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Haven’t been up late gaming in awhile, tonight for a good cause—Metroid Prime 2 defeated! And holy fuck, this might be an all-time favorite for me. I mean, yes, it is. Second favorite Metroid behind Fusion. Wolfenstein/BotW break, then onto Prime 3!


You’ve now entered the Saturday Night Chill Zone. Chill persons only. Seriously, it’s snowy out and besides being one of nature’s copious and poetic beautifies I don’t like it. So I’m chilling.


Fifteen years later, beat Metroid Prime! What was too hard for 9-year-old me and lost in time has been conquered. Didn't blow me away, 2D > 3D, but I have higher hopes for Prime 2. Some more ramblings...


Can't believe I've never shared this on here, of all places! Seen in K-Mart like five years ago.


Well looks like senior paper is done and submitted... Not going to lie, far, far from my best writing, but I've been so utterly fed up with school for years now! On that note, blog idea for here revolving around Destiny 2 and why gameplay is king!


This is the horror show to which I was invited after buying Wolfenstein on sale the other day.


Accidentally watched a PewDiePie video for the first time, and all I can say is: Are you fucking kidding me? This is the pinnacle of YouTube fame?


First Sunday off in awhile. That means coffee, cereal and finally checking this one of the watchlist! (and some Mario Odyssey which... I'll be honest, I'm not in love with...)


When your locations job next week falls through but on the inside you know that means time to play Odyssey...


Went for quality sushi (Sugarfish in Manhattan) last night... Food pic necessary. It's a cliche but the cuts of fish were so incredible they sort of melted in your mouth.


Cells interlinked within cells interlinked—Interlinked.


Really thrilled with my NYCC haul. Amazing Hellboy commission by Andrew MacLean, genius behind Head Lopper!


So it's a bit after 9. Up at 3 for some TV shoot in Queens (or the Land of Spider-Man, as I like to remind everyone always). Long day tomorrow... BUT BLADE RUNNER THURSDAY. And NYCC Friday! And I just beat RUINER! What's up with you guys?


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