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Interesting Gaming Fact of the Day: Rumor has it that in the early days of the PlayStation, Sony banned all NA releases of 2D games. Supposedly this was to show the power of the PS1. Many claim Capcom threatened to move RE2 to the Saturn over the ban.


Finished Silent Hill: Origins last night and it was alright. I hated how easily weapons broke. The story was meh, kind of figured out the big reveal 40 minutes in. Though it looks very good on the PSP and it played smoothly. I'd give it a 6/10.


Interesting Gaming Fact of the Day: BioWare was founded by three doctors. During med school they would play games in their off time. After graduation they decided to enter the games industry, using money made in their practices to fund their first game.


Just got done with Valkyria Chronicles and that was one hell of a game. I'm playing the PS3 version and even though it's not in 1080p or 60 FPS, it's still a gorgeous game to look at. Next it VC2 but I'm going to wait until I finish Silent Hill: Origins


Interesting Gaming Fact of the Day: Despite being called Final Fantasy II & III in the US, both games retained their original names in the form of their serial numbers. FF II is SNS-F4-USA and FF III SNS-F6-USA.


I should stop looking at art on twitter. It just make me feel bad about my own work.


Interesting Gaming Fact of the Day: Before creating Dragon Quest, Yuji Horii wrote a video game column in Weekly Shonen Jump.


Pro Tip for Artists: No matter what, don't be suckered into doing art for free. Especially if it's for a relative, "Family Discounts" don't exist.


Interesting Gaming Fact of the Day: The largest SNES games released are Tales of Phantasia and Star Ocean, both at a whopping 48 Mbits or 6MB. Both games pushed the SNES, utilizing interesting Mode 7 effects and voice acting.


Well this is how I'm spending my Sunday night.


Interesting Gaming Fact of the Day: What does Silent Hill, Siren & Gravity Rush all have in common? They're all directed by the same guy, Keiichiro Toyama.


Interesting Gaming Fact of the Day: Kingdom Hearts came out 15 years ago today.


Went on a hike through lower Manhattan with my dad's scout troop. We made a round trip over the Brooklyn Bridge and walked through the financial district. Overall we hiked 10 miles and my legs are killing me but it's nothing a good Gin & Tonic can't fix.


A Theory On Nintendo's Manufacturing Issues

  Blogger's Note: Sorry for the bump, I wanted to just add some things this blog and when I tried to save it wouldn't go public and the spam filter came up. So this is just a test. Part I: IntroductionSo a few months ago Nintendo ...


Well I was turned down for another job today. I hope all of you had a better day than I did.


I hope Mario is actually behind the events in Doom.


2 truths & a lie: 1. I was part of the second Habbo Raid of 2006. 2. I have an ancestor who was a crew member on the Titanic. 3. I once met the president of Capcom at Video Games Live.


Last week's game news in one photo.


Today the Dreamcast is now old enough to vote.


Well isn't this fucking great. Last night I pulled a muscle in my neck, I think it was the trapezius, so now it hurts to turn my head. Current Status:


To all D-toiders in Irma's path, I hope you and your family & friends stay safe out there. She's looking to be one mean bitch.


Happy Birthday Dere!


Just finished Sonic Mania again with all 7 chaos emeralds. The secret end boss is good but a real hassle to beat. Though I still haven't unlocked all the extras, apparently you need to complete all blue sphere stages to unlock blue sphere & puyo puyo.


Finished Sonic Mania last night. It's great to see Sonic back in his former glory.


Started playing Silent Hill: Origin. So far it's good but I'm not liking the weapons system. I call bullshit on a sledgehammer breaking after fighting one nurse.


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