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Really, really would love to watch/listen to Cormac McCarthy play Pizza Tower (or have it played in front of him).


Recently been thinking I’d like to start adding a few odds and ends to my physical collection and having a mild panic attack/adrenaline rush at this kind of left field purchase send help/congratulations?


Cowboy Game has had some LOW lows and high highs in its writing but I swear to Christ the simplest little missable camp interaction in Chapter Six hit me right in the cowbells, partner.


100% not an artist but every now and then I like to ~pretend~


Huh. Red Dead Redemption II really sort of tanks with Chapter 5 don't it.


Turns out all I needed to become interested in playing my Switch again was for Nintendo to release games I was interested in playing on my Switch! WOWEE!


Under construction at work (renovating theaters) and I took the opportunity closing yesterday to take a desolation-autoportrait.


Resisting urge… to buy… an Xbox 360 copy of Asura’s Wrath.


All you COOL kids and your Lost of Us. Join me and get on the COPENHAGEN COWBOY train yee-haw


Just today as I was saying how I was growing a little wary of Araki’s overcrowding of panels… the last, like, 40 chapters of Diamond is Unbreakable are OUT OF THIS GODDARN WORLD.


Baby I’m starting to think this New York thing doesn’t always suck, I am EATING next week!


New fever dream just in time for the holidays.


I have a slew of joker cards I use for bookmarks (including one that has been my mainstay mark for more than ten years) but I may have found a new favorite.


Have you ever A. Eaten so much food that you need to lay down, B. Been stuck behind an elderly person while in a hurry, or C. Tried to unlock your phone with gloves on? If you answered "yes" to any, you've had as much fun as I just had with Evil Within 2.


This has been my train station for most of my life and I’m sort of just realizing how insane these window murals are.


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