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Heard the news about John Bain. It's a good thing places like YouTube exist, so you can feel like he never really left. It's like his old vid blog says "This is why we can't have nice things." Goodbye TotalBiscuit.


THIS is NOT supposed to look this good! This is SUPPOSED to be cringey and weird and should beg for my money! After watching it, i dont know how to feel now.


Have a Merry Furry Christmas everyone!


Blossom Tales on Switch is awesome and everyone who likes top down Zeldas will love this too! And since its me saying this you KNOW its good!


Its "only cosmetic" till the companies whose games you used to play tell you they need your wallet to get the latest Tracer "assets".


I dont normally like linking to a Gawker site or anything but you may want to know if the FCC is using your name/address to say your are in favor of repealing net neutrality. Already found out I got hit. Read carefully and aid in the AG's investigation.ht


Even Richard Garfield (Father of Magic and Netrunner, among other games)in 2016 saw this bullshit coming a mile away. For your viewing pleasure. https://pastebin.com/XQ2vUSVX


Just beat the regular story mode of Mario Odyssey. The ending to it was about what I expected and although not as epic as Galaxy 1, still amazing. Gonna give it a break before I start on the epiologue. Current Status:


Current Status now that I have Mario Odyssey:


While everybody is having fun with their waifus and talking about how awesome Vyse and Aika are in Valkyria Chronicles, lets take a moment to talk about how awesome Iconoclasts looks right now. :D


Happy Birthday SpidersForSale! may it be filled with laughter,fun,and the beautiful drug that is cocaine!


With the new DOTA2 update released yesterday ive been getting into its new DOTA Turbo queue and its been alot of fun. And with that, Heroes of the Storm is dead. Long live casual DOTO!


So what are yall up to for tonight's spoopy night? Im marathonning through some old episodes of my favorite anthology series Beyond Belief. Cause if anything is truly scary or spooky, its definitely the truth.


Oh this is so being bought!


More #CatgirlsplayingcardgamesFriday ! Its from the same manga i got the last picture, Wizard's Soul. Really nice and brisk 22 part moe romance manga about a girl who plays a cardgame similar to magic.


I got yer Catgirl friday RIGHT HERE!


So 2 different USPS locations/facilities ate my Gamefly mail game returns (the first one still hasnt been recieved yet) and now I dont know what to do aside from call and listen to them not give a shit about my problem. yay....


Anti-Cheat software on a game i mostly play PVE in? Nope! To the trash bin with you! Thanks alot PVP fuckwads!


Just played the Super Mario Odyssey demo again! for a timed demo (why?), it was good intro into everything you will be doing in the game. It still hasn't assuaged my fears about it being empty and lifeless though. Still, a solid 8/10 on mechanics alone.


Ok so the Picross on Switch doesnt really grade you based on mistakes made or penalize you for making the wrong choices. I'm not sure how i feel about that.


I guess absol is a cat? sure, im good with that. :)


Man, the adult version of Kemono and Friends sure is rough....


I hope Sega and Sumo Digital make a new Sonic Racing game for Switch soon so I can stop playing MK8 and play a skill based Kart Racer again. MK8 is fun (and the best Switch game imo) but I hate the total lucksacks of position switching. Its not fun.


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