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Here's a cool video on the 360s RRoD, more focused on how Microsoft handled it (miraculously without killing Xbox as a brand entirely) as opposed to the technical aspects.


In the UK you can get up to two years jail time for mistakenly selling a kid a scratch card or lottery ticket, and a year for inviting, causing or even permitting an under 18 to gamble.


Um, yeah there's an argument ingame lootboxes aren't gambling because you're winning things that can't be bought (and hence have no value), but this is just straight up gambling. And I doubt G2A have bothered making it compliant.


Well if we're not going to get a new Front Mission we'll just make it ourselves. Hell yes!


Just a bit more YouTube bullshit...


I love how committed Firaxis are to the dumb poster maker thing added in the XCOM 2 expansion.


Just tuned in to see the start of AngryJoes XCOM2 expansion play through. Squad wipe on the first mission. This is gonna be great.


So Holmes write the most shamelessly dishonest news piece I've seen in a long while and the response is to remove the comments? Why not just remove the article? It's bollocks anyway.


Managed to find some English gameplay of Valkyria Revolution on Youtube. I'm still not sold on the gameplay but the story seems interesting and the music sounds great.


Making people dislike new owners: A guide 1. Delete posts mentioning it 2. No, there's only really one step.


FACT: Sega wants your eyes.


Looks like that RetroBlox HD clone console thing is now called the Polymega. Out of the box it'll play Sega CD, Neo Geo CD, Playstation 1 and Turbografx CD games which is pretty cool.


I have no real idea what it is they're promoting (SEGA Mobile games?) but that's very cool.


Oh no, a Game developer said something years ago the borg don't like. Clearly that shit needs to be cancelled as soon as possible. Stop. Being. Idiots.


Hearing Microsofts Scorpio might be a Windows 10 S PC. So their new uber consoles is really a neutered Steam Machine lol


That exit poll O%20 May must be packing her bags already


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