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Well it was nice of the ESA to come prepared atleast /s


Finally, the news everyone was waiting for, Atari will be launching not just one but two cryptocurrencies. Atari Token and Pong Token.


Tempted to replay Oblivion but I don't know if I should wait until later in the year when SkyBlivion might come out.


Silicone fan mounts are so effective and cheap I feel bad for not using them for the last twenty years. They've taken pretty much all the rattle out of my PC, I feel no vibration on the outside case and can just hear the air moving through the fans.Magic


The plot thickens. The Ataribox managed to worm its way into AMDs CES presentation. Nothing of note from the Ataribox team since their delay announcement, but it certainly helps their credibility


Japan are getting a crazy Dark Souls Trilogy boxset for the PS4. It looks fantastic, but not exactly cheap at over $400!


Sold all of his shares except the ones he has to keep to keep his job. Not suspicious at all


I'm more surprised this took so long to happen. Encouraging people to move around their home blindfolded is just irresponsible.


That's pretty impressive. I'm sure it'll be hella expensive compared to the likes of a GPD XD etc, but it's still impressive in that form factor, full X86 and running from a battery at around ~7W


Congratulations AAA gaming, the mobile market is dunking on you now.


...and the Ataribox preorder/crowdfunding has been delayed. Probably a good idea with December being a shit time to do crowdfunding for a console, but with them only announcing it a few days ago it makes me wonder what happened between then and now.


UK Gambling Commission going for that low hanging fruit first by the looks of things: BBC News


Looks like that Ataribox thing is opening for preorders/crowdfunding on Thursday. Hopefully they'll have added some details about what they're selling before asking people to part with their cash


The bearings have started to go on a couple of my case fans and no time to have some decent ones shipped this side of crimbo :( Headphones for the rest of the month I think


The PSX Keynote/definitely not a Sony Direct is tonight 2000PST or 0400GMT :( Only an hour long atleast.


Probably worth five minutes of your time, especially if you're in the US.


Oh EA, you silly sausages. You just can't help yourselves can you.


Well it looks slick. Sure, it's not even remotely useful for anything except early Atari games, but atleast it takes a good photo, I guess?


Jesus Christ EA, your paltry in game rewards system is pegged primarily to how long a match is? That's one way to make sure the plebs aren't sucking down too many free lootboxes


Real heroes don't wear capes. Though I reckon if you sent him one, he'd wear it.


I'm not logged in using the Qtoid link and Gaj if I click the CBlogs link if that helps


Looks like someone made BBC News again. Congratulations EA!


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