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Oh, to be a plump green caterpillar inching along. This looks great! Maybe a little stiff in the actual platforming, but, like, just look at this thing.


Final bump, thanks to some dude's uploaded saves I... "beat" the final boss. Live-A-Live is amazing.


Made a little card for my brother’s birthday the other day.


Enjoying DMC5 in several ways! One of which is definitely NOT V! Am I smoking crack or his style of play just terrible?? Literally just now playing as Dante for the first time; why couldn't he be the ENTIRE game!


PB&JPSA: Minute of Islands has looked great for awhile now, and has a date! March 18th! Everywhere! Play it with you hands!


That is a fine watering can. May I ask how much you paid for it?


Started Japanese lessons yesterday, and a lifetime of samurai/yakuza films and games defining my existence compels me to over-dramatize each word.


About to step out for groceries and am channeling the 1972 heist movie extra who gets shotgunned in the stomach. Le sigh.


PSA! Anodyne 2: Return to Dust (or, One of the Best Games of the Past Decade) hits consoles February 18th! This game is AMAZING! Buy it! Eat it!


I think about this almost every day, and today, well, I guess a little more than usual. Blessing your Qtoid feed.


So I've played a bit of this again over the past few days and hoo boy, Nintendo is MISSING OUT by not reviving this. For me it's mostly the characters and world, but the racing itself is so unique; there's an appeal other racing games don't have.


I don’t know if I’m a genius, but yogurt on toast is really good. Also banana is King of Fruits; we aren't accepting alternatives at this time.


Final movie of 2020 needed to be something special.


... Whoa. So my Christmas gifts have been staggered a bit this year, apparently, because my mom hit me with a beautiful new shirt and I just got this Hellboy sketch BY MIKE MIGNOLA. WHAT.


With fewer than two hours to go it feels like an appropriate time to appreciate that at least Christmas 2020, putrid as this year may have been, doesn't have spontaneous combustion to worry about.


Curry udon w/ tofu was... okay! The sauce is the boss; grated apple, coffee, and a few chocolate chips actually really add a whole lot.


Been on a positively tyrannical Godzilla kick lately, and finally got to see Godzilla vs Hedorah, which I think ties with Shin Godzilla as my favorite of the films. It's straight up eclectic, visually, and really violent!


FEAR 2 and 3 are 100% the sort of games that a character on a TV show would play. Like, Anthony Jr would be playing it and Tony would walk in and heckle him with some inserts of random game footage.


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