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Mind = Blown Over Project Giana

Retro enthusiasts, a miracle is upon us. Gamers of all ages, pay attention. What do you get when you combine a retro game with music from both Chris Hulsbeck and Machinae Supremacy? You get one a huge bundle of awesome that I've been obse...


Next-Gen: Is Nintendo's Wii for U?

The question one needs to ask themselves when deciding if they want to purchase the WiiU is this. How willing are you to forget that Nintendo has this "flawless plan" of putting out great game, after great game, after great game? If you c...


About KidMachinateone of us since 10:44 PM on 07.13.2012

I've been gaming for quite some time. From retro to modern, my gaming knows no bounds. I embrace it. It's a second lifestyle for me. Some people don't understand this, I don't hold it against you. If you hold it against me, well, that's kinda sad.

One has to be passionate about something, and why not be passionate about something you are comfortable talking about?
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