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Early impressions of God of War are pretty solid. I'd heard it was either terrible, or the best thing since sliced sex, so I'd lowered my expectations somewhat and waited for the hype to die down. Hope it keeps this quality!


You guys had any weird video game related dreams? I once had a dream that I had one of the wheel skeletons from Dark Souls as my roommate, and it made making coffee in the morning incredibly difficult because I had to dodgeroll the fucker constantly.


Playing the Switch in portable mode really hurts my hands. Is that just me or does anyone else find that? Also, really don't like the dpad.


Since I have the flu, I'm going to ask: what's your comfort game when you're sick?


Quick Question: what recent game do you consider to be severely underrated? For me it would have to be Elex. It has the feel of old school RPGs, and reminds me strongly of what I loved in Morrowind or Gothic. It's immersive and deep, and doesn't handhold.


Well, Horizon Zero Dawn is my first ever platinum. Usually give zero fucks about achievements, but I finished the game with like2 trophies left and it felt stupid not to. Took almost exactly 69 hours to 100% too, which makes me happy.


A Canadian friend of mine bought the special edition of Ys Viii for $73. Their dollar is only 2 cents to the dollar better than aud, yet here that edition costs $119! I'm going to need to give up food to keep gaming at this rate.


After bouncing off of Horizon Zero Dawn pretty hard due to having played Zelda just before, I'm finally diving back in. And um... I regret sleeping on it because it is fucking amazing! My only real issue is I can't romance Petra.


Well, Madoka Magica sure was an experience.


I'm fairly new to anime and was wondering if you guys had any suggestions? Anime I've enjoyed in the past: FMA, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Death Note, Last Exile, Samurai Champloo, AoT, Berserk, Code Geass, most Studio Ghibli stuff, Ghost in the shell etc.


Quick question: why are so many people annoyed that Cyberpunk 2077 is first person?


Man the reactions to TLoU's trailer has been fun. Nice to see the "I'm not homophobic but..." crowd out in full force.


So Axiom Verge is $70 here on the switch, which is fucking insane.


So Dying Light 2's reveal surprised me. I enjoyed the first game enough, but thought it had some of the most hilariously bad writing I'd seen in a game in a while. Getting Chris Avelon in to write the story and make it more choice based has me sold.


Sea of Solitude is a game that's central theme is "when humans get too lonely they become monsters." Cool, I've always wanted to play a game where I'm a young woman being constantly harassed by incels.


I actually miss fixed camera angles and prerendered backgrounds. Certain JRPGs and horror games used them to excellent effect, making areas more intriguing, horrifying, or awe inspiring.


Quick question: when was the last time a game truly wowed you? Whether that be with graphics, gameplay, scale, or anything else.


Just got around to finishing AC: Origins, and I have to wonder why this wasn't Aya's story? Without spoiling anything, she does most of the stuff related to the "origins" of the creed, and a lot of the story problems would be fixed if she was the pov.


Season 2 of Dirk Gently was fucking awful. Loved season 1, but season 2 was so bad it hurt.


Watching The Wire properly for the first time. Just finished Season 1 in a day. Usually not much for more realistic shows but this is just so damn good I couldn't help but be absorbed. Red Wedding ain't got shit on some stuff in this show though.


So... bought No Man's Sky because I heard it got a hell of a lot better. Long story short, it overloaded my GTX 960, crashed my computer, and it wouldn't turn back on for a full day. When it finally did my display kept crashing.


The problem with critics in general - and this applies to all forms of media - is they consume far too much entertainment. Their love for it dwindles when it becomes a job, and they end seeing a lot more crossover of ideas than the average consumer does.


Man, Bright got a bashing by the critics. Well fuck you guys, I liked it. It was dumb fun and we don't have enough fantasy films out there.


My gf went to say "That was a terrible joke" to me but instead said "I don't think you're as funny to people as you think you are." The truth hurts.


Echo may be one of the most terrifying games I've ever played, and also one of the most original. I don't think I've ever felt as tense as I have in this game!


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