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Just so we all know, my phone wallpaper is an extreme close-up of a hot and sour soup I ate for lunch at work one day.


Because we needed an Act III qpost to conclude my indecision, I settled on a game, and here we are. Am I jumping around in the timeline bigtime? Hell yes! But you know what? I don’t care! It’s a happy ending. (Was *almost* going to get Persona 5!)


Guys I don’t want to hit gaming malaise again—I just sort of got out of that! Was thinking Banjo/DMC/Sunset Overdrive but really, any suggestions at all. Preferably PS4/Switch/3DS. My only commitments right now are DKC Tropical Freeze and Owlboy! (Hel


Well that’s Republic Commando in the bag! Not a terrific game, but it’s gritty Star Wars, and that I love. Not sure what to play next though, thinking one of these three. Played none of them before! What do you guys think?


Currently: (my brother’s room is a mess, but it’s where the Xbox is at!)


A reminder for Norse-faithful in a post-God of War world: Valhalla Rising is the movie you must watch.


Oh my god The 25th Ward ends with fourth wall breaking Liam Neeson references what the fuck even is this.


May have skipped Yakuza 6... But tonight I ate in style. Fucking excellent ramen.


Started reading Dune yesterday. First hundred pages boil down to “Hmm this sand planet—sounds fuckin dangerous!” I will say though, I’m liking it more (just met our first sandworm!) and some of the Arrakis culture-building is truly terrific.


I’m home and was looking at random stuff on the Monster Hunter Wiki, and thought “I could play Monster Hunter.” So now I’m playing Monster Hunter.


I’ve been really down on Dad of War, largely due to my indifference towards the previous games, but this really grabs my attention. 4/20 might be *lit* for more reason than one!


Kinda just realizing how hilarious the name “Uncle Amiibo” is. Almost like Nintendo going “Yeah it’s kind of dumb plastic but you love it.”


Some nights you just need lots and lots of banana muffin batter. Tonight was one of those nights. Melodramatic edit: You all are wonderful and checking up on what’s what on Dtoid is truly a daily pleasure. I’m currently basking in the batter afterglow


This week I finished a (two year I think?) quest, and am now caught up on Game of Thrones. Times I didn’t really give a shit, times I loved it. All the while I just wanted more Brienne and Tyrion. To the books?


Just bought two (probably very good) games for two good prices after eating a lot of good eggplant parm and good Honey Nut Cheerios (boy’s gotta eat) and watching two good episodes of Game of Thrones and a good movie (Last Year at Marienbad). Good day.


Do we really trust someone named “Funky Kong” as the pilot of an aircraft?


My catchphrase on Monster Hunter World is “It’s pancakes tonight!” Applicable to both failure and success.


The ninth colossus has always reminded me of John Goodman.


Playing through F.E.A.R. on PS3, on the sixth interval. Game kind of runs terribly on PlayStation, but man, such potential! It’s good enough here, but the endlessly satisfying slowmo, violent and destructive shootouts, weird sci-fi/horror... So cool!


What’s Shenanigans like at work, you might for some reason wonder?


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