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Friend sent me this, I can't stop laughing/being very creeped out https://youtu.be/hu3bfOl91RQ


Thanks everyone who entered the contest and said nice words to me. Live streaming the winners tonight!

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Let's just be companions

[Unfortunately, it turns out that Nanashi is a bit of a prude, but he’s actually got some fairly solid, logical points in this blog tackling the topic of virtual “sexy time” in games. I’m not even going to lie here. ...


Working on an article that I think some of you will enjoy. Hint: It's something I've been playing a lot lately and that's been pissing me off.


Nanners Needs Feedback!

Hey everybody, I hope you're doing well. I've been pretty good. Life picking up with things to do and adulting or something I'm told. To cut to the chase. I've gone and did a thing, that is, me and a friend made a gaming channel awhile...


editing the latest ep. of PStoid. what random sound effects should I throw in?


this artistic hand of mine is burning red, it's awesome power tells me to create you!


happy birthday Wes eat some tacos!


PSVR core headset preorder up.. AND IT'S GONE. seriously, four minutes was not quick enough to get in wow the struggle goes on o%20


Ahem, sony: MAKE SOME MORE DAMN PSVRS. Jesus I got christmas cash to blow and I want to immerse myself in the immersion of a fully immersive 3d game world any time I want....... kthxbai


Check out the magfest recap blog which us up on tha cblogs fam


I'm back bitches and I have a new name!


The gang's all here. bon voyage!


still 24 hours left to get in on avatar adoption, check the long blog fam.


MAGfest Avatar Adoption Blog 2017

Magfest y'all, it's literally been keeping me up all night and I think now is the best time to ask for avatar adoptees. But nanners, what's Avatar Adoption?? Avatar Adoption is basically a teleportation device used to warp you, w...


TIL who my secret santa was. aww yeah the big cheese himself!


today I am on a mission to make Link to the Past (virtual console) my last finished game of 2016 to round out a really good year for gamings.


Amazing stuff from @meanderbot Love it dude. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays and New Year! Will try to hold you to that Magfest 2018 deal lol


I am going to have such a man/gamer cave blog to write for you guys one day...


things I never knew I wanted: Meatwad Twerking, wtf adult swim!


Got news?  [email protected]


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Maneater"Ooooo here she comes (totally original subheader, do not steal)"


Signs of the Sojourner"Finding the Truth"


Minecraft Dungeons"Bring the family"


Fury Unleashed"Rage Unbridled"


Huntdown"Dying ain't much of a living"


Gorn (PlayStation VR)"Are you not entertained?"


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Frosty gifted me AI: Somnium Files on PS4 and Im lovin But the terrible idea bird that lives between my ears wants me to get No Mans Sky on double

Dennis Carden

I still cant get over just how much better side questing is in the Xenoblade Im far more motivated to actually get them done Monolith could have gotten away with a straight port, but Im glad they went above and beyond and improved


Played my first five hours of I gotta say, I wasnt really expecting Devil May Monster Hunt out of the gameplay! I can definitely see why so many still love it after all these Willing to give it another five hours!

Dusk Actual

Current events and the internet have my blood pressure way the fuck Going dark for a few Be well everyone


I should be fine, sure Im in the DC area but whos going to protest in Germantown? AM fine and Im not noticing any signs of armed occupation in my My energy levels are low, but thats mostly because of the time of Be well <3

able to think

Was going to stay up late and play Xenoblade but Im taking the game freezing on the opening cutscene as a sign I need to go to


With everything going on here in the good ole US of A, and everyone is on edge, with no end in sight, I just want you all to know one simple truth:


Hi, all! Havent been in the Qposts in a long Still alive, I Figured itd be good to come back with something to show, so heres my cover of my favorite Metallica song (with an original intro)! Feedback is


Jesus fuck, 2020 is Stay safe out there and always remember, thick thighs saves

Voltaic Owl

Yo dawgz, I started playing that Grease Got to that part where you can turn your chick into a chonk



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