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Season 2 of Dirk Gently was fucking awful. Loved season 1, but season 2 was so bad it hurt.


Watching The Wire properly for the first time. Just finished Season 1 in a day. Usually not much for more realistic shows but this is just so damn good I couldn't help but be absorbed. Red Wedding ain't got shit on some stuff in this show though.


So... bought No Man's Sky because I heard it got a hell of a lot better. Long story short, it overloaded my GTX 960, crashed my computer, and it wouldn't turn back on for a full day. When it finally did my display kept crashing.


The problem with critics in general - and this applies to all forms of media - is they consume far too much entertainment. Their love for it dwindles when it becomes a job, and they end seeing a lot more crossover of ideas than the average consumer does.


Man, Bright got a bashing by the critics. Well fuck you guys, I liked it. It was dumb fun and we don't have enough fantasy films out there.


My gf went to say "That was a terrible joke" to me but instead said "I don't think you're as funny to people as you think you are." The truth hurts.


Echo may be one of the most terrifying games I've ever played, and also one of the most original. I don't think I've ever felt as tense as I have in this game!


I didn't like Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. Could be because I already have a personality disorder and don't need more voices in my head. Could also be that the combat is the worst I've played all year. Could also be that the puzzles are all identical.


To all everyone North of the Equator, I envy you. It just hit 113 degrees Fahrenheit here. I have no energy to do anything right now.


So I liked The Punisher series a lot, though it's very clear someone has seen both John Wick and Sicario a whole bunch.


No seriously, why the fuck am I getting so many views on Soundcloud?!


What's your favourite obscure RPG? Mine's probably Risen or the Ys series, but I'd love to know some games I should be playing!


If you like your RPGs a little bit weird, play Divinity 2 Directors cut. It's a 2009 game that's loaded with eccentricities and humour. Grave stones talk to you, you can read minds and eventually even turn into a motherfucking Dragon!


Well Sicario was fucking bleak. I mean, I don't know what I expected, but I feel like I need the world's longest shower. Don't at all get the criticisms that this film has nothing to say or that it has no emotional core. What fucking film did you watch?!


I think I'm actually getting sick of Yahtzee's shtick. I play games to have fun and I'm honestly just done with negativity.


Also... what?! How the hell did this happen?


https://soundcloud.com/blake-turner-29/sonic-bling Made a song about my love of video games and the show The Good Place. Hopefully ya'll like it. Referenced Sonic, Kid Icarus, Pokemon, God of War, Soul Reaver, and even Croc Legend of the Gobbos.


Picked this up for $100. It's a knockoff, including fan games and romhacks. It has such wonderful classics as Contra 8, Ninja Gaidem, Hellokidy, as well as some actual games, like Super Mario Bros and Dr Mario. I love it.


Anyone playing Destiny 2 on PC who wants to play together? Let me know!


I don't know who or what a Seymour is, but I'll wish them a happy birthday anyway because I'm cool like that.


My modem literally melted and it cost $264 to get a replacement. On the upside, Ys VIII is fucking amazing.


Hi, so I can't click on any blogs, articles or go to my profile as it just goes to a server down page. Is this a common issue or is it just me?


Who do you voodoo bitch?! No, serious question, I never know who to voodoo.


A little more damage control: This is not me trying to excuse myself or anything, but please don't take those posts the other day as who I am. I should have at least separated them, and definitely should have handled the heat better. I am truly sorry.


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Hi I'm Blake, and I love video games. I'm mainly into platformers, rpgs, fps games, and skating simulators - though I'll give anything a chance.

Favourite Games:
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