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Death Metal 7 is out.


It's absolute CHAOS in D.C.


Fuck you Mitch McConnell. That is all.


I bought Cyberpunk from Best Buy, have no intentions of returning it, but I'm hearing Best Buy won't accept returns. If you pre ordered and they gave you an extra steel book for the case, you can sell it on ebay for $30 edit : refunds available! Profit!


Batman is an asshole.


The Dtoid gods have been fortuitous and gave me an upright picture. Just got a new tv and stand, only thing that needs replacing now is the PS4 for the PS5. Damn scalpers.


Vigor just released on PS4. Played like ass on the Switch, but it's free so I'll give it a go.


Spoiled myself and got a new 65" Sony Bravia. Ps5 ready, now I just got to find a ps5. Ghosts of Tsushima is looking stellar, sideways pic related.


Losing your teeth is now a Covid symptom. Video related.


Ubi needs to get it over with and make a fuedal Japan Assassin's Creed. Are you listening Ubi? Even make a medievil knight's of the roundtable Assassin, and quest for Merlin while rocking a giant broadsword or learning magic while sexing Gwendolyn. Metal.


I want a PSVR but I haven't seen any black Friday deals. I've never used one, does anyone own it? Any good reviews or must plays?


I don't know if I could ever rub one out the same way again..


Anyone else feeling nostalgic? They could re do this and it would be impossible to screw up, as long as it was the same studio, they also did Boondocks, Godzilla, and Gorillaz.


Got poopy canned a few weeks ago after 5 years of employment. Mid 30s and this is the first time I've had to go through unemployment, and I have so much time it's driving me crazy! Trying to find a game that will pass the time on my PS4.


I just broke 1000 hours of gameplay and over 400 hours with this character. FEAST YOUR EYES.


Edit : I give out bad trips. Watch it or you're next!


I just beat Resident Evil 7! My save file was from 2018 (take that back log) after the second boss, but I crushed it in a day. Great game and did not see that ending coming at all. Time to start Nioh 2 or Vampyr, two different games. Hard decision.


I love Ghost of Tsushima! I make terrible videos like this, fighting an army on top of a platform. True Samurai style.


Good way to tell if the fan is getting weaker!