.


Goddammit. I had resigned myself to not getting a cat ever because I'm barely capable of taking care of myself, let alone another life form, and now you tempt me like this. Ya bastids.


Wohoo! FFXII is out on switch today! I'm Captain Oridan fon Qpost of Destructoid!!!


A good, factual reply to an r/AskReddit thread titled "People with bald head: Where do you stop washing your face?" That is how I'm gonna do things from now on.


this is how it happened in history


Gosh, I hope this turns out good.


I love this movie already.


Here's some stupid shit for you all to enjoy.


First off: this is my 200th quickpost, woo! Secondly, it's time I overcame my tanking anxiety in MMOs. I'm gonna level a tanking class to max level in FFXIV, by tanking a lot. Mainly to get cool tank glams, but also to prove to myself that I can do it.


I got this yesterday. It was a lot of fun. I'm so proud of myself and my guild!


I'm really liking the speculation I've been seeing about Scorbunny being a soccer themed Pokemon. I'd much rather have that theme rather than another fighter themed fire starter. And hey, it makes sense given the name. Score-Bunny.


What do you think the new gen Pokémon "versions" are gonna be called? I hope the names are Pokémon Fantasy and Pokémon 40k.


Rock Bands in the new Civ 6 expansion are the such a dumb, fun feature. I just won a culture victory as the Maori when my rock band "The Dankey Kangs" failed their final concert and disbanded, but still generated enough tourism to win.


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