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So... darren korb just responded to my request about a collab. Said no, but still feel honored!


So... darren korb just responded to my request about a collab. Said no, but still feel honored!


Polyamorous Got 99 Problems and my dick is fucking all of them


Just so you know, I am the greatest rapper of all time. Come at me cuntz!


New Song! kinda political but happy https://soundcloud.com/blake-turner-29/not-the-same-its-okay


Need pixel artists, preferably 32bit. Wanting to do a Metroidvania style game with a gory sci-fi horror aesthetic. Anyone who's up for that hit me up Need a few more Coders, sound designers and whatnot too.


Still Shilling Like A Shameless Whore

Who isn't though? I have this conundrum a lot. I don't like reading self promotion blogs, and I hate writing them even more. I'd rather tell you about all the awesome things other people have made.  Like, are you aware the new Met...


And this one is inspired by Bells of Nagasaki:


New Book Covers: This one is inspired by Urban Fantasy, and is a tale about my life in college. The main character vomits on someone during sex. Enjoy.


Bought ds board game. Started painting


Yesterday, I had a total of 200 views on Soundcloud. Now I have nearly 7000. I don't know what the fuck happened, but I'll take it.


https://www.jukepop.com/home/read/10284 Story is up on Jukepop if anyone wants a read.


New Song from new album C*ntface is up. https://soundcloud.com/blake-turner-29/life-story-worlds-to-run


Ronald 6 Wilson 6 Reagan 6


Link's Awakening Face Shrine Cover: https://whatsacow.bandcamp.com/track/whatsacow-covers-face-shrine


What should I play today? Jak and Daxter, Ys, PUBG, or something entirely different?


More music. This is an amazingly personal album that just flows so goddamn well!


I'ma post my influences today. Enjoy some tracks!


Finished my album. Have to stop myself or it'll never be done: https://whatsacow.bandcamp.com/album/bovinically-confused It's by far the most personal thing I've ever done.


Feeling cocky enough to diss Eminem... https://soundcloud.com/blake-turner-29/marshall



So, I've been really productive lately. Isolation, new medication, weed, and enough nicotine to kill a water buffalo will do that. I've written 5 chapters of a story and a 7 song ep. Here's the first chapter of my story: Roughly 12 cl...


I also have a book cover.


About whatsacowone of us since 2:50 PM on 09.18.2012

Hi I'm Blake, and I love video games. I'm mainly into platformers, rpgs, fps games, and skating simulators - though I'll give anything a chance.

Favourite Games:
10. Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus
9. Fallout New Vegas
8. Skate 3
7. Castlevania - Aria of Sorrow
6. Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2
5. Silent Hill 2
4. TES: Oblivion
3. Doom 2
2. Resident Evil 4
1. Dark Souls

Favourite Movies: The Raid, Cabin in the Woods, Shaun of the Dead, Clerks, Fight Club, Machete, Dr Horribles Sing Along Blog.

Favourite TV Shows: Community, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Daredevil, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Black Books, Spaced, Parks and Rec, Arrested Development, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, 30 Rock, etc.

Favourite Bands: Leprous, Maudlin of the Well, Diablo Swing Orchestra, Clouddead, El-P, Busdriver, Open Mike Eagle, Dalek, Agalloch, Eminem, Cynic, Porcupine Tree, Ne Obliviscaris, Opeth, Wolves in the Throne Room, Moonsorrow, Unexpect, Enslaved, etc.