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I'm terrible and bought a thing I shouldn't have. Pictures and review when this thing gets here!


Honk! Shit post bump : friends and I we're playing MTG, seems they put Untitiled Goose Game in it. Attached a bean stock to make him a giant. HONK!!!


I recently came into some Switch Bucks Moon Money. I can either get Untitled Goose game OR Kentucky Route Zero. What would you do, keeping in mind you (and I mean me) like both style of gameplay?


"But I, being poor, have only my dreams; I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams."


Horizon Zero Dawn DLC was finally discounted to five bucks, so I've started that up again. This game's still got it. NVGR on my way out of the bank an old lady grabbed my arm and asked if I was following her. Poor woman! Luckily I'm faster than her.


Seems the Simpsons also predicted the Wuhan Flu! Think it's safe to order from Amazon?


You can purchase Kentucky Route Zero on the Switch??? Done!


Sometimes I'll make videos of random game play for no reason. Here's a quick 30 second clip of my melee run in Outer Worlds. Love this game!


Just beat Jedi Fallen Order! I've posted a video where I finally understood the lightsaber combat and felt like a bad ass. Thoughts and spoilers in the comments.


I have the next couple days off so I'm finally digging into Jedi Order, 25 bucks at a Redbox. Really good, and so far this is the only glitchy thing I've encountered. I love the main actor from Gotham/Shameless but why is he slack jawed in the game?


I have a problem and only just now starting to think I'm at the wrong self help website. Add that to the 860 hours for the switch and that's roughly 83 days of gaming this year. Thanks for fueling my dirty gaming habits Destructoid!


I missed the Dragon Quest I-III sale on the switch. I'm sure it was still there this morning. Went to go get Switch Bucks Moon Money and when I came back it's now full price. I still have pokemon but it's 99% done. Biscuits.


Instead of best games of the year, can we do worst games of the year? Like the razzies? Someone needs to put Ultimate Alliance 3 in it's place for worst dlc! What was your worst game of the year? I could not get through Days Gone without falling asleep.


So I finally got my Marvel Champions card game. It came with some magazines! I mean rules. Seriously all of them. Great game though!


That's almost 38 days! 10 percent of my year was just on my Switch. You'd think I'd be better at Smash. I wish the amount of time spent was my actual credit score. Don't even ask about my Ps4 Overwatch account. Yikes.


I don't know if anyone posted this, but the first two episodes for the Harley Quinn cartoon is out!! The first 10 minutes had more f bombs than a Tarantino flick. There's a point where Joker says Harley has HPV. Venture bros satire. EDIT : Video fixed


I've been sick with a cold. Not too serious but I took off yesterday and I can't play games. Going to try to play Assassins Creed (there's a good qblog from the delicious sammich guy drmcscott) or finish catching them all.. What do you play when sick?!


So Pokemans wild region feels really broken. There are many rare Pokemon to catch in the dens where you dynimax, and when you when you get candies that level up your pokemon. I hope they fix this! Also this picture will load upside down every time.


I keep reading metacritic user reviews on Pokemon Sword and Shield. Then there are these little gems. I'm currently headed to the 7th gym, I'll post a picture of my team soon! Still not satisfied with my current roster.