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Okay Streets of Rage 2, what the actual fuck is going on.


Holy MOLY I'm late to finally watching this but I NEED THIS GAME NOW. "FU" = ET, and the whole thing is just like Adult Swim acid madness by way of Suda's sensibilities. Hoping for dirty corporate commentary and goons to slice. Oh my GOD!


Caught 1917 yesterday and unfortunately was not a fan... at all, really. Mostly felt like an old Call of Duty tutorial.


Hello and welcome... to 1998. Didn’t realize I played that much MK, but honestly a good chunk of that is sitting on the menus while I watched YouTube videos and read comics. Also the data recording cut off before my massive Death Stranding push!


Honestly the music in Pokémon Sword just makes me want to play...


Just reached the end of Death Stranding’s story. Feels like I’m just getting started, in a way, but I can’t think of a more fitting game to beat as my final of the decade.


Posting my favorite Christmas thing for my favorite Christmas people. Love this community and value it SO DARN MUCH MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL WHO CARE ABOUT IT (and if you don’t, have a great Wednesday).


400 hours is a legitimate 2020 New Years Resolution of mine. In relation, hope you’re all doing GREAT as the Holidays approach! Been a tough couple of weeks/months/year... but I’ll be damned if I’m going to let this fuckin’ DECADE end sour!


Been waiting since it released to treat myself... The Art of Super Mario Odyssey is a stunningly beautiful, super-dense book. So recommended!


Not #cursedtoid, but I saw this the other day and figured y’all gotta see it if you haven’t already. Art from an F-Zero novel from the early ‘90s. Just... amazing.


Do you guys ever sit to play something and then just freeze thinking of all the games you want to play, have sitting beside you, and plan on buying and then try to make a schedule of how to approach that mound of joy? Because that’s me at the moment.


WHO’S THE BEAUTIFUL HO-HO-WHOLESOME BASTARD WHO GOT ME THIS. Seriously, this was incredibly unexpected and I’m tremendously grateful! You inspire me to go the extra mile for my own SS (not the Nazis) recipient! #secretsanta


Me x Dragon Quest VIII (also what the hell does that gif cut to it looks like Bejeweled or some shit!)


Feeling reckless and gluttonous and thinking halting DQVIII 30 hours in and getting Pokemon or DQ XI for Switch. IS THIS A GOOD PLAN??


Oh yikes. Hit the first Dhoulmagus fight in DQVIII and I’m woefully underleveled... I wonder if this is just a game I’m destined to never finish.


So I absolutely loved The Lighthouse. It’s A Field in England and The Shining but written by Herman Melville. In other words, basically a movie made for me. Dafoe is a saltier crazier Mister Krabbs and Rob Pattinson channels Daniel Plainview. “WHAT?


Was anyone emailed an invite for the Death Stranding NYC event? Apparently some PlayStation users were! I wasn’t, but if anyone got an invite and wasn’t planning on going YOU WOULD MAKE MY LIFE A DREAM IF I COULD HAVE YOUR CODE! I WILL GIVE YOU GIFTS.


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