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Theres a GBC game from Europe called "Monkey Puncher". So thats a thing i know now.


Theres a GBC game from Europe called "Monkey Puncher". So thats a thing i know now.




Been awhile since a card game has actually excited me as much as this has. Its basically MTG sealed, but taken as far as it will go, with you buying entire deck packs for $10 and theres no deck building ever involved. Even as an experiment, I'm excite.


Smoked Watermelon. Mankind was a mistake.


Its raining outside. Reading a romantic comedy manga. And Im thinking about someone special to me. Hopefully my feelings reach them.


*pushes the I win button* There, I win.


No comments anymore huh? May as well push the button and blow up Dtoid. So long nerds!


So I'm finally getting a job as a sterile-tech for a dental office. First real job I've had in awhile and it feels good to be able to finally do something to get out of the house. I scope it out Friday morning. Wish me luck.....again. :P


Me: "Lets find a cool sword and sorcery anime to binge! Dragonar Academy huh? Sounds great!" *finds out its super ecchi and fan-servicey* Me: "Fuck...." *submits and watches anyway*


If you have a heart, or you're having a bad day and you want to read something that will make you feel good, try Somali to Mori no Kami-sama. Or Somali and the Forrest Spirit. Probably one of the most heartwarming mangas I've read in awhile.


So Gamera is in King of the Monsters now. Hooray for friend to all children!LMAO


I played some MTGA tonight. Made myself a control deck because OF COURSE only I am allowed to have fun in a card game. But that doesn't mean I should be alone in my love of control! In the comments below are beta invites for 5 lucky persons! Enjoy!


And just like that, the prime day page died. the end.


TIL Dont talk about fighting game balance because most of the people involved in it are freaking idiots and because they're usually designed in a way that makes it impossible to not have shit game designs. Yay.


Binging G Gundam right now. Its big, dumb, melodramatic, and absolutely awesome! God i love you Domon Kasshu. Also KYYYYYOOOJJJIIIIII!!!!


Works as a cake, and also as a weapon of mass xenos destruction. Happy Birthday JC Dent!


Sorry for the double post. This was the game i was trying to show off.


Fuck my life. I am to sick to do anything. Even see my girlfriend. Pillow, can I hump you for a few minutes and then fall asleep?


You know what i like? not being able to set your own controls as the default controls and having to CONSTANTLY make sure your shit is set to YOUR PROFILE like some garbage ass console profile shit! I like you RoA, but the way you handle controls is awful!


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