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So Pokemans wild region feels really broken. There are many rare Pokemon to catch in the dens where you dynimax, and when you when you get candies that level up your pokemon. I hope they fix this! Also this picture will load upside down every time.


I keep reading metacritic user reviews on Pokemon Sword and Shield. Then there are these little gems. I'm currently headed to the 7th gym, I'll post a picture of my team soon! Still not satisfied with my current roster.


Current status : Modest Mouse and Black Keys concert in Orlando. Love my probablyn15 dollar beer. More pics in the comments!


After pokemon sword and shield comes out, what are they going to call their third entry? Helmet? I'll see myself out now it's 6am time for bed people. I had Parvati kill Junlei with a companion ability. #confessiontoid




Blasphemous, River City Girls, Devil May Cry 5, Chasm, and Control. All amazing games I'm never going to finish thanks to The Outer Worlds coming in two weeks. Then a new Season of Rick and Morty is out in November!!!


I beat Link's Awakening for the first time. Missing a heart container, all in all a good run. Great top down Zelda. However I have VERY conflicted emotions about the ending. I know it's an older game but still spoilers in the comments.


The second worst part about Link's Awakening is the constant blurry border around the screen while walking around the world. Seriously, what's the friggin point?!


Skyword Sword was the only other game I never completed. I'm not sad about that, but I regret never finishing Links Awakening. I wanted that sweet collectors edition too, couldn't find it so I got the amiibo instead. Any Zelda games you never complete


I just purchased Blasphemous, it's good. The first collectible seems to be a penis called Phalanx of Brannon. Who does that? Picking up a dead man's penis and throwing it into their collectibles?


So I was on local news last night, they wanted someone to represent the vape community. Before we aired they told me it was a live show and played a clip of a sick teenager in a stretcher. Upsetting gotch ya moment, super nervous, but I crushed it! #NVGR


I was replaying Arkham Knight and got jump scared by Man-bat. Recently Resident Evil 2 got me good too, but at least you're expecting that WTF moment. Do you guys have any recent WTF moments?


I really like Far Cry 5. I'll play it around 1am, it's a very relaxing game to play solo. Then you throw in co op and it gets crazy. I wish I could play it for the first time again.


Ignoring the user reviews on Metacritic, and nothing better to do at 9am!


BEHOLD : Your Storm Area 51 Commander in Chief. It's gonna be a MASSACRE.


Teamwork! I thought I had remote mines and they turned out to be proximity. Good times


I finally 100% complete Spiderman, just to bring you this spoiler free cut scene. Also Mary Jane's terrifying smile.


I don't know how to qtoid. Here's me taking out a bird. More to come?


Remembering Destructoid 12 years later

Just remembering Destructoid, this was a post 12 years ago , back when Dtoid graced us with the almighty c blogs. Changed us into something else. Something... MOAR. Now I haven't blogged in a while and tried to make a qblog. So sorry f...


Nintendo Switch PSA : The Way Demastered is on sale for 99 cents, from 14.99. You're welcome!


I've been having a blast, but miss you too, Dtoid!

So I know I haven't exactly been a very hands on member, mainly because my hands have been on my Xbox controller for the past EVER. My junk is very jealous of my right hand lately. I've been having A LOT of fun with Fallout3, Lego Batman,...


News in Film : The Forbidden Kingdom Review

For all the people that aren't hitting the jump to read my review, here's the short and skinny : It's retarded, please rent it. Now for the more complex piece of this here blog. I really REALLY wanted to like the movie. From the epic sce...