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If I disliked Undertale is Deltarune at all worth playing? Baby bump: Against my better judgement I started it. To my relief I might already like it more! Way less annoying...


Still deciding when I'm going to play Sekiro, but there's another From Software game I'll be getting for sure as well...


Got into the stress test (“STRESS TEEEST”)... and I think I love Mortal Kombat 11.


Unsolicited dream DLC for Smash... Now I’m sad.


Gotta plug: Rereading Tom King/Mitch Gerad’s Mister Miracle (bought the trade after all the issues!) and I’m stunned all over again. The tonal whiplash is insane, the style and art so consistent and affecting; it’s revisionism at its best. Read it!


“Under the Sea” was playing in the AMC men’s room.


Twin Snakes is so fuckin’ awesome. Seriously, hearing Hayter and co. is like coming home. Also the cheekiness is at a series high I think, almost like the game knows it’s a “spin-off” and is just going all out.


I can count the number of celebrities who really get to me on maybe one hand. George be one of them, and today would be the man's birthday.


Can you guys just... help me name luchadors in games?


‪🎵<b> S TO THE O TA THA U TO TH </b>🎵‬ I made soup.‬ Edit: The bold type refuses to work. Rather than remove the brackets I want everyone to see this and understand that I have failed—me personally and am not worthy of the vat of delic


Not a fan of this design, but I guess I should be grateful there’s character customization! My boy Kabal is back.


Drove to Jersey to get the nearest available copy of The Story So Far. Ended up renewing my GameStop membership. Passed the Bada-Bing from The Sopranos. Wearing sunglasses. Hungry.


Pollin’: If I liked but didn’t love Resident Evil 3, should I play (original) RE2 before the remake? I’m sort of okay with my Resident Evil series experience being imperfect/patchy, but jumping straight into a remake is so gauche!


I never do this, but I might put Xenogears down? Unsure. I like it but not in love,18 hours in after starting it three weeks ago today. It couldn’t hurt to chip away at this pace maybe. Escaped prison, picked up by pirates I think. Not far at all, am I.


“In my restless dreams, I see that town. Silent Hill.” (*poser, has never played a Silent Hill game in his life)


This Saturday morning with the rain is so pleasant I suspect I’m in a British mystery, and am soon to be offed. #saturdaytoid


If I have a PS4, Vita, Switch, and a GameCube (others too of course, but that’s where I wanna brawl) what are some fighting games you’d recommend? Smash has really, really gotten me in the mood for fighters!


Rewatching Lone Wolf and Cub and I really want Sekiro/Ghost of Tsushima/Nioh 2.


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