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Stranger's Wrath had no business being that good. Besides some LAME combat gauntlets towards the end. Pure atmosphere. We need more WESTERN GAMES.


HEY DO YOU HATE VIDEO GAMES BUT LOVE FREE STUFF. Some Steam keys I don’t need in the comments! Unrelated (or is it?) curry shirt pictured.


Whenever I get to see the city from angles like this I just think of the Ninja Turtles or Spider-Man.


Also LOL guess I played this just in time!!


It’s Friday and we’re making Movies and I’m going to sleep and eat a lot this weekend.


Decided to play From Software's earlier masterpiece before getting to Elden Ring.


KATAMARI DAMACY TURNED 18 TODAY! One of the single most-influential works of art in my development as a human, and an endlessly wonderful game to revisit.


My Zoom meeting is half an hour later than I thought which gives me time to say RANKING OF KINGS IS WONDERFUL I LOVE IT ANIME MAKES ME WARM INSIDE and also that I have absolutely no idea what Video Game I should play next.


It's truly been a joy playing all of these Kirby games over the past few months but good lord I have murdered this tree so many times I am so sorry.


Killed so many goddarn albino monkeys and dudes with purple capes and Twizzler-red armor and shed a lot of blood and made puppets and smoky blood but also talked to a fish and overall had the best time ever. What to play NOW.


SEKIRO, god-DANG. I am BLAZING through this game like fire through the bush. I'm the guns of Navarone. I *am* Alexander. Curious George got nothing on me. I'm smacking bosses with nary a scratch, let alone deaths. This game OWNS.




I can really tell I'm loving Sekiro again because after nearly every deathblow I audibly exclaim "Ha!--Nerd!"


Returning to Sekiro has been wonderful so far because it's so goddarn gorgeous and atmospheric while simultaneously SUCH a capital-V Video Game, but really it's all about the big cloaks and robes.


My little Kirby marathon has been christened with the original boss buffet bested. Onto Kirby’s Adventure!


I wanna play the New Year Games Game too! My five favorites I played this year! None of the 2021 releases cracked this… though I did like quite a few new games. Some ramblings and other lists inside!


Conclusion reached! The Riddick games aren't listed on storefronts because Vin Diesel is afraid of modders exposing his Manhood for all Gamerkind. [I really want to play those Riddick games again :^(]


Truly, happiest of happies to all of you from me and my all-year-round Winter ghouls. It’s a daily pleasure to pop in here and see what’s up, and any exchange with any of you a genuinely treasured moment. Dtoid is famtoid. Except that guy.


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