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"Star Wars Battlefront 2 physical sales down 60% on Battlefront 1"


I tried that Dual Gear demo. It's pretty much Valkyria Chronicles with wanzers, and that's all kinds of awesome. Hopefully it doesn't wind up as broken as Valkyria Chronicles.


And I thought Youtube Copyright strikes were bad


I've been playing through Front Mission 5 again this week and now I'm torn. I really want a new Front Mission, but it's ripe for exploitation with lootbox bullshit.


So in the middle of senate hearings investigating how the power and influence wielded by social media companies can be abused, some genius at Twitter decided it'd be hilarious to ban Trumps account. That's just not smart. Even for Twitter.


First day off of my annual Halloween/Birthday break and my trusty PS2 immediately dies. Onward to Silicon Heaven old friend.


Another short video of the upcoming Phantom Brigade from Tetragon Works. It's still very early in development, but fans of the likes of Front Mission and XCOM should keep an eye on it.


If you're UK based and would like to see a government response over loot boxes, consider signing this petition


I'm still amazed an industry that needs people to buy games on day one continues to incentivise waiting before buying.


8bitdo have updated the firmware for their existing NES Classic Bluetooth receiver to support the SNES Classic. It's available from their support site, just look for Firmware v1.07


Looks like 8bitdo have a wireless controller bundle for the SNES classic with a SNES style controller and wireless dongle for about $25 SF30 2.4G


That really didn't take long. It's not even officially released yet and its file system has been dumped and transplanted to the NES classic.


Another little emulator box on IndieGoGo. This time with a CD drive and what looks like a pretty slick customised Kodi interface for games. Seedi - IndieGoGo


Here's a cool video on the 360s RRoD, more focused on how Microsoft handled it (miraculously without killing Xbox as a brand entirely) as opposed to the technical aspects.


In the UK you can get up to two years jail time for mistakenly selling a kid a scratch card or lottery ticket, and a year for inviting, causing or even permitting an under 18 to gamble.


Um, yeah there's an argument ingame lootboxes aren't gambling because you're winning things that can't be bought (and hence have no value), but this is just straight up gambling. And I doubt G2A have bothered making it compliant.


Well if we're not going to get a new Front Mission we'll just make it ourselves. Hell yes!


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