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Spooky Gaming Fact of the Day: It's known that George Romero's Dead series inspired the first Resident Evil. However Resident Evil 7 took inspiration from several horror films including Evil Dead, The Conjuring, Blair Witch & The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


Spooky Gaming Fact of the Day: The Rare game Grabbed by the Ghoulies got it's name because game designer Gregg Mayles overheard someone say they were "Being grabbed by the goolies". In the UK, goolies is slang for testicles.


Spooky Gaming Fact of the Day: According to Fatal Frame creator Makoto Shibata, the concept of the game was based on his own paranormal experiences.


Watching Alien: Covenant and I'm never watching anything with my mom and sister. They're the kind of people who will ask what's going on instead of shuting up and paying attention. We're only an hour in and I've had to pause the movie 4 times already.


Spooky Gaming Fact of the Day: CastleVania: Symphony of the Night was originally called "CastleVania: The Bloodletting". Early in it's development the title was advertised in a Konami brochure at CES 1995 but was changed well before release.


Finished RE7 and what a fucking game it was. Honestly after the mess that was RE6 I thought the series was pretty much dead. However this was what it really needed, a return to actual survival horror. Ya did good with this one Capcom, ya did good.


Almost done with RE7, I'm at the wrecked ship and it just keeps getting better and better.


Spooky Gaming Fact of the Day: Dementium: The Ward was originally pitched to Konami as a Silent Hill spin-off. However Renegade Kid were turned down because at the time Konami didn't trust a small developer with the series.


Spooky Gaming Fact of the Day: If you turn up the volume while playing Black & White 2, you can hear a voice whispering your real name. The game would get your real name from your Game for Windows Live account and match it with a database of audio files.


Spooky Gaming Fact of the Day: To promote their game The Suffering, Midway ran an event where game journalists would play the game and spend a night at the West Virginia State Penitentiary, a former prison known for it's paranormal activity.


MRW I learned Mallomars are only sold in the northeastern US.


Spooky Gaming Fact of the Day: The TG-16 release of Splatterhouse had a warning label with a comical twist. Stating "The horrifying theme of this game may be inappropriate for young children... and cowards."


I'm really liking RE7, it feels like a return to form for the series and I like that it's more puzzle heavy. Though I'm still early in the game, about to head into the basement for the 3rd dog head. I'm really curious at how this will tie into the series.


Spooky Gaming Fact of the Day: During the early development of Resident Evil, Shinji Mikami was the sole developer on the project. He did all the early sketches, character designs and the script. Early artwork shows it was going to be in first person.


Stopped by my sister's library tonight and as it turned out they added more games while I was away. So I picked up Resident Evil 7, they also had FFXV but I'll rent it another time.


Happy Birthday Mike Martin!!!


Spooky Gaming Fact of the Day: In Dead Space, the first letter of every chapter spells out N.I.C.O.L.E. I.S D.E.A.D.


My favorite act in MGS4 is when you revisit Shadow Moses Island. That part when you're nearing the heliport and The Best Is Yet To Come plays in the background just gives me chills.


Spooky Gaming Fact of the Day: Every CG cutscene and character model in the first Silent Hill was created by one person, Takayoshi Sato. He lived at Konami's offices for two and a half years trying to painstakingly create every cutscene.


Spooky Gaming Fact of the Day: Hypno's Lullaby is a terrible creepypasta but it's origins do come from one of the games. In FireRed it's pokedex entry mentions an incident where a Hypno took away a child it hypnotized.


Finished MGS2 and like I said yesterday, the story is shit but that last battle with Solidus is easier than I remember. I'm going to skip MGS3 since I've played that to death and going straight to MGS4. Played it once years ago & I remember not liking it.


Spooky Gaming Fact of the Day: The design of the Shalebridge Cradle in Thief: Deadly Shadows, which is often considered one of the scariest levels in a non-horror game, was influenced by Danvers State Hospital in Danvers, Massachusetts.


Playing MGS2, it's been several years since I last played it. Honestly it's worse than I remembered, the story is poorly written, overly melodramatic & poorly paced. I'm starting to see what Agness Kaku was saying about how much of a bad writer Kojima is.


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