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Yay! Granted, it's not exactly informative but it's been a month since the VC4 DLC just didn't come out when it was supposed to with total radio silence over it, so I'm calling it a win.


HTCs new VR headset: Vive Cosmos. Looks a lot like a PSVR with Oculus touch controllers. Apparently it's wireless though.


Sega, where's the rest of the Valkyria Chronicles 4 DLC on PC dammit!


I love thanksgiving. It's not a holiday here so I have to work, but I work for an America based company so there's virtually nothing to do for days :)


Remember that all digital thing Microsoft definitely abandoned...


Trying to replay Oblivion and forgot all about the ridiculous enemy scaling when I was installing my mods to begin with. Back to the Nexus it is...


Oof. Prima Games shutting down next April. Sucks if you're into those.


I don't really care about scanline or filter options for PS1 games, but not even having the option to use floating point vertex math is just dumb.


Happy Birthday Chris and DeScruff! I hope you both have a kick ass day


Ubisoft's attempt at reanimating Tom Clancy with pure, concentrated rage managed to make BBC news


The first Valkyria Chronicles released for the PS3 in North America ten years ago today. Hopefully, it won't take so long for the next follow up.


My main takeaway from that direct: I'm not getting a N64 mini this year


What sort of an asshole does this?


Exit polls are in and it looks like President Higgins (best President) is getting a second term


As a reminder for all you PC folk after a very expensive message from a friend: Never, ever ship your PC with your graphics card installed. Like ever. Bubble wrap it inside the case if you must.


With your drums and guns and guns and drums haroo haroo


**Goes to change avatar for Halloween** Wait... I forgot to change this back from last year, didn't I? Fuck it.


Adding Sega Saturn support is pretty sweet. I'll still wait until they actually ship something, but it sounds great.


This better be a mistake, Bethesda. Link in the comments.


Forsaken Remastered is coming to Steam and Xbox One next week (July 31st) from Nightdive Studios.


Pretty much an unofficial Gameboy Classic for just under $50 shipped (I only checked US and UK for shipping). Open source software so there's already a load of work going into the emulators too.


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