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Let's play the hype game! What are you getting/planning on for the rest of the year, and what are you most looking forward to for early 2018?


Holy haul! Had a 3 for 2 used at GameStop, and I wanted to catch up before Battlefront II. No case for DQ8, but I own it now! I WILL play it! So Heavenly Sword was the freebie. Then there's the true star. Only an hour in, Metroid is everything I wanted.


It's three in the morning. I can't sleep. Help me decide--should I get Destiny 2 tomorrow (today)? Debate with myself in comments!


Hey! What should I (re?)watch?? Howl's Moving Castle, The Hit (1984), or Fantastic Voyage (1966), which I've never seen.


Well looks like the really sweet gig I thought I had isn't panning out (for now)... But got a meeting tomorrow for some production office work, sounds like. This also leaves me with adequate time to juggle Splatoon, Absolve, & Yakuza, so I'm not too down!


Bought Absolver, picking up Yakuza and catching a movie, ate a lot of Lucky Charms and a banana--what a world!


Also, beat Sundered (easy, evil ending). It's pretty good! Totally a mess of a metroidvania (roguelike elements need to die), but totally gorgeous, and becomes fun to move around (eventually...). A flat 7 from Shenaners.


For some reason my phone has been trained to autocorrect Mario to MARIO. Must've really been angry at/about him for awhile.


Just had a fuckin sick onion burger with pickles and sweet soy sauce and lots of corn on the cob and a big big piece of blueberry pie and I'm going to read comics and play video games for the rest of the night and I'm going to do it all in my underwear.


What are your favorite fruits? Traditionally-considered fruits, for the sake of argument. For me it's probably 1. Bananas, 2. Rainier cherries, and 3. Pears (Anjou or Bosc, had a few great Asian pears). Bonus, think I'm becoming obsessed with peaches.


Hmm... You tempt me, Dragon Quest VIII 3DS.


Fallen asleep twice now trying to start Zeta Gundam... Not the show's fault (the animation is already way better than the original movies!) but I don't know...


All it took was getting the double jump to make Sundered way more enjoyable. Still flawed, no longer a chore to navigate simple layouts!


What's everyone playin' these days?? Decided to wait Tuesday for the Tokyo 42 physical release, so I started Sundered... It's okay. And despite being neck-deep in Splatoon I just bought LawBreakers. Need to reel myself in! No more until Yakuza!


It's workin' time, but it's also Friday time! Current work view:


I try not to eat after 9:00, and beat myself up over straying from my eating habits way too much. But some nights you just need four cups of Honey Nut Cheerios and some blueberries and yogurt to power your Hellblade playing!


Fangamer continuing to supply me with great shirts from my favorite new games.


The next Splatfest should be whether or not you believe in global warming.


You guys ever wake up in the night and do something dumb that you wouldn't do during the day? Woke up SEVERAL times last night, decided I wanted to get Sundered while the little discount was up, went to the PS store, bought it, went to sleep again.


Ended up watching half an episode of Cowboy Bebop and eating some Goobers on the subway with a stranger. Gotta love New York.


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