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This is great and all, but can't we just get MTG Arena on the phone already?


Anyone watching the new season of The Boys? The plot reminds me of the comic 'Irredemable' and makes me giddy, pic related.


Thought I finished Ghost of Tsushima, turns out it was just the first island. Ever have that dread of finishing a great game, only to realize you barely scratched the surface?


Can we get a mod where we have cowboys vs. samurai but with Red Dead Redemption 2 and Ghost of Tsushima models/gameplay?


Seriously stay safe, I'm sure any dtoiders who are affected probably aren't posting. My brothers office just got torched! Luckily he works from home and he says his condo is "aces".


This is also the most cursed year I have ever seen!


I had no idea that Destructoid made it into the Urban Dictionary!


Apparently they crashed a real 747 for the movie Tenet because it was cheaper than cgi and miniature models. First the truck and hospital in Dark Knight, at this point Christopher Nolan won't rest until he explodes an actual human being.


Wish this was on the mini. I never made it past zone 5. My adult brain would crush this game.


Selling my comics and found these in a stack. Thought I might share here!


Anyone getting moist?


So I watched this today (Solar Opposites). At times there are bits of Rick and Morty that shine through. Also I was not expecting the first episode to be so BRUTAL.


Do you think the new Xbox with have exclusives like the PS4 generation or just another Xbox? What brand are you going with in 2021?


I ask why not both?


Whenever I go to comment I get a google pop up ad in the comment box, forcing me to exit it before I comment. What the crap happened?


It's nacho quarantine. Don't mind the fine china please.


Aren't we suppose to get more Nes or Snes games on the switch every month? Is that still a thing?


The under ten dollar PSN sale is pretty good. Purchased Speedrunners for 2, highly recommended for a party game. I got Chroma Squad, Dishonored, and a few of those Cthulu games. Pretty good haul for 25 bucks.


Opened a bag of pistachios. Dog woke up from the bag, and threw said pistachio at dog. The result is happy dog!


Going back to Doom Eternal. Great game, tight controls and beautiful graphics. However it's hard to get play after a break, and I think it's because of the guns being so picky about which enemies to kill. It's too chaotic to try and be so tactical!