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Pollin’: If I liked but didn’t love Resident Evil 3, should I play (original) RE2 before the remake? I’m sort of okay with my Resident Evil series experience being imperfect/patchy, but jumping straight into a remake is so gauche!


I never do this, but I might put Xenogears down? Unsure. I like it but not in love,18 hours in after starting it three weeks ago today. It couldn’t hurt to chip away at this pace maybe. Escaped prison, picked up by pirates I think. Not far at all, am I.


“In my restless dreams, I see that town. Silent Hill.” (*poser, has never played a Silent Hill game in his life)


This Saturday morning with the rain is so pleasant I suspect I’m in a British mystery, and am soon to be offed. #saturdaytoid


If I have a PS4, Vita, Switch, and a GameCube (others too of course, but that’s where I wanna brawl) what are some fighting games you’d recommend? Smash has really, really gotten me in the mood for fighters!


Rewatching Lone Wolf and Cub and I really want Sekiro/Ghost of Tsushima/Nioh 2.


It... doesn’t look bad! IT DOESN’T LOOK BAD! IT DOESN’T LOOK BAD!


Help me decide! I’m feeling ready for a long JRPG (playing Viewtiful Joe and, soon, Spyro now; No More Heroes/Resident Evil in January). VIII is sort of the DQ I’ve always wanted to play, and Xenogears seems like a great story. On either 3DS or Vita.


Why does Ditto’s picture make him look like such a goon.


I spend as much time looking through the tag icons in Smash—like a kid in a candy shop—as I do actually playing.


Went and bought Battlefield V. Realized “what kind of a chump gets a full-priced game on Black Friday?” Playing Overwatch, gonna return Battlefield.


PB&JPSA: The artist formerly known as SirShenanigans is in fact I, Sam van der Meer! I’m in the process of joining the writers on Flixist, and hope to contribute some film-infused reads for the site! Will change my avatar to my mug, but, how you will:


Directly across the street from the best theater in NYC, the Metrograph!


Faulkner makes me feel like an idiot and MediEvil is somehow better than I remembered it??


Started Resident Evil 3 on my sweet baby boy GameCube. First impressions: “STAAAARS”


A spat of insomnia, mix in some nostalgia, and the crucial (and fortunate) element of some disposable income, and voila! (Also I might be a total hypocrite and get Red Dead; happy Friday!)


My favorite camera angle in the game. Finally beat RE1 (in some form anyway)! Bring on RE2 in January!


Seriously considering Red Dead (3) next week, but a nagging thought (besides how massive a time commitment it’ll be) is a realization that movement in R* games since GTAIV has been sort of clumsy; walking into running, bumpin’ into stuff...


NYCC haul, plus the Resident Evil 3 I snagged from eBay! To your left, original line work by Walt Simonson! On our right, a Beat ‘Em Up poster signed by Yoshinori Ono.


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